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On the hunt for magical cuties...

Hello, EF. I'm Myranna, and I'm a Lust Witch. That means I specialize in magicks designed to turn my victims into desperate, moaning little cum batteries. Every orgasm I pull from my prey makes me more powerful, and them more compliant. But like any good witch, I always crave more power, so I'm here to hunt down EF's various magical creatures, fuck your magic out of you, and take it for my own. Don't worry'll recover eventually...although if you're a particularly rich specimen (or otherwise so inclined) I may decide to take you back to my arcanum and have you spend some time in one of my extractors.

Of course...being a powerful Lust Witch, I'm practically bursting with magical energy...and if I happen to lose control, well, a lot of that energy comes spilling out of me. It's quite the tempting opportunity for any magical creatures looking for a snack...or maybe it's just the perfect bait.

...and to make things just a little more tempting... I'm 5'6" with red hair, a slim physique (I use magic, not muscle), green eyes, and C cup breasts (possibly magically enhanced)

DM me if you're interested in this kind of RP, as I know it's a bit more niche. But please be ready to bring the RP! And if I do not respond, it is because I am probably out or (fingers crossed) getting too many messages, but please don't take it the wrong way. Edit: Wow, flush with messages already, so I'll have to do some filtering - be sure to let me know how your character can fit into some magical RP! Bland game requests won't cut it.


Looking for: This is a character made specifically for games with other "fantasy" characters. I'm looking for some magical sex battle RP (classic for now, but hopefully other modes soon too). We can use the moves in the game as a starting point and describe the more whimsical versions of those moves happening in our fight. Right now I'm mostly interested in matches with female and trans characters, but I do occasionally feel like a match with a boy.

Kinks: My kinks are pretty broad - certainly domination, bondage, and sexfighting - and anything that spices up the "fantasy" element. And I'm flexible to include anything you enjoy that isn't an outright limit for me. After all, my goal is to turn you into a lust-drunk what better way to do that than going straight for what you like...

Limits: Extreme pain (but moderate is fine), any permanent injury, gore, scat, incest, extreme age play, toilet play (...I think that's it...but will add as needed)

The lovely and dangerous Lady Catria turned my own magic against me, binding me up and draining my energy with her irresistible tongue until I was a whimpering mess.

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