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Lets have some fun!

Just looking to have a good time. I am a switch but lean a bit more towards submissive. Would like more dominant-leaning women or MtF trans when Im feelin subby, but am alright doing the domming myself otherwise.

More specific Kinks include: (unless marked otherwise, its both giving/receiving) JOI, CEI (receiving), assplay, anal, edging, denial (receiving), ruined orgasms (receiving), rimming (mostly giving), oral, prostate play, body worship (giving regardless of dom/sub), foot worship (giving), chastity play (fantasy for rn, I don't have a cage)

I live with more...conservative-minded (in the sexual sense) people, so I'd appreciate if certain acts/bets I have to do don't get exposed to them. Other than that, I will try my best to accommodate and fulfill the act (for example, I am told to cum on my face and leave it there. I cannot leave my room while any of them are home, but I'm more than happy to just lay in bed covered in a self-facial to fulfill the request/order/whatever)

Feel free to DM me!

I look forward to all the entertainment and pleasure we can provide each other!!

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