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Anything from RP to quick dirty-talking games — ¡Tambien se habla español!

Hello there! My name is Cervantes (like the author, or the undead pirate from a certain fighting game series) but most call me "Cerv" or "C". Im in my early 30's, 6 ft 1 (1.86 M) and despite my South American birth and heritage have light skin, freckles and red hair, with well-kept facial hair to match.

I’m originally from South America but my travels and studies have taken me north. I want to experience everything I can and as I always say “Any day where you learn something new is a good one”.

I like prolonged foreplay (but I can cut down on it if that is more your jam) and tough bouts of sexual fighting. I also like to roleplay, mostly more fantastical situations. We are rival superheroes/villains, or fencers finding each other for comfort after an emotionally draining competition, or adventurers either working together (or not) etc. But I also enjoy the more grounded situations as well. (One Im quite versed in is the teacher/professor scenario)

I can be dominant or submissive, really depends on my partner. I prefer to play with women.

I enjoy the classic, hentai and wrestling modes. Not too much on JOI or interactive, although recently Ive become much more interested. If youd like to guide a newbie to JOI or taking/giving IRL instructions, feel free to DM!

My hard boundaries are body horror and watersports/scat.

Feel free to shoot me a message, Ive also really enjoyed just all the actual conversations Ive been having on here. Want to move to Discord? Just ask me for my tag.

Tambien hablo español, es mi lengua nativa actualmente entonces si eso es algo que te interesa avisame. Tambien puedo implementarlo en nuestros juegos con los anglohablantes.

Cervantes’ journal entries and notes:

Rika Enamored by her vibrant hair and voluptuous body I challenged Rika. She resisted and ultimately made me hers after which I gave her what she wanted. Mi diosa.

Laetitia Laetitia must’ve heard of my journals as she reached out to me. Following a letter I found myself in an out of the way inn. Soon after I arrived we quickly began a contest between two beings of lust. While Laetitia resisted my early attempts to make her cum while also stumbling upon one of my weaknesses ultimately she gave in to my cock — twice. Afterwards she turned ravenous and took what she wanted from me: my cum. Since I was victorious she now bears my mark for a month to remind her and others of our time together.

On 08/28/2021 I stumbled into a wrestling match with the then-Champion Abi. Thinking this would just be another normal bout, I happily took to the challenge. After a very hard fought match, I did manage to best her. After all was said and done Abi handed me the title with a smile, hand shake and congratulations. Dumbfounded, I accepted it. I did not know this was how it worked, for some reason I thought the protocols were much more formal. So here I am, Champion Wrestler. At least for now.

I caught word of a challenge put forth by Mia to "test [my] sperm and breed her". Obviously interested, I called her challenge. She fought but ultimately succumbed to me, where it ended with me breeding her. I quickly realized she, in fact, loves being used as breeding stock so I met with her again and again until she eventually became my free use pet. Her body is now mine to do whatever I wish, whenever the mood strikes me.

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