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Feeling super submissive today, looking for someone to treat me rough in JOI mode :p

Hey there, I am Janina, I am 24 and I am quite amazed about this community and the effort everyone puts into his bios, so I tried to do a little something and hope it grows over time.

I am brunette, do love sport but am mostly a very regular girl that's quite petite with 159cm, am central european with a hint of southern european in there, so a bit of brownish skin. I have my pubes mostly trimmed.

I do enjoy all genders and transgenders, so I am open for everyone. I love to try out every mode besides Hentai, that's not my thing really. I also do enjoy subbing a lot more than domming, so come and treat me like a little whore. I can get pretty nasty and crazy when I am horny so watch out if you make me cum.

Oh, and if anyone wants that, I do not mind unpacking my strap-on for a lucky lady or a lucky guy! :)

My avatar is yet to be betted on in a game!

DISCLAIMER: I only to Sexfights involving realistic roleplay, so no one-liners. IRL interaction only with approved partners.

The wonderful Ben Bravo gave me my first real roleplay on here. After a very fun, long and back and forth game, I couldn't help but to submit to our champ though. And I did that, screaming, moaning and squirting into the audience. At least I got him to cum once in my hungry mouth. The audience was lucky though, as my Dom offered me to them afterwards, to empty their loads into my overwhelmed holes.

When I went on to get a rematch, I felt feisty. Full of fire and lust, and very ready to take down the champ. And I succeeded, at first. My energy went into taking it from him, matching his hunger with mine and making him bust all over my backside. I felt so secure and ready to take him down, even if I let down my guard and enjoyed him making me squirt a few seconds after. After a few struggles and intimate fights in the moments after, I quickly put him under me and fucked him in the amazon position, giving it my all. Turns out, my all is not enough for the champion. He resisted, tied me up and humiliated me in front of a large audience, fucking me into submission, making me squirt all over the floor again. He gave me to the audience, made them watch how much better he is than me and can now call me his cunt. I stepped into his locker room after, where things did not get any less dominating.

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