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(don't know if it's just bad luck or I really suck at Classic hahaha feel free to call me jobber and tease at my score ;x)

Gabriela accepted a match against none other than Sexfighter Trevor, hoping to beat the GOAT and boost her career in the EF League! But the experienced sexfighter delivered her the wake up call, and delivered it hard!
Despite managing to make him cum first, he fought back with more ferocity and sexual prowess than the curvaceous brunette could take, and in the end she was reduced to a moaning and whimpering mess on the bedroom floor!

At the end, he got the rights to post a video recording theirr match - and Gabriela's humbling defeat at his hands - so everyone in EF, fighters and fans, would see the brunette reduced from a proud sexfighter to his own personal slut!

Mixed Wrestling:

Despite being domineering in most of her performances so far, the latina brunette has encountered an unexpected fierce rival on the young and talented Jake that turned her into a real jobber! In their first match, the blonde boy finished Gabriela with an armbar that injuried her forcing the female wrestler to wear a sling for a whole week.
In their rematch, Gabriela ended up being knocked out cold, and in their third battle - a naked sexfight inside a cage - she was forced to cum and was pinned for his win, and in all of their encounters she was throughly mercilessly fucked by the victorious teen wrestler after losing.

Lesbian Wrestling:

In her debut, Gabriela was pitted against the undefeated superstar Mika the Catgirl. Despite her weight advantage and starting ahead by forcing a submission out of her opponent, the brunette was ultimatelly defeated by a brutal spadle submission hold and got herself sexually claimed as a prize by the still undefeated Mika!

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