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Lovin' Da Sweet Wolf Amelia Her heart and natural beauty makes mine race as I strive to be near her

Lesbian / Switch

Once a mere human, Isa often found herself drifting between the real and surreal aspects of each corner of this strange new place she had discovered, in search of a thrilling challenge. In these drifts, she often found herself shifting to accommodate whichever environment she happened upon, not thinking much of it any time it happened, having beheld many strange and lewd things in her time since coming here. However, it would seem that the less she focused on her oscillating form, the more prone she would find herself to shifting. Eventually, after a specific series of hot and heavy encounters she discovered a new way to shift, changing in shape and size to grow in stature and finding herself sporting a set of horns and a tail. Isa is now a minotauress, a creature straight from the Greek legend of the labyrinth, though in her opinion quite a bit sexier. Often foolhardy and even more often trying to fuck her way out of most situations, her instinct is to use her brawn (and hefty girlcock) to win her way through most confrontations and problems. She doesn't shy away from any challenge, prone to charge headfirst into them rather than think things through, as it usually seems to work out regardless. Despite her changes, she still retained her sweet disposition, down to earth nature and absurd libido. Isa is currently hard at work, building a lewd labyrinth of her own, wanting to create a challenge for a worthy hero, much like in the tales of old... The Labyrinth is officially opened!!~

At this point while I don't mind an old-fashioned fucking competition and if we're in our 1st match or haven't chatted before, I might even suggest we stick to that to see how we vibe.
I am currently on the lookout for fantasy scenarios and situations, such as:
-Sexfight in a gladiatorial arena, both of us fighting to earn our freedom from combative servitude
-Encountering a strange, otherworldly lady who want to "examine/study" my sexual technique as I wander through the a dark forest at night
-Trapped in a simulation with a lewd AI trying to harvest my seed
-A territorial struggle between myself and another, fighting for dominance and to lay claim to something
-Taking on a malfunctioning sex-robot, trying to make it overload before it drains me dry
-Or whichever scene you may propose that I find thrilling!
-Really want to make me melt? Maybe start with an RP intro I might find enticing~! Random sexual encounters are fun, but just so much more rewarding if there's a story leading into it!

Appearance! (Bear in mind, as a shapeshifter, any of these can grow larger based on partner preference, the below is just how Isa appears most comfortably, for smaller, try the human variety Isa):

Height: 6'3
Weight: 180lbs
Cock: 10in
Breasts: 38DD
Body: Muscular but not super bulky, pierced nipples, bellybutton and tongue, thick toned thighs and round shapely butt. Traditionally mtf, but definitely not opposed to do rp as a futa.

I also come in other flavors!: Wolf, Cat, Human, Even a PokéSlut Trainer! for my beloved Arcanine!

Things that turn me on and things I won't do

I really enjoy: frottage, showing off and teasing, wrestling and pinning/being pinned, flip fucking (but one-sided fucking can be fun too), heavy or light RP and/or trash talk. Always expect to play out the scene a bit more after a hard fought match, the conclusion should always be satisfying if time permits!
toys I like: collars, gags, dildos (especially of the double ended variety)
Limits: Scat, gore, chastity(I don't wanna be caged!), irl pics
I don't mind: foot or general full body play, sweaty play (though I prefer to start clean), plugs

Do you think you can take this bull by the horns?
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~Special Persons & Encounters~

