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Who dares challenge the Queen?

Bi / Switch


Welcome to the Queendom – where Kings and peasants alike drop to their knees to worship the all-mighty Queen BDSM Stacy. Some do so willingly, accepting their rightful place under the control of my commanding presence and divine beauty, while others are swiftly taught the error of their ways and forced to grovel in front of the royal throne! There is simply no third option. Resistance is futile!
Dare to challenge my superiority and I will personally put you in your place through my fearsome combination of BDSM expertise, unrivalled sex-fighting prowess and irresistible body. My famously long legs aren’t just perfect for worship, they are a devastating weapon! You’ve been warned!


I won’t spoil the fun by telling you all the things I like to do to those I conquer but some of my favourite things are:

facesitting/smothering (a slave’s face makes for an excellent throne!)
body worship (in particular my pussy, ass, legs and feet)
bondage (there’s no better toy than a helplessly tied-up slave)
chastity (well your cock/pussy belongs to me now, right? I have to keep my property locked up safe!)
pain (ballbusting, flogging, trampling, electro-torture…all ways that help a Queen de-stress!)

On the flip-side, I do have my weaknesses but I’m not going to advertise them here. I’m merely going to leave this link to my kinklist and you can draw your own conclusions:

I play Classic mode the vast majority of the time but might be up for the occasional match in The Wrestling Ring.
Despite my ultra-dominant persona, I’m NOT looking for one-sided matches. I find sex-fights are best when they are competitive, back-and-forth contests with both competitors giving their all to win - with trash talk and humiliation encouraged.
If you could AVOID using the term "good girl" then I would appreciate it. With 99% of guys saying it when they make you cum in-game, it's overused to the point where I just find it really annoying and it takes me right out of the mood. Also, no mommy/daddy or breeding/impreg stuff.
My standard bondage rules: 5 or 6 to escape, 3-turn limit (but if there is a "realistic" move available I don’t necessarily have to skip my turn). I am more than open to considering other, creative dice rules – bondage-related or not - so if you have ideas feel free to suggest them.
Bets: I’m usually open to a bet. Free to try and goad me into making one that I might soon regret! That could include in-game stuff such as rules, or IRL consequences such as denial, chastity or other kinky things. Let me know what you’re thinking!

Rules that I must follow due to lost bets
None at the moment

Lives at Chateau Stacy in EroFights City (Discord)

New concept: EF Chess


Want to try your chess skills against the Queen’s? Then we could play my new creation: EF Chess. Be careful though, this is no ordinary game of chess!
How does it work?
We play a game of chess and a game of EF Classic mode SIMULTANEOUSLY.
At the start of the game, I will flip a coin to determine whether we will be starting with chess or Classic (heads = Classic, tails = chess).
If we are starting with chess for example, we will play 5 moves (each) on the chess board and then switch over and play 5 turns (each) in Classic mode, then back to chess for 5 moves (each), then back to Classic for 5 turns (each) and so on.
The winner is the first player to either win the Classic match or to checkmate their opponent (whichever happens first).
If a victory is achieved by checkmate, the Classic match will continue as a one-sided squash match in favour of the winner.
Optional wager: the winner has control of the loser’s orgasms IRL for one week. But I would be more than happy to hear any other ideas you might have for a bet! I'm also open to including IRL edging rules during the match (e.g. edging on every cumoverdrive point, the losing player having to edge in between rounds, edging on predefined weakness moves, etc.)

Stacy’s toys list

Lovense Gravity remote-controlled vibrating and thrusting dildo: (I can send you a link to control this – but I might make you earn the right by defeating me in a match first!)


Vibrating butt plug
Bondage tape
Ball gag
O-ring gag
Bed cuff restraints
Nipple clamps
Chastity belt

Ode to Blank Slate

Let it be known, my devotion to Blank Slate,

I just can’t beat him, his stamina's too great.

It just seems that no matter what rules we play,

he always makes me edge my mind away.

Whether it be a two-nil annihilation,

or a making-me-cum-IRL humiliation,

he always manages to fuck me into submission,

for him, even the Queen is no competition.

Even with the help of Laura my good friend,

he left us both blank, may our servitude never end.

And so I sit here in chastity, writing this poem,

declaring to all that I will forever be below him.


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