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Make me forget about the world <3

Lesbian / Sub

Hello everyone! I decided to do some reorganizing! Lets go down the rabbit whole together shall we~?

Part 1: Looks

my hair! Long silver hair with gentle curls making it easy to grip and hold onto for those rough and fun matches!

My ears! Long white ears capable of bending half way to show my emotions! (they are firmly a part of me though) careful though! They are sensitive!

Bunny ears!

Earrings! I just love them so much!


Dress for classic and hentai! Long flowing white dress with white and blue snowflakes raining throughout the dress! Please don't rip it unless your paying for the next one!

Snow Dress

Panties, not much to say! too bad most of you wont get to look and see them yourself!

winter Panties

Heels! I'll have you groveling and licking my long heels before long


Interested in LWR? Well here is my attire for it! (made by a very sleep deprived cutie! you know who you are blows a kiss)


Part 2! My body:

I'm 5'10 well toned and crafted body, but making sure to stay flexible for all the fun positions we could play~


my eyes are a shining blue green mixture ready to allure and encapture you~


my tits are DD size although some people can change them to be bigger or smaller after winning a fight~ (4th from left to right)

The size everyone wants to see~ Through the power of magic I have learned to control my size. I can be anywhere between 11 inches and 1 inch! Pick a size and let's fuck! (Tip: the smaller it is, the more sensitive it is)


Part 3: a little about me

I absolutely dont mind having my partner be taller, in fact I find it a bonus! If your into humiliating sizes or comparing I dont mind, but you better cuddle me afterwords to make up for it! I seem to be especially good with my tongue seeing how often people can't handle it :P


Kink list: https://i.imgur.com/WnmWwZR.png

I got married to my love Eva here on EF! It was an amazing and wonderful time! Now that doesn't mean we wont fool around for others and if you want some extra spice~ I can always wear the wedding dress again! just ask away before we start. I think it adds more fun to it all! even maybe some roleplay about it~?

Part 4: Bets! I do love bets from time to time~

losing to shy girl as she broke my mind: until removed by your to be wife… whenever someone calls you „bride bunny“ you will immediately edge 5 times in a row. Can be only used once by visitors - but as often as they want by opponents. (Given 3/14/22)

Shy girl also collared me!! the collar being engraved by „Shy-Girl tested and approved Bunny Bride, promised to EVA“ theres a certain kind of magic needed to change the lettering. But only shy has the power to do it, and I'll to go back and see how she does it~

Losing a fun back forth game with Psycho You are so good at licking that it's a shame that this talent is wasted, for three games when you have the option to lick you should do it (6/30/24) (3/3)

Part 5: Self made rules~ want to break me outside of a match or both in the ring and irl? here's something for you!

"Good girl": if my opponent starts a match saying, "Be a good girl and get naked" I must edge irl everytime my opponent says, "good girl"

"Edge slut": anybody with a pink/red name may roll a 1d6 and say, "edge jaq" I must edge that many times. Public chats or private games. If in public chat. Each person can only roll 3 times. Just to keep it SEMI in control ;)

"Be a good gooner": anyone may send me whatever porn they want, video, image, gif, of any subject with a number 1-10, and I'll edge that many times to the porn sent. No limit to the amount of times someone can send them.

Part 6: List of memorable interactions:

Jessica Gosh.. Jessica has transcended the world to me. Although we haven't known each other for long. She has wormed her way into my heart and has gotten every single secret of my life that I could ever think of. I feel like under a drug, the largest high I could ever receive just by her words alone, my heart thumps wildly at the idea of her. My mind spins wildly in desires, lusts... yet helping me feel complete in a way that I don't think I have felt before. Yet when she's away, I feel like going through withdrawals, every hint of a chance it could be her, my heart skips beats, my breath catches in my throat, and crane my neck so hard to look it could snap! The feeling of pure dread when I see it isn't her, yet the pure high and joy from noticing that it is her is unlike any other... Jessica is my sun, and I am poor Icarus, I am ready to fly too close till my wax made wings melt away <3

Update: and flew too close to the sun I did. My wings have melted and the descent has started, this beautiful ride that I was given a chance to feel was the greatest feeling I have ever had. The warmth is unlike anything I have felt before. Although tears in my eyes as the ocean gives way to my view below. I would never change a thing. My sunshine. I wish for you the absolute most excellent life that you could ever have. and every day I will be wishing for you to find that one who can make you feel the way I felt being by your side.


Vanessa Vanessa is so absolutely important to me... I developed a full addiction to her superior dark elf pussy... I think about it every single day and how badly I need to breed it. I need it.. I fall to my knees at a moments notice to be her breeding wife... She has me completely wrapped around her finger... just like the bangle she has around my cock!


Raven the Imp What do I say about Raven the Imp? She KNOWS where I belong, under her foot, desperate to please and worship her. The first match was hours of us struggling with who belongs on top, eventually milking me dry before turning me into a brood mother. Always ready to be used and birth more demon spawns into the world. The second match was an absolute slaughter, quickly making me submit to her and her superiority as she took HOURS molding and corrupting my body with her magic. Rewiring my brain and making me spill any and all secrets that I have as I couldn't resist any and all of her commands. Making me even more into a brood mother as her magic changes more and more of me... now telling me about my path to turn into a demon bunny.. Although nervous about this path of what I will become... the excitement of the unknowing and now wanting more... I wonder what it means to become a "demon bunny"~

Raven the Imp

Veronica Blackberry The woman who changed my world forever~ I walked into her room as a typical bunny girl... came out as her new snowbunny wife. Completely breaking me down and changing my whole point of view of submission to her superiority.. completely changing the way I think... the things I crave... and even marking me with some tattoos and piercings to show how far I have come. I am practically drooling in need for her... Maybe we can go for another round after I press "save"?

Veronica Blackberry

Ella Has claimed me as her little "Little Bunny" which is a title I claim proudly! as I have claimed Ella as my "Breeding Girlfriend" who I know is always ready and excited for more anytime and any place! Having someone who is always so ready all the time makes this bunny super excited~! <3


Perhaps you want to be put on this list? You better make it a memorable fight maybe have some bets and you can see your name on my hall of fame!

Part 7: a little added bonus!

Heres a reward for actually reading my profile. heres one of the few weaknesses I got~ I LOVE being hypnotized, tease me enough with it and say, "I'm going to make you my personal slut" I'll give the first round of hypnosis for free. During that time. Your more than welcomed to dig your fingers deep into mine and break me mentally into your actual slut and I'll give in full heartedly!


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