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Only time for shorter games these days.

Words are wind but wind can fan a fire, let's see what we can do to light your desire
I know why you are here, more or less the same reason we all are ;)

To put it simply and trying not to sound sinister, I want to control your mind.
You are someplace in the world with an electronic device. I am just some person on the other side communicating with you.
My thoughts and words are being brought to you. They excite your mind as you imagine them. Sure there is a pretense of a game which provides some visual stimulation and a competitive aspect but really that's a lot of fluff. If we wanted to watch porn or play games there are countless sources to be had and people could just pleasure themselves so why do people want to communicate? It's because there is nothing better than turning someone on or having someone turn you on. I don't know if you've noticed it but when someone else turns you on the body reacts differently than if you just stimulate your own body. Now that translates to online experiences too. I can't actually touch you physically but given the right circumstances I can make your mind light up like a Christmas tree. I'll stop there since I don't want to venture too far down the rabbit hole into philosophy and existentialism after all you are probably only reading this to see if our likes align enough to indulge each other.

I've done a few bets here and there and they can be fun but I draw the line at anything that would compromise my privacy.

So, let's have some fun and give me a shout ^^

----- Battles of note -----

Haven't had any new fun battles lately


Had my first IRL erofight earlier this year (completely in person). It consisted of taking turns pleasing each other on a timer that would increase each time to see who would cum first. It was a really fun experience and I hope to expand the game further. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has tried this and how you work your games. I've a rematch planned in the next couple weeks which should be fun. Definitely want to bet this time around but I think she wants some sort of handicap since she doesn't have confidence after the last loss. Tonight's the night I wonder if I should throw the match to give my partner the confidence to make a bigger bet next time.

Update: I pulled my punches a bit in the second match and lost. I think it was a much closer match with the handicap (my timer started higher than hers). The punishment wasn't too bad but hopefully this means she will be willing to bet even more next round. While the basic game is fun I want to make sure to keep it interesting so we can come back to it again and again. It's a fine line to walk to not make it too complicated.

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