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Love RP

Hewo dear~

Im what you call a switch can be dom can be sub can be both at the same time.

I love to rp its not the first site i rp on so not a newbie but i guess i can't say either that im a big pro at it still have flaw nobody is perfect.

[Here is my alt account for when i want to play a girl Zixuwo

Most of the time i play more shy, thats because irl im really shy and i get easly flustered (if you give me a compliment chance are that i will blush)

But i really prefer beeing a sub (still can be a dom even more because i want to win)

Little fact about me : i have glasses, i have short Black hair, big thigh and i have foreskin.
(witch is a big weakness of mine and love to rp with people that like it)

importante match and people to me

San She is the one that made me discover the hentai j.o.i mode and did take care of me

After taking care of her when she finish a wrestling match me and Lil Lewd 😇 Jordan i made her cum three time by making her body and mind melt, we finish the game like it begin her in my arms.

Nina playmate

I had the incredible chance to have a lovely and delightfull time with Ms. Jay taking care of her and her desire was such a incredible game. For her pleasure i use one of my bunny boy skill ;3

Im a fucktoy for ochako uraraka she drain my balls and my will to fight in no effort she his my mommy from now on

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