Scarlet (Level 9) mail warning

Girls feel free to message me for a game or chat. Promise I won’t bite (unless you’re into that) 😘

"may cause spontaneous orgasm, impure thoughts and horny dizziness"


I'm a lesbian, I have no interest in playing with men whether you use a female character or not.

I'm mostly into RP, so please talk to me. As such, Interactive mode isn't somewhere I'm likely to spend a lot of time.

I'm a sub-leaning switch. Love being teased, so don't hold back. Open for bets, just want you to propose it first. If you have a specific kink or scene you want to play out don't be afraid to ask, anything to spice it up is interesting to me. I'm fairly kinky, but nervous to lay it all out, so please don't ask me to just list everything I'm into. If you bring up something I'm into as a thing you like first, I'll go along with it.

Cuties ♥ don't be afraid to message me... cause I'm afraid to message you. What a sad scene, two shy queer girls sitting in opposite corners afraid to talk to each other, be brave for me.
P.S. Trans girls and NB folks, you are included in this, ya little cuties.

Few things delight me more than teasing my faux tough girl Alya, getting her all worked up or making her laugh. However, one of those sacred few superior delights is getting to enjoy being in the presence of one of the most kind, funny, genuine, loving, talented, dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love her so very much and treasure every minute I get to spend with her beautiful mind, her kind heart, her hilarious wit, and her sexy personality.

I've only just recently met Petitepurple, but I saw in her the little girl begging to be stripped of that facade of strength. Sure enough, once I got my hands on her she recognized who she was meant to belong to and began calling me Mommy. I'm so proud of her for embracing who she truly is and for being such a delight to play with.

Emily challenged me to a classic match, and I took her up on it. I taunted her throughout and managed to bring her to orgasm with my mouth, but I paid for it when she finally got on top and fucked me until all I could do was beg for more of her cock. We met again in the ring after I felt that Emily had been gloating too much from her meager victory. She managed to put up a decent fight but after squirming to orgasm from my talented tongue I decided to show her how to really use a cock and pumped her hungry little asshole with my strap until she made a mess all over herself like the dirty slut she is.

Annie Jo asked me very sweetly for a go in the ring and I happily obliged. She proved to be a mostly sweet and loving girl who made me cum through diligent work from her tongue while I took a more dominant position as we traded many orgasms back and forth. There were glimpses at a more dominant personality as the match went on but they often faded back into the loving girl she was most of the time. However, when I thought I had on the ropes, desperately bouncing on my strap I was arrogant and tried to take her with just my fingers. She responded in kind and with more force pushed me over the edge and revealed a side of her self that had only rarely peeked out. I was forced to writhe under her and buck against her hand as I screamed out her name and that she was my better. Not satisfied with that she smothered me with her ass and pussy, turning me into whining, moaning mess that eventually passed out under her dominant tits. I awoke finding her ass dominating my face again, which I obediently kissed as she again called me the whore I now knew I was.

Diana and I fought to try and fuck each other’s brains out, literally. I thought I was safe after I blew her and she blew her load for me, so I taunted her to fuck me on the floor. I was so sure her blissed out brain would fall for it and cum again, but she immediately made me cum on her fingers. We went back and forth, two ditzy girls losing ourselves in the pleasure. I almost had her when I buried my strapon in her, but I got distracted and when she offered to fuck me back I jumped at the opportunity. I came all over her yummy cock and became her personal dumb doll. Now I’m stuck as a pretty pink bimbo until I can fuck a victory out of her.

After a long game of being a loud mouth and taunting, Catra, I was forced to beg for her to let me cum as she ravaged me like a fuck doll. The whole game I pretended like I was interested in making her into my toy, but I quickly learned my place. After a bit of verbal teasing, I fell under her spell and submit myself to her will. I begged and begged until she mercifully gave me the relief I asked for.

After some heavy teasing and flirting Tamera decided to show me the ropes (literally!) Before I could even recover from that she made good on her promise to smother me as I worshipped her glorious ass. Right in the moment in which I had the privilege to make her cum she bit hard into my inner left thigh, drawing blood and leaving a permanent bruised indentation of her teeth. It's a mark I wear proudly as proof of my Goddess' ownership over me!


I could barely do anything in my first match against Bianca, my mind fixated on her gorgeous cock, her hypnotic words reverberating endlessly through my mind. I failed to make her cum even once as she used my body like a toy and claimed me as her cum dump.

When I tried to free myself from her capture I put up much more of a struggle and mustered up a fighting spirit, but that crumbled away as I again and again became trapped by her expertly tied ropes and commanding words. Ultimately she convinced my mind I had already lost and I believed her, begging her to use me for what I'm beginning to worry might be my true purpose, and I loved every second of being bred by her. I'm becoming accustomed to being trapped by hypnosis and bondage and now have to roll a 6 to escape for the next ten games. 5/10

I taunted Bianca and insisted that I'd beat her this time despite her telling me how wrong I was. I didn't listen and while I did get her to cum in my pussy she showed me who was in charge tying me up and fingering me until I fell to pieces. She stroked herself over my face and made me scream out that I was a cum dump as she coated my face proving her right. She's shown me just how cum hungry I am and now whenever my opponent or I cum I have to skip my turn to clean up the mess with my tongue. 2/10

Lojack made me realize how much I love serving with my mouth after she beat me in the ring. For the next five games I won't be able to stop myself from using my mouth to please my opponent. 4/5

It was hard fought but I couldn't stop from cumming on Crystal's perfect cock, so she made me her toy until I can beat her in a rematch or 5/23/2022

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