Aruno (Level 3) mail warning

Hey ! Looking for (new) records and open for a switch game | DM open for anything

Hey there,

I'm here to meet new people and discover news kinks I might not be aware off. I'm still fairly new so you still have something to teach me for sure. I'm talkative if I'm with the right person.
Mostly switch/sub, I can also be your gentle dom who guides you to your orgasm. Most of my games will be played as a switch as I enjoy fighting for dominance and swap roles throught the game.

I'm not always in matchmaking, but if you see me active, I'll be happy to share a moment with you in a game or chat together !

I'm also very competitive so I'll always play for the win. But I sometimes more enjoy playing for the beauty of the game and relax.
Playing with bets doesn't bother me, it kinda helps me focus on the game so I don't give you an easy win.
If you have a bet in mind for a game, I'll most likely agree on it.
Still a bit new to rp but I'm working on it.

Private or public game, tell me if you want me to swap it, I change it depending on my mood also.

120, 5 mins, if you were there, you know what I mean by that :D

My dm will always be open, if you want to talk, know something about me, talk about a game we played or if you want to schedule a game. I'm curious so if you want to talk about a particular topic I'm up for it.

Miss Yuko
I think the best thing to start with is to talk about who Yuko is. (All this is the way I see Miss Yuko, from my personal experiences during our games, maybe she's different with someone else, but I doubt it.)

Basically, she's like a sweet nightmare that you can't get rid of, but you still want to dream about.
If you're not ready before you get into a game with her, I wish you luck, you'll need a lot of patience.
She'll play with your soul, make you think you'll cum at the end, but in reality you won't even release a drop of your cum until she's satisfied.
What I can say about her is that she likes to frustrate you, denial, blue balls, and a lot of other things you're not used to doing. But most importantly, she wants to have fun. You'll find out the rest by yourself, so be prepared, it'll be interesting.

After 21 days of denial, lots of edging and holding, she finally let me cum. It was intense, and waiting this long was really worth it.

Don't think she's like the devil or anything like that, she's a lovely person and really nice.
I'm really grateful to her, she taught me to love frustration, new kinks, and I had a lot of fun playing with her.

Description still in progess !
todo : add records when I'll have some

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