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Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Updated 2024-03-12 (new toys)

If you send me a message just starting a conversation and I don't see it for a while please don't be offended if I don't respond, I feel awkward responding to something like that after hours or days.

Hey everyone! This was an alt but now main character I love playing with. I'm still open to bets and other things like my other character. I love a real challenge in a match, even if one of us gets a bit into it and maybe gets a little submissive. I much prefer a real fight for control than easily winning. I LOVE IRL teasing during and after matches, so if you are, too, we will enjoy our matches for sure :)

My other more public version of myself profile:

I prefer playing with more feminine presenting people and am not really into super masculine guys.

Don't be afraid to push me in a match or IRL (or give me orders any time, I might be in a mood to obey) I will tell you if it's approaching a limit ;) I've yet to get to that point yet, though. I'm also always happy to at least start a situation with you coming on strong and dominant to start, like dragging me into a match to beat me, depending on how you play it, you may be able to control me easily ;) I am open to the idea of being at least mostly submissive to someone, but I'd like to keep my ability to dominate my toys sometimes.

With this character I tend to play somewhat feminine but I don't really care about pronouns so you can treat me how you want with them, unless I'm in control. IRL I'm a guy as people see me. I'm not really a sissy or trans girl, more non binary, but feminization can be a useful tool against me ;)

I've had some amazing Dom sessions with unfortunate (depending on your perspective) subs. Lots of edging and punishments for reasons they know. I'm usually happy to bet for something like that as long as it's actually a fair match, I'm usually not a fan of subs pretending to be switchy just so I Dom them. I also LOVE making boys get in touch with their feminine side through feminization and other related IRL things when they lose to me.

If we have a bet or something going I'm always open to some modifications while playing if it makes sense with how the match is going or you really want to push me into subspace ;)


new: wrist and ankle cuffs, suction cup dildo
For toys I have several different sized plugs, a basic vibrator, a wand vibrator, a couple bullet vibes, a collar with nipple clamps on a chain, a ball gag, a fleshlight, a remote controlled prostate massager (lovense edge, make me give you the link and you can control it remotely), a remote controlled vibrating cock ring, cock rings, some rope, markers for body writing, maybe some other things I forgot. I also have a bunch of sexy clothing, too (several bra and panty sets and stockings and some other sexy things)

Kink List

IRL Battle Rules (WIP)

Each player decides their list of 5-10 toys, actions, clothing, etc.
For each bondage/hypno/cum test action used on you, your partner gets to move up one item on your list to use on you.
You can forgo taking an item from a partner to remove one for yourself.
Every cum test action used on you also gives you 1 edge before you cum in the match or 2 edges after.

My List:
1. strip
2. dildo sucking
3. collar
4. nipple clamps
5. buttplug
6. panties
7. skirt, bra, top
8. body writing
9. remote control lovense edge 2

links to samples of how you will be treated when you lose to me (to be organized and displayed better soon)

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You mount him in a 69 position and blow him until he explodes. Make him cum i 69 You flip her legs up and bury your tongue in her ass. Not letting up your assault, you furiously stroke her cock as she unloads on her own face. You see the shame in her face as it is covered in her own cum. She's not fighting back anymore... maybe she likes this? Humiliating Facial "Stroke... cum... facial!” They are too needy to think of anything else and give in, stroking themselves over the edge and cumming on their own face. Hypno Self Facial