Brooke (Level 5) mail warning

Submissive/Looking to be Futa fucktoy <3/Other Preferences in Bio

I am extremely subby, and currently in a bit of a need for futa cock

Turn ons: Being dominated, rough sex, RP, having a penis (whether male or female :p)

Turn offs: Real Life stuff, bodily harm, scat, vore

Sorry if this leaves some things up to interpretation but feel free to ask!

When initially messaging, I love it when you are cocky/domineering/degrading or even trash talking, it’s not necessary at all but those are the personalities I love to be dommed by more <3

If you want a more competitive game I’m ususally down for it! (I just prefer RP)

Prefer Hentai Mode but will play others!

Special rule since it turns me on :3

(Only if you are fine with it, and is meant to just apply to me):
If you use a hypnosis move on me, you can tell me to do whatever you want me to do (or say ;p) for 3 turns, then I need to break free by rolling a dice: 1-3 I stay under your control for another 3 turns, 5 or 6 I snap out of it and can control my actions again. If for some reason if I fail 3 times in a row I’ll submit to your whims completely!

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