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Looking for irl bets

Thanks for clicking on my profile! ;)

I love being dominated but also enjoy dominating when in the mood. I’m not new to this so don’t underestimate me! and feel free to message me for a match, I’m pretty much open to anything!

I like playing with bondage and hypnosis rules and my opponents choices are always hidden to me.

Already had a couple of fun games beating various people in close games and Please don’t throw the game it makes it less fun and uninteresting for me.

Drop me a line if your interested and to give you a idea of my kinks, limits and toys, look below!

Main Kinks include:
Dom/Sub (Mainly sub)

My limits are; (So far)

Toys I own:
Cock ring
Buttplug/prostate massager

Some highlights from past games

I've challenged Saya and was ready to make her my pet, but she turned the tables and made me
cum multiple times for her, and since I've been a bad boy she used me like a toy until she
was satisfied. - I hope next time I can prove her wrong

Detective Lisbeth Rose had taught me something about don't be mean with women and i shouldn’t hypnotise them

Honoka - She is strongest mistress is here on EF and should not be underestimated, I thought I could beat her to begin with but she fucked me till I creampied her, then she fucked my ass, long and hard and forced me to give myself a facial with my own cum.

Frikka - She beat me and after the game she made me edge over and over again until I lost count

Leilah - She beat me in a high stake game where if I won I got to breed her and if I lost I would have seven rules to follow, during the match I was destroyed and had to follow for 15 games, which is now complete.

Kiki - I lost to Kiki in a close match and now I must get as naked before I’m allowed to touch my opponent for the next 20 games 19/20

Shy-Girl - She made me submit without making her orgasm one, in the most humiliating way by tying me up and making me orgasm while bound, because of this she gave me a rule where I must pick an option to lick pussy when possible, to remove this rule I must win 10 games 0/10

Jessi - for the next 7 games of someone goes for my ass the first time I have to skip my next turn 0/7

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Fleshlight, Cockring, Prostate Massager, Collar, Leash, Rope, Shoelace


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