subcamslut (Level 12) mail warning

just got my lovense and am looking for someone to play with it

a bi sub sissy into CBT, Bondage, Submission, Humiliation, Teasing and Orgasm denial, Edging, CEI, Pain, Lingerie, Fishnets, Sissifaction, Hypnosis and Webcamming.

Love strip games with bets. Here is my strip battleship game. See if you can strip me.
New pic set for those of you who have already played the first one.
French Maid set with bonuses!

Love wagers and bets on games. If you have an idea, hit me up and we'll play for it.

i am Mistress Shelly's sub to do with however she pleases. i cannot hypnotize or tie her up when we play together.

Current Rules:

Lost to Leyla. Any test cum i must edge and leak precum and eat it all. If there is no precum, i get 2 dick slaps. 3/5 games.

Lost to DanDan. Every time i have a cum check i have to ahegao irl and moan a bit like a good sissy. 4/5 games.

Lost to Edger Lisa. She has a new rule that will be given at a later date.

Lost to Shelly. She taught me to enjoy anal so much that each time anyone fucks me in my sissy ass, i must skip my turn. 15/20 games.

Lost to K's Chris. When i'm edging, every cum test is now cumulative. i have to keep adding 1 second and hold each edge during each cum test. If i cum during the edge i have to fail every cum test and lose the match.

Lost Matches:

Lost to Marn. He merciless fucked me like the sissy maid slut i am. Pounding way on my sissy pussy till he came deep inside me.
I have a huge bite mark on my neck from where he marked me as his own.

i am Little Kink's slave to use as she pleases. i am her sissy cream pie cleaner and limp dick cuck. Her little sissy school gurl. No one uses a strap-on quite like her.

Lost to Iris. i tried to Dom Iris, but she cleverly made me creampie her and i couldn't resist her tight cum slicked pussy.

Lost to Iris, again. i was so excited to get a rematch with Iris that i came almost instantly when she called me her bitch. That made me submit to her pussy for the rest of the match. She made short work of me with talented mouth.

Lost to Blue Sir. He fucked my sissy pussy and mouth with his huge cock. Locked me into the fuck and the suck machines till i came. Have to refer to myself in feminine pronouns for now on.

Completed Rules:

Lost to CR and have to use a profile pic of my excited sissy clit in panties for 2 weeks.(11/2/21)

Lost to Zexal. For the next 5 loses, i have to eat my load at the end of the game.

Lost to Whoav3's talented mouth and had to add an extra three loads. 8/8

Lost to Nixa. Penetration Curse: If anyone uses an action that inserts something into my ass, i receive uncontrollable pleasure and am unable to act unless i roll a 6 or i skip my turn.10/10 games

Lost to ChrisK. i have to edge during all of my cum tests. 10/10 games

Lost to Nixa again. Hypnotic Orgasm Curse First time in a match i cum, i'm hypnotized until you roll a 5 or a 6. 5/5 games

Lost to Lacey. Couldn't handle her tight pussy and i premature-ejaculated all over her. Can't cum for 24 hours(2/7/22)

Lost to Shelly. If i have a choice of an action that recharges my opponent's energy i have to choose it every time. 10/10

Lost to Armaris. Have to edge on all of my cum test. 5/5

Lost to ChrisK. For the next 5 games, i have to skip a turn after anyone cums, to clean up the mess. And if i lose, i have to eat my load. 5/5~~

Lost to The Prodigy Kayla V. Had her cum under hypnosis twice and then she got her revenge. If anyone uses hypnosis on me, i must skip every round until i cum. For the next 5 games, if i win 5 in a row i’ll be free of it. If i lose during the duration then you must go back to 0 and continue the fun! 5/5

Lost to Lilith. Have to roll a d10 and if i get a 1 i have to skip my turn. 5/5

Lost to Nixa. She hypnotized me till i came all over her, then rode me till i came inside her. She made me lick all of my cum out of her pussy and renamed me "Nixa's Cum Slut". For the next month (4/1/22) or until i beat her.

Lost to K's Chris. i can only use hypno or bondage on an opponent they have already cum once. They have to be in a weakened state for me to take advantage of. 5/5

Lost to RubberGimp. He cast a spell on me to steal most of my cock size. i now have a little 1 inch sissy clit and can't fuck anyone with it. Only way to break the spell is to beat him in a rematch.

Lost to Wicked Jackey. i hypnotized her so many times she's sick of it. So when she made me cum with her gorgeous feet twice i had to comply. i can't use hypnosis actions for the next 5 games. 5/5

Lost to ChrisK again. For the next 5 games, i have to skip a turn after anyone cums, to clean up the mess. And if i lose, i have to eat my load. 5/5

Lost to Nixa. For the next 2 weeks (4/10/22) i will be known as "Master Nixa's Caged Pet" and automatically cum on any anal cum tests. 3/3

Lost to Moaning Molly. Whenever i get my cock gets stimulated by boobs, i lose focus and skip a turn. 5/5 games.

Lost to Whoav3 again. Every time i have a cock in my mouth, i have to skip a turn because i love it so much. 5/5 wins

Lost to Kellan. Have to edge to all cum tests(opponent's or mine) in game. 5/5 games.

~~Lost to Dale Meredith. Anytime there is an action that involves taking off my clothes i have to take it. 4/5 games or 3/3 wins ~~

Lost to Crystal. Anytime i am put in chastity i have to make a hypno roll or become a helpless caged sissy. 10/10 games.

Lost to Moth. She made me question my hypnotic ability. Anytime i use a hypnotic action i have to roll a 4-6 or it automatically fails. 7/7 games

Lost to Mistress Shelly again. She requires me to start every match naked. 10/10 games.

Lost to Whoav3. Anytime i suck a cock, i must skip my turn because i love it so much. 5/5 games.

Lost to Kellan. Anytime i roll a 1 for a bondage/hypnosis/possession check, i have to edge. 5/5 games.
Exhibitionist / Voyeur

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You sit on their face and shove your balls in their face for them to worship! Ball worshipping After a thoroughly fucking all of his holes, you leave him exhausted and full of your cum. Filled with cum You keep fucking their ass until they cum on their face like a good slut. You can see the humiliation in their cum covered face. Fuck their ass self facial You show them how sexy your panties are. But also show them something a little... extra. Show your panty bulge You ask them to "Just stare straight ahead" as you clamp your hands on their head and the weird machine starts sparking and buzzing. They start to relax and go slack in your hands. Hypno Machine Oui oui, he is dressed up like a French maid! Since he is dressed the part, you fuck him like a horny sissy maid! Fuck him like a Sissy Maid The Demon pounds your opponent with his enormous cock till they cum uncontrollably everywhere. Giant Demon fucks you till you cum You make her suck your cock and while you're at it, record it for all of the internet to see how much of a cock sucking whore they are. Blowjob trending Is the conference call over? No? Better get to work anyway! It's Business Time! You chant the secret words you were taught. There's a charge in the air and then there is a flash and a bang and the smell of brimstone. A giant hairy Demon appears from the smoke and he looks horny. His giant  cock swings from side to side as he stomps towards your opponent, intent on making them cum with it. Summon a Demon to fuck him

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