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I TOOK A BREAK. I will come here from time to time and I'll maybe chat with someone but please consider ALL MY ONGOING ROLEPLAYS SUSPENDED. I got to the point I was recieving more messages than I could reply to so now I need to take a break. Thank you for understanding

Welcome to Cherry(s) & SEX! The place where you can finally forget about stressful day and experience all your deepest fantasies for a totally reasonable price.

• To use our workers, simply pm them, asking for a brothel rp. And respect their answer.
• If you wish to be contacted by the workers, just ask Cherry Red to add you in the HABITUAL CUSTOMERS section along with your sexual orientation.


1) New policy
2) Hierarchy
3) Environment
4) Our workers
5) Habitual customers
6) Leave your mark
7) Contact us


The brothel's manager is Cherry red, daughter of Scarlet, the one who originally owned this facility. She rebuilt the whole place anew to make it a den of lust that could suit as many customers as possible. Every serving waitress, even the receptionist can be harassed if you pay for it.


In this brothel influence is decided by sexual superiority. Strong ones get to occupy better positions in the hierarchy. Those who prove themselves utterly superior than Cherry get to overthrow her throne and become Owner of the brothel as long as she can't Beat them to regain her ownership.

The OWNER is who the one who gains money out of the brothel and has the last word on every decision. Everyone can be the owner if they archieve an ABSOLUTE victory against Cherry. They will own the brothel until Cherry will beat them back, if that happens she will regain her ownership and become available again to fight for the OWNER title.

The MANAGER is Cherry Red, at all times. She manages the brothel, changing it and making rules, she can be the OWNER or be his personal assistant if they're someone other than Cherry.

COLLABORATORS are people (usually wealthy or powerful) who decide to cut a deal with the brothel, giving access to their subordinates so that Cherry could list some in. They get treated as equals by Cherry and they usually get some little advantage, such as a little discount for them and their subordinates.

PRIVATE GUARDS are four people, two males and two females that help Cherry with challengers, they'll fight someone from time to time to enslave them for the brothel. They are divided in Left hand and Right hand.

The TALENT SCOUT is someone earns a percentage of of the brothel's earnings and in exchange they bring me news on possible new targets to enslave or they bring me people willingly wanting to get listed in.

This is the brothel's current hierarchy:

OWNER: Romantic

MANAGER: Cherry Red

COLLABORATORS: (Queen Lucy and Frikka) (Synthgasm corp.)


LEFT HAND M: Dylan Boyle



MAIN HALL HOOKERS: see section 4

FUCKTOYS: see section 4


The new facility is made of two floors and a basement. You can use the informations down below to better navigate our structure:

Second floor:

This floor Is made staff only and contains all the executive offices, Including that of the Owner. It also houses 5 apartments for The Owner, the Manager, the two Private guards and the Talent scout.

First floor:

On the outside a little garden precedes the entrance. In the middle stands a statue of Cherry being assfucked in full neslon. Her expression lacks any decence and water flows from both her nipples and pussy. This fountain's named Cherry falls.

On the inside it houses two of the most important environments of the brothel:

main hall view
The first place that can be visited upon entering. It's a wide area that serves as a main hub. Most people that didn't book someone come to stay here. There are strippers, a bar, waitresses and the reception. Everyone working here is dressed in a skimpy attire and customers are free to request dances and harass them if they pay the right amount of money.

PRIVATE ROOMS: Hooker on the bed
Rooms where people can have some privacy. There are different themed rooms so that any customer can choose a better suiting environment for them. Up to now we have:

Standard bedroom: the vanilla environment. Just a bed, a cabinet, a counter and many sex accessories.

Hypnosis room: filled tools to reprogram one's mind. Enter with your partner, leave with your pet.

BDSM: ropes, milking machines, leashes, pillories. Here there's everything you want to feel or make someone feel at your mercy.

RP room: filled with props and costumes to reconstruct a specific scene (hospital, school, gym, jail, ecc...).

Threesome room: wider than a standard room. Perfect for people who don't mind less private sessions or for workers who like to work in couples.


