BDSM Stacy (Level 12) mail warning

Who dares challenge the Queen?

Greetings and welcome to my little corner of Erofights. I’m Queen Stacy – one of the very best and most feared sexfighters that EF has to offer. Not willing to just take my word for it? Challenge me and I’ll show you!

Be careful though, losing to me will come with a price, usually a humiliating one. I have to make sure that over-confident challengers leave a match with me well and truly humbled and knowing their rightful place after all!

So with that said you’d better be prepared to be forced to pucker up and kiss my perfect ass in defeat. Or maybe I will make you worship my feet instead? Or keep you prisoner in my Chateau Dungeon? Or take ownership of your cock by locking it up in chastity? Are you willing to risk it?

Want to raise the stakes even higher? You’re a brave one! I’m always open to bets. Feel free to try and goad me into making a deal that I might soon regret. That could include some IRL consequences such as denial, chastity or other kinky things. I’m receptive to DMs – let me know what you’re thinking!

Note: I like my sexfights to be competitive, back-and-forth contests with both competitors giving their all to win. I’m not interested in one-sided domination sessions. If you challenge me, I expect you to bring the fight, only submitting when my hand is raised in victory.

I mainly play Classic games but will occasionally jump into the The Wrestling Ring. I don’t really play the other modes.

I play a slightly more flexible version of the standard bondage dice rule. I still need to roll a 5 or 6 to escape but I don’t necessarily have to skip my turn if I fail. If there is a suitable move available to me that I could realistically perform in the bound state I’m in, then I’m still free to choose it.

I might be a Queen and an elite sexfighter but I do have my weaknesses. I’m not going to tell you what these are but maybe my kinklist will give you some clues:

[Free hint: I do enjoy being threatened with chastity if I fail to back up my bravado]

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