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Yo, Just a chill dude looking for a game.

I'm 22yr old Persian dude, in college just genuinely bored. Quite new. I'm a pretty friendly dude overall, but can be an ass sometimes. A bit awkward at times, but who isn't lmao.Well, I'm about 6'2-6'3 pretty good shape. Pretty dark skin, very bulky (been bulking since 14).
A bit more about me; Pretty big theater nerd, as well as a general sci-fi. Pre-Med Student so have not too much time usually. As well as table top games (D&D) and anime as my pfp suggests.

I'm a dom-oriented switch. Willing to do very long games as well as very quick games. (9.3in long, 6.6 wide)
I'm Bi, pretty much half/half in terms of men and women. I love to RP so would 100% love to do them in any sessions.
I can RP in English and Farsi, اما ، فکر نمی کنم بسیاری از پارسیان در این وب سایت حضور داشته باشند.
100% Switch
94% Exhibitionist
83% Submissive
81% Dominant
81% Rope bunny
73% Degrader
73% Rigger
72% Brat tamer
71% Master/Mistress
69% Experimentalist
67% Slave
63% Brat
54% Sadist
48% Masochist
45% Degradee

Open to play with pretty much anyone, as long as they're not dry lol.

Riley the cat beat me so if I'm hypnotized during a cum test, i automatically fail. (5/10)
Selma hypnotized me so deeply, that there's still some lingering effects. Whenever someone calls me a "sleepy slut" I drop into a hypnotic state once per match (2/10)
Subcamslut beat me so when rolling for hypnosis, if I roll a 1, I automatically crit fail and get a -1 on the next hypno roll. If I get to -5 I automatically break free from hypno. (1/5)
Linlin beat me so every time I get a titjob action, I must take it, finding it the best place in the girl where to put my dick (0/5)
Maxime beat me so any time something enters my ass I must skip (0/3)

Quotes (If you beat me, you can put a quote in my bio)
-"my cute lil cum dispenser~" - Selma
-"My sweet little cuckhold, loves to be [allegedly] cucked and fucked as I please" - Nix
-"I will never play dice with him. Fuck yes, dice NO." - Mutt
-"So much fun to play with, both body and mind" - Selma
-"After a back in forth match, subcamslut made me his new hypno sissy slut." - Subcamslut
-"My good boy cums when he's told" - Nix
- "Warning: In need of constant milking to submit at peak efficiency" - Linlin Mira
-"Even if I can't be a true Dom... A willing sissy is all that's needed~" - Crystal
-"He is so obedient if you hypnotize him well~" - Maxime

-Turn-ons: Being completely dominated and Completely dominating, Hypno, among others
-Turn-offs: Non-consensual shit, Hunter/Hunted. Scat and Piss

Completed Bets:
Rizz beat me now every cum test i have to edge irl (5/5)
subcamslut beat me and I had to change my pfp to a pic of my dick for 2 weeks
FucktoyBrooke beat me and I had to change my name for 2 weeks
Rey beat me so until I win 5 games any time I am put into an anal cum test I must fail it (5/5)
subcamslut beat me again so for the next 2 weeks (1/6/21) my pfp has to be a pic of my ass
General Jeanne beat me so until I beat 5 games I must edge at each cum test (5/5)
Selma beat me so, for the next 5 games, whenever something gets put in my ass, I flip a coin to see if I skip my turn (5/5)
Nix beat me so, anytime breasts are exposed I have to flip a coin to see if I'm hypnotized (4/4)
Nix beat me again so, if someone takes off my pants and underwear, I have to do what they tell me next turn if I can (5/5)
Nix beat me for the third time in a row so, if my opponent uses a move that lets them get help against me, I have to skip my next turn (5/5)
Crystal beat me so anytime I'm hypnotized, I have to beg for cum, no matter what it takes to get it (05/07/22)
Nix beat me so my name changed for 3 weeks (05/15/22)

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Alcohol
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They really couldn't handle it, they completely fell for your trance and came. Now it seems, they're convulsing from the pleasure you've given them. Maybe you should do something about it?  Succumbed to the Cum You use your knowledge in hypnosis to completely dominate your opponent, making them want to cum more than they ever have. They can't help but just let go. "Cum"