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not playing empty characters or full subs

Cross-gendering character. Male playing female (also not interested in IRL play)

Greetings, 'tis I! the famous sexfighter Jeanne, bet lover, holder of countless titles and much, much more.
I tend to either go for trash talk or RP for my games, it mostly depends which one I go with, but one thing I'm always happy to do is betting. As for the betting, I'm down for pretty much any bet which isn't IRL, the more creative the better! I'm a very competitive player so don't expect me to stick around for long if you can't keep it competitive (and trust me, I'm experienced enough to know the signs right from the start of the game) Also, anyone who's reading this, it's much appreciated.

i've decided to keep the collar i was given by Meda as a symbol of our love, the collar says "Meda's beloved". This beautiful gal and I have sent each other into pure bliss countless times and she never ceases to be absolutely amazing, no words could ever do justice about how amazing she is.

Another of my great friends is Ace, whom is one of my favorite partners to play with, he knows exactly what buttons to press and when to do it. Him and I have had countless games and I've enjoyed every single one of them

My body
(this is just for RP)
I've got long, blonde hair that goes past my shoulders, blue eyes and some big, plump, cocksucking lips

I've got a nice, big rack of perfect, natural bimbo tits that are pierced and can milk any man

My ass is a big bubble butt that jiggles whenever i walk and it fits nicely with my long, muscular legs and my pussy that's always wet


I am the proud owner of the "THE STRAP TO RULE THEM ALL"

forged by a legendery blacksmith a master of smithing with lust and desire, was made for a great former empress made to assert her as the ultimate leader, it being a tool for seduction, control and fullfilling any desire the wearer has it is able to keep anyone in her court right under her thumb, that however didnt last as she was assasinated soon after its creation, it never getting to serve its purpose while under her control. after the realm shattered it was locked away for 500 years. it was found by a wandere traveling through the ruins of the former capital, he soon united the former realms, and gave it to his futute wife she however was never able to handle the power that came with it. the now united realm quickly shattered again and it was passed around as a trophy as no one knew its powers ended up in my hands thousands of years after its creation. i was sent to these forgotten lands by my former queen, Lucy to prove my worth, after i defeated a powerfull warlord and completed my mission i found the relic and was told the legends of it by the locals

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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You trap his cock between your tits and with your bra still on there's no escape for him. So, you sit there, forcing him to rest with you, his cock trapped in the soft prison that is your cleavage. You put on your trusty strap-on and then grab their cock. You put them up against each other and start grinding your strappy against their cock. Frot them You're laying on your back on the bed, ready for some action. You give your pussy a few playful, welcoming slaps and wink at them, asking them to "Come and get it" Come and get it You get on top and start riding his cock. You find the perfect rhythm and soon he appears to be in pure bliss, filling the room with his moans as you ride. Divine ride He pushes you off after enduring much of the riding, but you can tell by the look on his face that it's not to resist, but rather to cover your face in cum as he continues to stroke his cock. And exactly that he does as soon he's spraying ropes of cum all over your face. Divine cumshot She's bent over and waiting for you to start, thinking she's ready for what's to come, but you slip your cock into the wrong hole at the last second... Pound her ass While sat on her face, grinding your pussy on her, you lean back and start fingerfucking her. Facesitting fingering You grab your opponent and set your asses side by side, comparing them in all sorts of ways. It's obvious yours is better, but it seems your opponent disagrees. Compare asses You grab your phone and the cock of your recently defeated opponent and take a selfie with it right next to your face. You then send the picture to all of your friends to let them know you've got a new favorite cock. New favorite Two cocks stuffed deep in her ass overwhelms her! She can’t handle it, and the anal onslaught pushes her over the edge. She is a moaning mess! Succumb to the anal onslaught

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