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Image Title> Hello, ^w^

I'm a big cow slut, an easy whore who likes to be insulted and fucked by everyone.. >////<

I introduce myself my name is Lara, I am 22 years old and I really like this site,
I am a pet who likes to play with my body, I am very obedient and I like to please my master when he takes care of me ...
I like to be seen as such, I wear my collar and leash almost all the time at home because I like to feel like I belong to someone.. mmh
I own a lot of toys >///< and I get very submissive and I quickly recognize my place when I'm excited, I obey very easily in game or IRL if I'm very excited ... even if it happens in public, humiliation or other...I like to be insulted.. to be treated.. >///<....

Hmm if you tame me, I might as well be your cute pet slut, or become a sluttly little pet and do whatever you want with me >///<

Don't hesitate to me Mp if you want to play with me

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