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Always up for a competitive sexfight/sex wrestling match!

Good to meet ya. I'm new to Erofights, but I've been doing sexfighting, and sexual wrestling for a good while. I hope to be able to adjust to the rules and such here and be able to have hot and fun matches with ya'll.

I love the back and forth of sexfighting, the build up of lust while trying to maintain control, so I guess I'm considered a switch by the roles here?

Let's see now, what to say about me...? Well, I'm 26, last time I checked. I stand at 6'1, with short dark hair and brown eyes, and a muscular build and a seven inch cock when fully hard.

Anyway, I hope to have fun and make all of you cum....or be made to cum by...all if you soon! Also, my stepsister, Tiffany made the trip with me, so if ya'll are looking for someone with more womanly ways, be certain to give her a shout!

My first erotic wrestling match was against the strong, and beautiful Sasha 'the Titan' Panther. Hot damn if we didn't fuck and fight each other to the point of exhaustion. I managed to make her cum during her attempt to ride my cock, only to cum a few moments later as she re-mounted me! Finally after a long 69 duel, I barely outlasted the muscular woman, getting the winning climax!

A chance encounter with Colonel Jeanne led to a hotly contested sexfight against the current champion of the Classic title! Although she was gorgeous, and skilled, I managed to fuck her to a strong enough orgasm to keep her down, and take her title!

Well easy cum, easy go. Mohana, a self proclaimed jungle girl, challenged me for the title. Despite the fact that I made her cum fairly quickly, she rallied back to make me cum twice in a row. After the win, she declared herself the Queen of the Jungle! Glad I could help crown wild royalty....although she did keep me as her 'personal toy' for a night. Still, I wish her least until I get another shot at her!

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