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Hetero / Dom

Hi Everyone! Friendly switch looking for some fun, competitive fights. I'm all about the competitive side of sexfighting - I'm here to dominate you while making you oh so glad you lost. And of course if you win, well it's only fair that you get to enjoy your victory as you see fit. But ultimately I really just want to make sure we both have a good time either way. Send me a message if you want a shot at breaking me down (and are willing to risk getting a little broken down yourself). And if you see me in a public match or audience, be sure to say "hi"!

Love to RP and add lots of detail (I can play quicker if that is your preference, and I'll usually adjust to your responses, but don't give me nothing!). Also, I am pretty flexible when it comes to in-fight kinks and am happy to select different combinations for different games to match up with your own kinks - just tell me what you want me to include, and I'll change my settings so I can make sure I do what you like. Also, feel free to tell me if you prefer public games!

And if you aren't into the strictly competitive, I've also done some purely dom RP'ing. If you're a sub looking for someone to write you a sexy RP, let me know!

Kinks: Competition, sexfighting, bondage, witty repartee, dominance/submission (in a competitive context-you have to earn it), and taking what you want from your conquered opponent. I might be down for some small bets, but if you want something long term it's going to take a few matches.

Limits: Permanent harm/marking, incest, bestiality, gore, scat/watersports, underage/age play (novice vs. veteran is fine), raceplay, sissification. Also, for right now I'm sticking to non-cross-gendered matches.

P.S. Only interested in matches with profiles/characters that are going to stick around to build up the RP (i.e. no temporary accounts)

P.P.S. I play classic and wrestling - if you see me in matchmaking for one but want to play the other, just shoot me a message!

Highlighted Matches

Conquered the gorgeous Emma in my very first match. Her skilled hands are a danger to any man, but I made her watch her own defeat in the mirror as I brought her to a mind-shattering second orgasm.

In my second match, the beautiful Rose (then SuperWhore) sought to tame me. She milked me powerfully, leaving me gasping. But in the end she was a bit too ready to submit, and when I pinned her to the wall she could only melt on my cock.

I dominated poor little Kiara. She put up quite the struggle, but it just wasn't her night, and she could do nothing as I held her helpless in the air and pounded her into submission.

The incredible BDSM Stacy taught me a lesson in overconfidence. I thought she was finished -- tied down, helpless, shuddering at the edge -- but her talented pussy took control, trapping and milking me even while she was bound and driving me to defeat...But in our second match, I turned the tables. She thought she'd have another easy victory over a rookie. Instead I forced her to cum again, and again, and again until all that sexy superiority was replaced with her lewd moaning.

Diane challenged me after seeing my record, wanting to drain me, humiliate me, and add another win of her own. She came so close, but her gorgeous body wasn't up to the task. For all her bravado, she could only shake and cry out as I fucked her to a squirting defeat. She came back with a pair of wins...but then when she demanded a public match with a humiliation session on the line, I dominated her completely, tied her to the ropes, and vibed her until she screamed her surrender.

Bratty little Eir wanted to punish me for some post-public fun in the audience. She's as fiery as they come, but in the end I broke her lovely little body on my cock, leaving her screaming and conquered. I left her bound and seeded on the bed for housekeeping to find, knowing rumors of her fate will quickly spread. The next time we met, I finished the job, crushing her resistance and fucking her into complete subjugation. Now she is on display in my guest lounge as part of my personal collection.

Domor tried to trick me with her cutesy, submissive act...and it nearly worked...but eventually her submission was all too real.

Aphrodite, the goddess of sex herself, challenged me to a sexual duel. She assumed her powers would leave me just another enslaved toy, but her overconfidence left her vulnerable. I dominated her completely, first fucking her to a squirting anal orgasm and then ruining her second, letting her her gasp and shake in a pool of her own defeat before she could force even one orgasm from me. But I did not stop there. I teased and tortured her into sexual submission, forcing her to acknowledge that a mere mortal had bested her completely. Now she, and everyone she faces, will know she surrendered to a mere human cock.

I gave the beautiful Janina a proper introduction to Erofights, quickly collaring her and leading her step by step to a crushing, mind-numbing orgasm lifted aloft for the audience. I then gave her to her new fans, letting them enjoy the lovely newcomer themselves. When she issued a challenge for a rematch, I was naturally confident, but she came back with a newfound fire that caught me off guard. She battled with all she had, scratching, clawing, screaming, and even milking the first orgasm from me. But that only made me want her more. I pinned the fiesty vixen down and bound her, leaving her at my mercy as I fucked her back into submission and made her mine.

Jenny Bernardo thought she could enslave me with her skill, but instead she found herself bound, hypnotized, and surrendering to my cock. I broke her down piece by piece, first her body, then her mind. Now that she's been properly tamed, I'm keeping her as my personal breeding pet to tease, toy with, and fill at my whim.

The sultry Daniela Gomez certainly puts the "dirty" in dirty cop. I thought I'd punish her when she went snooping around my fun, but instead she fought her way out of my trap and then proceeded to lay down the law. By the end of our encounter she'd left me fucked, drained, and hogtied. She was too strong for both my hypnosis and my restraints, and it turns out she knows her way around rope just as well as cuffs. Whether she's flashing her badge or her body...I definitely recommend approaching with caution.

One-time Wrestling Ring Champion

I challenged EF's resident sexy teacher Shirley for her championship belt. She put up an impressive struggle, but in the end I pinned her to the mat and forced her to surrender her title in a gorgeous, screaming orgasm. (1.24.21)

Two-time Guardian of the Hill

SydneyH18 won the belt and then challenged me to a title match less than a day later...apparently she didn't want to keep it, as I left her writhing on the mat beneath my tongue, eating her out until that belt was mine. (3.24.21)
Defeated sexy newcomer Tay for the belt. (8.29.21)

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