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Looking for competitive girls to play with and talk dirty to ;)

31 year old male.
Love sexfighting and trying to make ladies cum. Really into power play, humiliation, and voyeurism. I'm a really good switch ;)

English is my native language but I know bits of Spanish, French and Italian and can have basic conversations in each.

Memorable Losses
Tiffany has drained me so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m her little toy and slave. Her pussy is just too much…

Cheryl outfucked my cock and drained me twice by ridding me

I lost twice in a day to Abi. The first was a Classic game where she easily bested me. She then challenged me to an irl Interactive game where we teased each other. She edged me over and over until I couldn’t resist shooting a load all over myself… she is a goddess!

I thought I could handle Emile Roseberry in bed as easily as I could in the ring, but alas... she fucked me dry and then rubbed my frenulum until I came all over her hand. And then she forced me to watch a real man fuck her. Humiliating...

I lost an IRL edging fight to Hidden Gem... she teased me until I shot a load all over my hand. And as punishment, she made me jerk off on my hands and knees to her pussy.

Memorable Wins
I conquered Lisa with my cock and made her come all over it twice. Then I got Rachel in doggystyle till she begged me to stop. Rosie has lost twice to me and is on her way to becoming my toy. Valentina talked a big game, addressing me as loser upon entering. She thought she was sooo tough but I made her cum in doggy, and then by choking her as my dick made her pussy tap out. She was too easy... I got my revenge on BDSM Stacy, winning 2-0 and making her squirt all over my cock. I conquered Lauren by making her pussy squirt before making her watch herself cum in front of a mirror... then I gave her a nice facial. Raven had utterly conquered my cock, beating me four straight times and turning me into her pathetic cum toy... or at least until recently. I've started taking back control. She's now posting pictures of how much she loves to serve my glorious cock. Gabriella thought her maturity made her sexually superior to me... but I showed her how powerful my cock is, and beat her twice. I celebrated by shooting my load all over her tits. Now she and her sister serve my cock.

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send Hentai game: Has won 0 games and lost 0 games
send Interactive: Has played 20 games
send The Wrestling Ring: Has won 22 games and lost 14 games
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send Femdom with Caprice: Has played 0 games
star Has 21 stars
autorenew Is a switch
wc Is hetero
vpn_lock Private games
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (female), Pain, Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Threesome/Audience participation, Hypnosis
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