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looking for fun competitive matches

Hey, I'm Warren! I mostly play in classic and in hentai although I like to have fun in the wrestling ring when I can.

For my body, I'm 22, 5'7", slightly muscular, tan, and hispanic with dark brown hair and eyes. Pretty similar to my profile pic if I worked out a lot more. Also props if you know who the character is in profile pic.

Mostly talk in English, but will through in some Spanish from time to time

I like to think I'm decent at RP but I'm still learning so forgive any mistakes por favor. I love playing the game by itself so I'm fine if we chill and just play a game. Just at least tell me that at the beginning. If you don't talk at all I will leave the game. I guess I'm a switch but I only really do light BDSM at most. I'm pretty vanilla so I won't do any extreme kinks or anything like that. I prefer short to medium length games with some RP. I do enjoy longer RP session but with the right people unless we just click in MM. Just a chill person trying to have a cool time and I hope to meet some cool people as well.
Thanks for looking at my profile!

Tambien! Watch out for my twin sister, she loves prowling around the ring under her nickname getting into all kind of trouble. She may have a hot tongue but she's a softy somewhere underneath all that bravado. Just be sure not to get on her bad side otherwise she'll get all catty on you.(alt account)

Profile to be updated occasionally

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