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Just here to roleplay and have a little fun~ <3

Hey~, all you sexy people. Just a cute little thing looking to have a little fun.
Tight, lean, and maybe a little fiesty, though a sub at heart.

((Always happy to RP, so don't hesitate to drum some up! Not really into IRL, for the most part. I'm cool with making friends, but I am mostly just on here for some fun ERP. :P))

No's: Extreme pain, gore, toilet-play, death, ageplay, prolapse, weight gain/overeating, feet, armpits, being particular about uncleanliness, more may come at a later date...

Yes's: Being dominated, mind-control, bondage, roughness, buttplugs, collars, leashes, chastity cages, lactation, cock-milking, spanking, tentacles, oviposition, body modifications (usually through magic, miracle drugs... Surgery is out, though), magic, dom/mes who are fine with being on both the top and bottom, stomach bulges from large insertions, cum inflation, other sorts of inflation aside from weight gain/overeating, breast expansion, cock/balls expansion, cock/balls shrinking... hell, even cock/balls removal (but again, through magic, no gorey surgery). going all the way through, more may come at a later date...

Anything that comes between the No's and Yes's I usually take on a case-by-case basis, but do let me know if you're looking to do something that isn't listed here. ^-^ I'm usually a pretty laid-back person.

Wears a collar with a cowbell.

After quite the climactic bout (rimshot), this ass was tamed by Adam Hex.

After losing our first match (then getting bent over in our second match after winning, anyways, not that I mind), I'm Slutty's little pregnant boytoy. I eagerly await our next match together.

After a hard fought battle, Weiss drained me nice and dry. Now, I'm her on-call cum dispenser (or, at least, I'd be happy to <3)

Another hard fought battle, another stumble at the last hurdle. After draining me nice and dry, I became Lavvy's little boy.

Fucked and marked up hard by Sasha.

T'Qala beat me and made me his submissive little dance partner.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a sub
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