Pika (Level 2) mail warning

In search of adventure

I like JOI Modes (Interactive, Hentai JOI (Beta), Femdom with Caprice)

About me

I live in Moscow.
I am ** years old. (20<**<30)
I don't know English very well. But, most of the words and terms (sex terms too) I understand. The construction of my speech may look strange because I am not fluent in English, but I use an interpreter to improve my speech.
I am medium height (182 cm). And a lot of weight (92). I used to do water sports, so most of the weight is concentrated in the back and arm muscles.
I do not like RP, but if you are not embarrassed by the difficulty of communicating with me, then we can try to play with you.
Even though I'm a guy, I have waist-length hair.
I have a positive attitude toward transgender people and futa


If you want to address me by my first name, please use : Pika
While playing with me, you can treat me however you like.
I want to find a mistress who will play with me, if not every day, then every other day
Ready to play with anyone, just text me at DM. If I'm online, I won't say no to you)

Toys & Accessories

Insertable (Handles, Fingers)
Buttplug (Small but long, can be used as a small dildo)
Rubber Bands (I have a lot of different Rubber Bands)
Nipple Clamps (Clips, clothespins, paper clips, clamps with tension control)
Clothespins (Not just for nipples, but for other parts of the body as well)
Belts & cables
Cock Ring
Tape, Rope, String (shoelaces)
Ball Press

Kink & Fetishes

Headplay (Stimulation focused around the head of my dick)
Anal (I'm just beginning to learn. Either coach me or use me as a punishment)
Oral (Sucking & Deepthroating)
Nipples (Pulling/twisting nipples, usage of clamps)
Frenulum (The sensitive part under the head of my penis)
Taint (The area between my cock and anus)
Forced Orgasms
Breath Play
CBT (Cock & Ball Torture (Slaps, flicks, etc)
PCEI (Precum Eating Instructions)
Rhythm Punishment
Edge Punishment
Edge Challenge
Harsh Punishment
Sadistic Mistress
Meciless Mistress
Ruthless Mistress
Strict Mistress
Kinky Mistress
Post Session tasks
Post-Orgasm Torture
Ruin Orgasm
Cum Eating
Session Extension after cum
Butt Worship
Breast Worship
Crotch Worship
Belly Worship
Thigh Worship
Feet Worship
Cock & Ball (only for Futa)
Pet Play
Degradation (do humiliating things)


Edge in 1 session: 48
Edge ride: 1 min.
Ruin in 1 session: 1
Denied: 2 days.
Post-orgasm: 0 sec.
Session duration: 2 hours.


Pee play

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shopping_cart Toys: Anal plug, Nipple clamps, Fleshlight, Cockring, Shackles, Rubber band, Shoelace, Ball Crusher, Paddle


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