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Think you can conquer the Latina teacher? Dm me and find out

Bi / Switch

About me

Hi everyone! I’m Shirley, the “slutty teacher”. I’m 5’7” with 36DD boobs. I’m definitely a switch because some days I love wrecking people and others I love being wrecked (seems like this last part is happening more often these days). While I sometimes do RP during a match, oftentimes I prefer just dirty trash talking.

I’m very very competitive and the fight itself turns me on most. So if you’re gonna play with me, I want back and forth. Not a fan of one-sided action or giving up too early. I also settle all wagers BEFORE a match begins. I do NOT do any photo wagers.

I only play Classic and Wrestling, or chat in DMs.

I am a 7-time Lez Wrestling Champ
I am a 2-time Wrestling Champ
I am a 3-time GOTH
I was part of the winning team in the 2021 Winter Tournament
I am the 2022 LWR Tournament Champion
I was the captain of the winning team in the 2022 December Invitational Tournament

Kinks: still really exploring. Doggy, hair pulling and dirty talk for sure. Full Nelson, fingerblasting, and mirrors also get me wet. Plus a bonus kink for any friends who dabble in the mystical arts (dm me for deets). Also learned I love love Spanish dirty talk. All my Spanish-speakers, lmk you’re there. Especially you Latinas!

Limits: hard pain, non-sexual bodily fluids, clamps, whips, wax, body writing, and extreme derogatory terms (skank and any non-human terms e.g. dog, cow, pig, etc)

To all the lovely friends I’ve made, past and present, thank you for everything you do to make my experience here the best it can be.

And to the friends I haven’t met yet…what are you waiting for?! Send me a message and say hi! I’d love to meet you and get to know you (before I beat you of course)

Open space for any profile bets:

Via Games:

After taking on the legend, and former teammate, Romantic, I won from him a coveted and rare white rose, which I keep safely stored in my classroom.

I thought I could handle Steve A, and i was at first when I made him nut easily. He came back quickly and ripped an orgasm from me. I thought I had him with a cowgirl, but he resisted and made me squirt in doggy. Looks like he was too much to handle.

UPDATE: After a second intense battle, my plump Latina ass was just too much for him as he came twice from the same move. We’re now 1-1

After a few days of teasing, I finally challenged Mike to a game to prove him that I can own him and make him submit to me ... Even tho he took an easy orgasm while eating me at the beginning, I easily drained his balls in my pussy, squatting on him until he surrendered. I kept fucking him, trying to take that second load but it wasn't enough and my will started to weaken as he kept working me until he finally made me explode while fucking me in doggy, making me squirt both in game and IRL ...

I challenged LFCJustin to a match, but I could not beat him. As usual, he broke me while ravaging me in doggy with his massive cock. He is truly master of my pussy.

Blank and I had been teasing each other for a long time - he almost always ended up getting the better of me so I thought I would challenge him officially in a match! What a mistake.... he fucked me into submission with his thick dick and Blanked my brain away with two strong orgasms! How will I teach my class now that I can't even think myself??

After teasing each other in DMs a while, I chose Smite to be my first defense for the GOTH title. He got an early orgasm out of me against the wall, but I evened the score with my hands. In the end though, he tied me up with a powerful vibrator and made me cum hard. Post-match, he showed me how a true champ pounds his opponent. The champ finished me off in the classic way: a creampie while in doggy. But I’ll get my revenge soon!

After defeating Akira once, I tried challenging her for the LWR. Failing to do so, we had one more match to see who is superior. Sadly, her fingers got the better of me and I am now a permanent figure in her trophy case.

When I saw Gabe in MM, I knew I had to take him on to see who the superior latino is. I got the upper hand first, using my upper lips to drain a load, but he got me right back with his magical fingers. Ultimately, he got me on all fours and his cock did the rest, making me cum hard and scream in Spanish. He might be papi now, but I’ll get him back

Via RP in DMs:

I’ve had a lovely rapport with MrBigCock via DMs, and each time I’ve been able to make him spurt. But this past time, he lived up to his name and his stamina was just too much. He made me squirt and fulfilled his longtime desire to fill me and breed me.

I met Brat Tamer on DMs and wanted to see if he could live up to his name against me. Turns out he absolutely can. He completely and utterly wrecked all of my holes with his massive cock (ass included). I am his bred Latina slut.

Once I connected with BigSam in DMs I knew it was gonna be a great time. What I didn’t know was how well he would live up to his name. His massive size and cock made me squirt at least 7 times in our only 2 sessions together. This Latina truly could not handle him.

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