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Mostly open for RP in classic, hentai or LWR mode.

Hey I'm Nina if you came here to take a look that's a nice start XD.
I'm mostly a switch since i don't want to only be dommed i want to make you feel good too. I can play as a dom if you wish to do so but i'm still learning to do it better.
If you want to RP with me i would love to know about your ideas, kinks, scenarios in a message so we can get along well.

Everyone has their limits and I'm no different so i don't try to do very harmful stuff that would leave a mark maybe i can get into lightly choking but that's it i think. I would like to know about yours in the beggining so we don't get awkward but if you wanna take your time to get to it we could make it work

I am okay with doing bets or rules on the game or involve the profiles in some way but if this is your thing i would like to know before starting the match ^^. I am not to keen on doing IRL instructions so if you are looking for someone to give you something like that i'm not who you are looking for. I am more of a roleplayer than a mistress so i want to get to you with descriptions and not with orders so keep that in mind.

I got these results in the bdsmtest after seeing them in some profiles. Honestly some of the results were surprising for me maybe i will awaken some new fetishs or something ?

== Results from ==
78% Switch
75% Experimentalist
66% Voyeur
66% Masochist
65% Exhibitionist
61% Dominant
59% Submissive
55% Rope bunny
53% Vanilla
50% Pet
49% Brat tamer
47% Owner
46% Rigger
46% Master/Mistress
40% Brat
25% Boy/Girl
24% Daddy/Mommy
21% Primal (Prey)
19% Primal (Hunter)
19% Degradee
18% Non-monogamist
13% Slave
12% Degrader
10% Ageplayer
5% Sadist

Reading Romantic Comedy

Quotes from Helltaker that i liked (spoilers):
- Never heard of this "romance" stuff before. It's the kinkiest thing i have ever seen
- Maybe I've been doing things wrong all this time?

===Other characters===

Mika, the trans catgirl
Saki, the spirit from the stars
Cerberus, the playfull guardian of hell sisters

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check Kinks: Female domination, Anal (female), Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Threesome/Audience participation, Cum play, Tickling, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters
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