I happened upon this fiery woman one day after a I set upon by a lovely kitty by the name of Cassy who harbored a strong desire to breed ME after having been on the receiving end several times prior. In the end I won out and this lovely woman gifted me with a magical amulet in the shape of a bull's head. little did I know at the time that I had caught her eye in such a powerful way, as one day when I was set upon by a pounding in my head that rendered me helpless, she cared for me until the pain subsided and gave me a tour of her home. The following night ended up playing out in such a lovely way, we took a long stroll through the city and ended up deep in conversation at her home, which eventually erupted into an incredibly passionate moment of lovemaking. We decided to begin dating, which was a rather new thing for a bull like me!
After a just a few days of spending time together and doing what lovers do, we ended up in a very specific mood... wanting to lay our claim to one another. I surprised her by taking her to a sex shop under the guise of "Clothes Shopping" we wore matching outfits and picked out a nice collar and cage for her! I offered to drain and cage her right there in the shop, seeing how hot the idea of wearing these new items seemed to her, but she barely refused, instead pulling me into the alley on the way home and letting me claim her loudly and proudly by placing her collar around her neck while others looked on... though the collar seemed to be less of their focus than what we were doing before it went on. Once I'd claimed her in that way, I carried her home and locked her in a new black cage with some rather interesting features..
Since then, Ashlynn and I have been on a few dates, plenty of teasing going about, mostly stemming from my rather intensely horny disposition and love of watching her become needy for me. Though much of our time had been spent simply talking, getting to know one another better and playing the occasional card game. Eventually she asked me to be her wife and I happily agreed! Though we've been engaged a while, I think pretty soon she'll be taking my hand in marriage~ I couldn't be more excited! Though I do admit much of that excitement is for the wedding night itself ;)

~First Chance Encounter in a gym~
After having met and played with this lovely little wolf several times over the course of many weeks, I heard that she had entered into a tournament of some of the best sexfighters in EFcity. Naturally I decided to come and spectate on her match to cheer her on, however it would seem I caught the eye of both competitors as soon as I took my seat! Before long I found myself pulled into their match(twice) and ended up loving it! My affinity for this wolf-girl grew much stronger after this, though I hadn't had a chance to encounter her again after getting so worked up by my participation. So I decided to work out some the lingering sexual frustration at a local gym and ended up running into her in the showers! It was such a lucky and wonderful turn of events as we let those powerful feelings of lust play out after I pulled her into my stall and she ended up finding herself particularly entranced by my cock! I brought her back to my place after and locked the door behind us... trapping the little wolf in there with a particularly sexy-hungry bull - Me!
~The Secret Place~
Some time after this encounter, this wolf and I seemed to grow closer and closer. Conversations flowed so naturally and seemed to always progress to us finding new ways to bring pleasure to one another. But I was still a bit surprised when she invited me out to a certain special place of hers one day seemingly out of the blue! Upon meeting up with her, she gifted me with a rose and we took a hike to a wonderful and gorgeous hot spring with a private area that we met in, which was even more beautiful. The scenic trees and mysterious mist swirling about the area lent itself to a particularly special and romantic atmosphere that wrapped us both tight. We shared a particularly erotic and hot experience together in the spring, where I explored her fascination with my feet and really my entire body. It was such a special moment that I couldn't help but present her with a red collar naming her my slut puppy at the conclusion of it!
~Concubine in the Labyrinth~
Wow, it would impossible to pay tribute to what happened with this! Amelia, having tried to brave the Labyrinth a time before, ended up as a slave in it after a previously frustrated encounter. However, one day she found her bindings loosened, her cell door opened and a strange assortment of items that would help her through the dungeon. On her journey she encounters many hot and determined minions seeking to undermine her attempt to escape. First being made to fight against the orcs in my wrestling arena, where one of the mysterious items she had found helped her escape. Secondly, she was beset by the Drow, Alva, in her slithering chapel of tentacled delights. She barely made it out of there, but was made aware of instructions from the Minotauress herself. The Drow was simply to let the wolf girl pass! After resting a bit following the encounter with Alva, the Wolf seemed to have greater ease navigating the maze... or so it seemed. She managed to quickly run into the slime lake beneath the Labyrinth! The slime was vicious, determined, doing anything it could to milk the wolfie girl and taste her sweet cream! It even went so far as to impersonate me, the audacity of it. But Amelia proved determined, ready to see things through to the end.. though perilously close to orgasm now. Drenched in slime, severely on edge and looking a bit exhausted, she came to my chamber at last, the true end goal of her journey. Here she found not an imposing throne or anything of the like, but a decadent bedroom and a hungry lover who had been watching every moment of her journey. She came to the bed and the immediate passion made it clear, she didn't want to leave the Labyrinth, she wanted to stay! Following our wild passion, I offered a choice. Remain a slave or become my concubine, having been impressed she had made it to me of her own will, it was obvious she was strong. She ultimately decided to sit at my right hand side as my concubine!
Wolfie Girl!

