Jaqueline (Transgender) (Level 8) mail warning

Just got a new transformation!/willing to try any gamemode!

Male playing female character
From the 9/1/21 to 9/5/21 I've lost bet after bet turning me from Jake into a Jaqueline! I was also taken in by my Queen Lucy to become part of her bimbo army! Giving me fantastic tits and growing my cock to a full 11 inches!!! I'm so excited for the fun we will have! I also got a new name from the wonderful Miss Maddie!

Through the power of science I have learned to control my size. Picking from a list that I have been taught. Current sizes:
11 inches
5.7 inches
Clit size~

Getting caught and brainwashed, I have this weird obsession with sucking cock whenever I can! Although I MUCH prefer girl cock, I wouldnt mind some boy cock once in a while! Doesn't always need to be on stage either 😘

Losing a fight to queen valentine, she made my lips the perfect size to suck cock, and to suck her toes as a good little foot slave that I am!

Losing to Mistress Anne, she left me brainwashed and covered in my own cum with a new mind block!: "You're going to find it that much harder to escape from hypnosis~ (Can only escape on a 6!) and whichever kind Master or Mistress who places you under needs to be thanked for their gift." So thank you all my masters and mistresses for making my mind feel good~

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my tits, lips, and ass have grown even more! Due to Major Jeanne! Adding a new cock size to the list of fun times with others~

Succubus having their way with my ass. They made me an even bigger butt slut. Any anal cum test, I must roll a 4-6 to even be capable of resisting!

Goddess Jeanne broke my mind before even getting all my clothes off! Gave me fun rule before she left: you are now extremely subby ,whenever you have the oppurtunity to surrender to someone you will (the action) or anything like it. I must also edge 15 times before I am allowed to cum again! Anyone want to help? giggles

Jenna Croft made me a foot slut! Now I need a 4-6 to not cum on the spot to all your perfect feet!

Tyger gave me E cups and a tiger tattoo on kybright ass cheek

Jeanne gave me a cumslut collar to wear at all times

Cumslut Alicia gave 2 new rules: You aren't very good with hypnosis. You don't know how long this has been the case... your mind is mushy... and you can't remember well... From now on, whenever you're presented with an option to hypnotise you have to roll a dice. If you get 1, 2, or 3 you can choose the action to hypnotise. If you get a 4, 5, or 6 you have to pick another action.
Whenever an item of clothing is taken off of you, you get unbelievably aroused. Your bimbo mind takes over and you skip your turn and edge 3 times.
The skips are cumulative. So if your pants and panties are taken off in the same action, it's two skips.
The edges are also cumulative.

Jeanne: how about we take your hypnosluttyness even further
skip on the first action without rolling when someone picks hypno against you. All the while wearing perminate bimbo make up!

Just because I am submissive doesnt mean I dont want to fight! It's hot having someone take what they want and overpowering me, but not everyone can handle my skill ;)

Valentine: I want you to remember this. Every time a foot action is used against you, you have to roll

Jessica Barton: after a LONG back and forth match with me just barely winning by the skin if my cock. I still allowed her a rule just for the fun that we had! She decided to do me a favor and put a rule in my favor: "But now if you roll the same number three times in a row while under hypnosis, you can substitute me in to take it for you"

I'm 5'8 but have worked hard on my body to make up for my height, I absolutely dont mind having my partner be taller, in fact I find it a bonus! My cock size is 11 in. If your into humiliating sizes or comparing I dont mind, but you better cuddle me afterwords to make up for it! I seem to be especially good with my tongue seeing how often people can't handle it :P

BETS: I lost to Amy and i am stuck in a dress from 9/1/21 to 9/7/21 EDIT: I went double or nothing and now in a dress and new pfp till 10/1/21

NOTE: as of 8/31/21 I was tasked by Sister Silvena to try being a switch to explore other female needs and maybe discover better ways of being a good sub! Maybe it will help me find an owner one day!
Next day:I've explored multiple subs needs, and although I prefer subbing. I do get to appreciate the effort doms and the bad effects we subs can cause to doms when we are rude!!

List of memorable interactions:

Alexis: the one who introduce me to the rules and broke me multiple times. I hope to return the favor one day.

June: taught me about the sounds, coins, and dice functions. Made you cum all over my tongue, I hope your ready for a round two some day.

Ruby: made me cum on command all over my face and no matter how much i struggled i couldnt break free.

???: i forgot the name but i won king of the hill from you and defended the title from a rematch.

Pamela: I got owned by Pamela, I am her pet and her little cumslut. Who broke me with her huge 8 inch cock and stole thr crown from me. Havent seen her since being owned by her.

Princess Anastasia: Had a very wonderful interview to become a new servant for her. Although I impressed her with my muscles, and tongue, I failed to finish the interview but impressed enough for a second try when her schedule opens! I hope to really impress and finish the interview this time!

Samantha: Talked a lot of shit with zero evidence to back it up. Cummed two times in 25 turns. A real jobber with no respect.

Gabriela Gerica: even with everything breaking around us, we managed to finish a hard difficult match after 2 hours. And although it was close as hell, but you outplayed me and made me cum all over for you. You really brought out the dominate side of me that I dont see very often at all!
Had a rematch and showed that although I am still rusty at being dominate, there is much potential as I showed the crowd just how ferocious I can be!

Jack the Ripper: a wonderful mistress who made me into her little bunny! I am now one of her toys and was gladly put into my place as one of hers!

Perhaps you want to be put on this list? You better make it a memorable fight maybe have some bets and you can see your name on my hall of fame!

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