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Just a guy looking for a fight, into roleplaying. Let's get it on!

I'm happy to go with the flow of the fights, and willing to adapt as the situation arises. If you've got a specific scenario in mind, let me know. I want to know what you're into and work with that. I'm a Switch. Whether I'm taking charge as a dom or subbing at your feet, I want us both to have a good time. Let's see what we can do. I will happily use "Roleplay Mode" to have the game better match our RP.

If not roleplaying, I do enjoy a bit of back-and-forth banter and teasing with my fights. I can get chatty. Feel free to tell me if I'm talking too much (or not enough).

As the question has come up, I am not a major fan of wagers, though public is starting to grow on me. While it's not something I'd do for our first match- I'd like to feel you out and see your style- a public match could be something for down the line. Other than that, I'm (usually) willing to give things a shot.

All are welcome; and if you'd rather chat before meeting me in a match, feel free to send me a message. I'm also on the EroFights Discord, under the same username.

As for Alya? She's my feisty little kitty. More partner than pet, I love making her melt in my hands, watching her submit and give into her desires. Though sometimes, those desires involve kitty bearing her claws.

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You tie her up and insert candles into both her holes. Lighting the wick, you watch her struggle as the wax starts to drip! Candle Double Penetration You signal for a break in the action by calling timeout! Maybe your opponent will back off? Call timeout You light her up like a birthday day by stuff a lit candle in both her holes. Will you make a wish? Candle Double Penetration You unzip your pants, unleashing your hard cock. It flops out, bonking your opponent right in her head! Bonk! Your reach extends far and wide, even to the open seas. When the adventurer braves these waters, you masterfully bait her into grabbing a lure. Time to reel her in! Trap: Lure You signal for a break in the action by calling timeout! Maybe your opponent will back off? Call timeout You take out a lollipop, making your partner's mind run like crazy... Lick Lollipop You’re such a tease, sliding your ass up and down her shaft when she prematurely bursts! Oh no, it looks like her weak dick couldn’t handle your curvy booty! She can’t handle your assjob! Why won’t he stay down? You throw a fit, a temper tantrum in the ring, when he escapes from you yet again! Throw a fit! With her blindfolded and her wrists tied above her head, she can’t defend herself from your tickling! Blindfolded tickling!

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