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Hi, I'm Taylor, your typical run-of-the-mill girl. I'm 22 years old and aside from interests, that's all you'll really get out of me.

Although I'm not particularly new to online "sexual acts" in general (text-based RP for 5+ years) this is my first venture into a more PvP-esque medium so please forgive me for any mistakes. That said, I hope I can please you and maybe be pleased myself!

"...I hope I can please you..."; I'm super submissive and tend to mostly follow commands when I'm turned on. I'm particularly into hypnosis, degradation/humiliation, cock worshipping.
My main turn-offs are anything liquid based, I.E; Bleeding, pee, food-stuffs. Other than that I'm fine with pretty much anything, but never be afraid to double check.

Non-sexual related interests are; anime, music, games, books, art, and a minor obsession with Dungeons & Dragons.

I should also note that although I tend to have fun online, I am in a relationship so please don't try to make any weird advances. My partner knows I do this kind of stuff and because of distance they don't mind.

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