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Bi / Sub

Hi ;D

I'm El. 32, from Australia
Shy, but keen to talk.

I mostly play the interactive modes. I love feeling used, teased, and explored - make me touch myself, spank me, dress me up or make me do jumping jacks :P I'm your plaything, it turns me on to have you controlling me, doing the things you want me to do, feeling myself react to your control.

I like to keep things chatty and friendly - communication is important to me, and I try to reciprocate by telling you exactly how your control makes me feel, how my body reacts.

Limits? hard pain (i'm quite sensitive), scat stuff, sending pics.... otherwise I'm happy for you to ask about something and to talk about it, so long as you're okay if I say no - it never hurts to ask ^^

- spit/cum/body-writing
- nipple play
- doing what you want me to do

Not on that frequently lately, but happy to be messaged if you see me online.

I'm kinda bad at RP - happy to try, but usually prefer to get to know you a bit before :)

Mostly sub and mostly gay.

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