Laetitia (Transgender) (Level 5) mail warning

HIATUS. IRL things to focus on :D Wish me luck on my endeavor!

Hi! The name's Laetitia. "Letty" for short.

I'm looking to RP and do semi-competitive games here. Mostly on Hentai, Classic, and Wrestling.

I'm an alt of Shaia, for a more fantasy setting. She's the 'softie' Switch. I'm the 'spicier' Switch.

Likes and kinks:
1. Fantasy settings and scenarios (urban, high fantasy, etc. whichever is fine)
2. Futa on any combination
3. Getting fucked silly (giving and/or taking)

What I'm looking for:
'Getting to know' as many other girls as I can.

Men? Well, there's a story behind this. But they say a woman should keep some secrets ;-)

Scenarios I like (mostly female/futa)
Feel free to tweak/use it as you wish, and suggest them to me, if you wish to roleplay.

As a creature of Lust, I'm always looking to get to know other girls. The more exotic, the better. My goal is to give them pleasure, in exchange of draining a little bit of their Lust.
I promise there's no lasting permanent damage on your soul.

My race is that of an amazonian futa sexfighter. Any unmarried woman of age can participate in a Mating ritual that is held once every 4 years. 8 of our generation's best enter, but only the one left standing has the right to breed her defeated opponents. You and I are the only two left.
The only way to win is to make the other submit.

When two unbonded creatures of Lust meet each other while in heat, there's only one way for them to calm the heat inside. To breed the other, or to be bred.

We are both Lust Demons, bonded to the same man. He loves us both equally, along with others in his company.
But we are both creatures of Lust. I respect you as a bonded-sister, and as a woman. But for two Lust Demons in this position, we HAVE to find out who is the better woman in bed.

Personal turn offs:
1. Extremely painful things (including CBT)
2. Humiliation, Degrading (if it's too far)
3. Any bondage further than leash and handcuffs
4. Audience use (or strangers)

Hit me up in DM if you're interested. Even better if you have a specific fantasy scenarios in mind, I'd love to trade ideas.

My log of encounters:
I met Cervantes in his travels. He asked me for an interview about the life of a Succubus. In exchange for agreeing, I challenged him to a sexfight, for the privilege to feed on the loser's energy anytime they wish for a month. In the end, I succumbed to pleasure beneath his body, and had my body bear his signature mark, ready to be called anytime he wishes to feed on my energy (and the interview too). One of these days, I'll turn the tables on him!

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