bimbo Amine(Fucktoy of the army) (Transgender) (Level 8) mail warning

Open to Roleplay, Open to Duels just hit me up

Lesbian / Switch

A new part of her life has started, sissy Amine has lost against a wicked openent Jasmine, now she was turned into a mindless little bimbo slut. Her lips, tits and butt were increased beyond measure, she looks made of plastic now. The clitty is almost gone now.

Amine is now Fucktoy of the bimbo army of My Queen Lucy , She craves to pleasure others, no limit asked, just use the bimbo slut.

Active Rules

After a long battle with Stephanie , she finally got the better of this sissy and with that sealed her fate to be a total sissy forever, her chest grew enormously in size as well as her butt, her "dick" is no more but a clitty now.
Amine is now a submissive free to use sissy with no willpower but to serve and get used. Don't even ask her permission, just use and degrade her like the little sissy slut she is.

Born a man, Amine has been turned to sissy Amine after a loss with Sissy Sarah for a duration of 24h from 09/28 9 PM UK to 09/29 PM UK.

Being too confident in herself, she challenged Sissy Christine, she lost to her and cursed her with a sissy body. Reach 16 wins(7 wins/10) in classic before 15 losses(10 losses/ 10) and you shall go back to your old body, otherwise you are a sissy for life.
This is the last game against Tyger ....probably

Amine came here to show he won't be a loser anymore, he will resist, he will try his best to win but deep down, he knows the most likely outcome.

Amine has been labeled as a beta by a mean lady, she broke him, now he has no limits. He's trying to recover from his trauma now and will come victorious!

On his path to gain back his confidence he came upon "wynonna" , she kidnapped his friend Alex and totally broke him, draining his balls forever.
Amine challenged the wicked witch and her minions, after a long battle, he finally saw her weakness and with that, he put her in a helpless position, with no way out but to serve him

Amine got a boost in his confidence after that, hopefully he will get over his trauma.

Not even after trying to boost himself, he was shaken up, now he is on his hands and knees under Kitty of your Dreams
Amine is her dirty little bitch boi.

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