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off on a break for a while. not sure I'll be back. take care ❤️

Hi, I'm Anna, I've been on this site for a while now and I absolutely love it 😊

So who am I?

I'm a 20~something ordinary girl from Scandinavia (not getting too specific 😊), trying to explore my kinks more. I'm 167cm, 53kg, blonde hair with medium size breasts, with a nice firm ass. 💪🍑 I workout a lot in the gym. I'm naturally a very caring and friendly person, which makes me more of a gentle femdom.

What do I like?

I'm not here to compete, it's not something I care for very much. So if you want a competitive game, look for someone else. However if you're looking for someone to caress you, tease you, call you a good boy, make you feel very aroused, then I just might be the girl in your dreams. ❤️

I haven't seen the enjoyment in bets. I've found most bets have a reward but also a punishment. I'm not here to punish you, I'm here to make you feel so very good. Punishment is not part of that and it's not something I enjoy.

As you've probably understood, I love IRL play. When you stroke for me. If I get really excited I might join in, I don't like being told when and how though. I'm the dominating one, here to please you. I crave your arousal, I need it. When you leak for me ❤️ you obeying me makes me so happy. You do want to make me happy right?

As for modes on here, I like classic the most so far and seeing as I don't enjoy the competitive side of this, I like RP mode the best. Wrestling is not for me.

I don't like the femdom mode that much, but it doesn't mean I don't love femdom. Love telling you what to do 😊

Send me a message if you're interested in a game with me. Hope to play you soon 💋❤️

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