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feeling different.

(If anyone wants to give me tips on a better way to format this I am all ears. <3)
Hi my name is Ashlynn, I am a hermaphrodite who stands at a nice 6'1" or 1.85 meters for anyone who uses metric. I have tanned skin, my build is fairly slim, and my muscles are defined but only slightly, never thought a six pack looked good on me. If you are curious "It" is 11 inches in length, and 6 around ;3. I am really only interested in women and trans women, not much for the masculine appearance I am afraid. I am a switch but I prefer to be a Sub, but I like to Dom it just depends on the person. My hard limits posted below, I am pretty much open to anything, soft limits are being explored a bit so will find them as I play I guess. RP is my favorite thing to do, so huge way to get my interest X3. I am not super competitive, but am willing to try my best to win if someone wants an actual game. If not then I really prefer just role playing through scenarios. Other than that I am gunna update as I think of things to add.

My hard limits are; IRL, Scat, Body horror/Gore, Snuff, and generally stuff in that extreme.

None right now.

More about me

I spend most of my free time in my manor studying the Arcane. I have spent many years at this doing my best to keep up to date on magical discovery and make expeditions and experience to make a few discoveries myself. I do not spend all my time in that way though, it does get rather lonely so I make trips and such about the city. I even made a place with a friend just to have a bit of fun, I am an Owner of the Pussy Paradise Club. It is rather new and still being worked on, but it is mostly just a place to relax when the mood hits me. Still I get rather alone no matter what, I am hoping I can make more friends and rid myself of the feeling for most days.

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