Tigresa, Aztec warrior women (Level 7) block star_border mail warning

Halloween costume, likes competitive matches, will do RP


[RP as a girl, IRL I'm a guy, please take that into consideration]

Currently participating in the Halloween costume contest on Discord! Check it out if you want.

Tigresa here, with a whole new Aztec style. Look out while you are wandering the festival this year cause you never know when a tigress is going to jump out from the bushes. Rawr~

real name: **** (maybe you'll find out if you ask nice, or squeeze it out of her XD)

Hola chicos y chicas~

The names Tigresa! I love sexfights, and after reading tons about lesbian battles I was ready to try the real thing. That's when I stumbled onto EroFights much to my pleasure. I'm a 6'0" Latina amazon with hard, tan muscles ready to dominate you. I may be lithe but I can easily take down larger opponents in the blink of an eye chica. Some call me a spitfire and they would be right, as I use my wicked tongue to abuse my opponents verbally and physically. I definitely don't have a sweet side after I lose, don't you dare believe those rumors! I always go all out in fights with nonstop stamina and I have fun whether I win or lose. But make no mistake, I'm here to dominate and show everyone why I'm Queen of the Jungle.

I mostly play in Lesbian wrestling ring but like to do some matches in Classic and Hentai. In classic, I'll be tender and soft for you but I still plan on making cum your brains out. Hentai is more for my nerdy, catty side where a tiger neko is going to drive your kitty wild.

Huh? Oh sí, my gentle twin brother is here as well. Probably skipping his training to awkwardly flirt with some girls. Guess I'm going to have find him and embarrass him in front of them!(alt account)

Author's notes

Hey, if you somehow missed it, this is a guy RPing as a girl. I'm a newbie so not confident in RP but I think I'm decent. My tastes are pretty vanilla. Not into hardcore BDSM, only light humiliation and wrestling sex moves during fights and in victory poses. Usually don't take bets. I like short to medium length games but I'm willing to do longer games/RPs if they are with the right people. However please talk to me at the beginning at least so I know what to expect. Thanks for reading, hope you have a good day. More info added as needed

Jungle Queen's Memorable matches/events

(Note, please let me know if you want your match taken down)

After going back and forth with Alexi, I was barely able to outlast her and claim the win. For my reward, I left a little mark on her to keep her motivated till our rematch.

Dakota found me in Matchmaking, challenging me to a match in classic. With the crowd cheering both of us on, we began our match for dominance that slowly became filled with tooth rotting fluff. After getting me to cum first, I was able to outlast Dakota by bringing her to orgasm twice. After bringing myself to orgasm again, we fell asleep, content.

Dia's pet tournament

After watching Donna beat Jessica, I tried to make Day's toys mine in a betting card game but ended up becoming a toy for Day. I am now la gatita del dulce Día.

For Dia's tournament, I was first matched up again with Jess, recently turned into a blond and very eager to win. Unfortunately for her I was just as determined to win. After some major orgasms, hard resists, and a few toys, I was able to pull off the win, getting a victory kiss from Jess.

After winning the first match, I squared off against Aranei in the finals in Hentai. It was a close match but with some skill and a lot luck I was able to push through for the win.

After winning Dia's little pet tournament and becoming queen of her slaves, she gave me a crown for my victory and a special item she "acquired" from the LWR to use on my mistress and her pets. Her gatita is all dressed up now for business or pleasure~.

Lisbeth Rose a.k.a Dragona, (or little wyvern if you are feeling particularly brave), my rival who one day I will beat!

LWR title defense
1st run - 2 defenses

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