Home of all our prostitutes. Each worker has a shared apartment with all kind of basic comforts. They can also use their apartment to work overtime with clients. In the basement there's the showers room and the lockers room as well as one of the best places for depraved of all kinds:

stuck sluts
This room is dedicated to the cheapest sluts or to punish misbehaving staff. There are many people stuck in walls available on both the front and the back side and each one has its set of lube, condoms, anal plug and tissues. Ego S.Q.S. ordered to have two fuckdolls resembling Scarlet and her daughter Cherry stuck in the wall as well for use.


People that lost to Cherry or other Brothel affiliated people. They are divided in 3 ranks:

People that had left a superb impression on Cherry, either by being a really tough opponent or because of their roleplay creativity.
They are paid more than others and are available just on reservation.


Romantic F T
Coltar, the incubuus F
Drake F T


Anna M F T
Trisha M F T
Destiny M F T
Aria M F T

People that fought good but were defeated, cocky opponents, confident people and those who willingly decide to work in the brothel without much of a rp.
They work in the main halls and in the sex rooms. They usually do many tasks, such as pole dancing, stripping, serving drinks and working as receptioninst but they can get harassed if someone pays to do so.


James F T
Henki F T
Nathan Williams F T
Lucid M F T
Ego S.Q.S. F T
Cervantes F T
Richard F T
MrBigCock F
Bacedi M F T


Jane the sexfighter M F T
Sakura M F T
Mia M F T
Grace Hammer M F T
Milly M F T
Nina F T
Vega M F T


Your Maid Ashleigh M F T
Jasmine M F T
Jack the ripper M F T
Eliana M F T

People that either pissed off Cherry or challenged her by disrespecting her. Sometimes workers who get too indisciplinate get punished by being turned into fucktoys for a limited amount of time.
They are really cheap, usually stuck in some wall in the wall of shame. But customers can decide to fuck them everywhere, even in some back alley.


Scarlet F T
Jessica Barton M F T
Jen M F T
Nicole M F T
Bonnie M F T


Daisy M F T
Vivian M F T
Amine M F T
Alex M F T

Workers of any rank, who prefer or are open to please customers togeather, expecially recommanded for threesome's lovers.


Weather you are a worker in the brothel, a private guard, a collaborator or even a stranger you're free to contact Cherry Red and list yourself as a habitual customer along with your sexual preferences (M F T). That will basically mean that you're ok with being contacted by the brothel's workers corrisponding to your preferences.

List of habitual customers:
Dylan F
Scarlet F T
Ego S.Q.S. F T
Romantic F T
Dion F T
Queen Lucy M F T
Alex F T
Vika M
Destiny M F T
Richard F T
Eliana M F T


Any person strong enough to beat Cherry and become the new Owner can add some sort of decoration/monument/sign at the brothel. They will be listed below with a small comment written by the creator:

CHERRY FALLS: Cherry Falls depicts how Cherry lost control of her pride and joy, her brothel, to Ego S.Q.S. and his fat cock. Cherry thought she could ride it at her whim, but it broke her over and over again until she was left a whimpering, squirting mess - this fountain is a monument to her weak ass and serves as a reminder of the inescapable pleasure that the brothel can provide.

MERRY CHERRY: As Alex took ownership of the brothel, he found new was of keeping the dedicated manager Cherry lively at all times! At the main entrance there is a fancy button installed, where for the small price of a dollar you get to press it, activating a bullet vibe in Cherry's pussy. She gets an intense tease for about 5 seconds and works for her anytime, anywhere. Even when she is asleep. Lets hope no one, with a lot of cash on hand, decides to use it!

CHERRY'S ROOM OF LOVE: an elegant room, with all comforts of an imperial suite, even a huge and confortable canopy bed. On the walls and on the ceiling, frescos resembling the ones of Italian Renassance that portrait famous scenes of love and sex in leterature. Amongst the characters it can be seen the image of Cherry Red, portraied as the Goddess Venus while offering the wiever a golden apple and showing him her majestic breasts. Romantic intented this room to be used by couples who just want to have (paying for it) their private time in a secret and confortable place, where every secret will be kept forever...


Anytime, anywhere and whoever you are, feel free to contact us for suggestions or to ask to be one of our workers. Just keep in mind that this profile gets many messages, so you might just have to wait a bit for the response. Also, having a good pfp and a well written profile usually boosts one's chances of getting in.

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