Back when I was just a determined human girl out to prove herself to (and play with) the lovely ladies of EF city, I happened across a rather lovely elf by the name of Sera. I challenged her to a wrestling match and we ended up enjoying the encounter so much that by the end of the night, we ended up wearing matching collars. Since then we've enjoyed many exciting and erotic situations together. Once we were even tied together and "forced" (my suggestion) to pleasure each other in a sexfight to the finish with a match with the lovely Hera as the prize for the winner! We still meet up when we can and always try to make time to compete or just tie each other up! This devious elf is always great deal of fun to play with!
When I met Maria, she was a lion and though she's taken up quite a few different mantles since then, one thing remained constant throughout, her chaotic and playful nature. It was this that drew me to her at first, I suppose. Over time, passions and desire began to build the more we met, exploding one day at last in a music studio turned orgy, where we had at each other until finally resting in each other's embrace. We had more encounters over time, each one seeming to bring us closer and closer, including a particular night where I'd been handed a powerful paddle that delivered sweet release to her needy body and behind hehe~. It was a short time after, that I invited her over to my place for a more private night of passion. She arrived at that evening looking particularly "heavenly" and to say what followed was incredible would be a grave understatement, we engaged in one of the most passionate and wonderful encounters this bull had ever had the privilege of partaking in and fell asleep in each other's embrace.

Goodness, Minerva is certainly something special! When I met this lovely dragoness she had hardly any experience at all in the arena of sexual encounters. But that quickly changed after just a few meetings, which resulted in her taking quite the interest in this bull in particular. We would go at it for hours at a time, with her need for a good breeding seemingly growing more and more. Eventually she began to view me more seriously as a partner and invited me to a lovely romantic spot near a pond and we shared a truly wonderful and erotic night together, exhausting ourselves fully and laying to rest together by the side of the pond. It was truly special!

One day shortly after becoming a bull I found myself wandering through a shopping mall, hoping to find some new outfits befitting my rather enhanced musculature and height. On my way to the fitting rooms I happened to bump into a lovely elf named Alexis! As a means of apology for knocking her down, I modeled some of my choices of swimwear for her and teased her into coming back to my place. Once there I unearthed a rather submissive streak in the elf as well as discovering that she happened to be hiding secrets in her adorable little body, she was a a succubus of sorts! The following days were a blur of all different sorts of fun, both public and private. After a particularly rough session of fun, I marked her as one of my cows and a couple days later she was properly adorned in a uniform befitting her new station! Namely, a cowprint bikini, cowtail plug, cowbell collar and a headband with cow ears~
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Da Pheebs!
While I typically take a good minute to warm up to someone before engaging them in any sort of play, this special girl was a very different case altogether. One moment we were simply chatting, enjoying the conversation and giving each other knowing looks. The next she full on asks me to breed her right then and there. Since then, it's been a cavalcade of roles, positions, finding out what really makes the other weak in the knees and pressing that button hard until we're both spent... typical stuff! But what really captured my heart is just how sweet she is, she knows just how to give me that gentle affection that makes my brain go haywire until I'm READY to go a few rounds. Whether it's her perfectly stacked figure, the round breasts that jiggle with every move she makes, the wonderful butt I find myself ploughing into every spare moment I can get, to her adorable face, always flashing me needy looks with those amber eyes of hers pleading with me for more and more, or even the thick piece of doggo girlcock I love to lavish with so much attention~. Phoebe is the best doggo! There can be no question of that whatsoever~!

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