Succubus (Transgender) (Level 4) mail warning

Bi / Dom

Full disclosure ahead
(I’m a guy role playing as a succubus)
If you want to leave that’s understandable but plz msg me so I can change my bio a bit.
Hello all you needy boys and girls, I’m here to give you the joi of your life. You might regret it after all I do to you though.

Here's what joining the church entails:
you may be a dom or sub or both
You get a moniker (nickname) that others may call you
Ex. “Goddess” succubus or another vet will give you one or maybe I’ll even let you choose

BE AWARE: I will conform my domination to you, none of this is set in stone, more of a rough guideline.

Your body is a Temple, prove it using some body marking device (pen, tape, wax, pinwheel) draw across between your nips at the start and end by drawing the next line from your chin to your private area if you’re a man draw over that dick (unless you’re using wax, that’s for later) from base to the tip to the other base and continue to your anal cavity, you’ve made your temple

In order to pray, which you’ll do daily, bring yourself to an edge using any part of the temples (nips, privates, ass and mouth)
Have fun we’re here to fuck everyone silly
I hope anyone who needs it can join my church of succubus

Honorary Roles
- foot something (weird guy who doesn’t want to leave the new world, he speaks weird tongues)
- Princess Luna (my one personal sub)
- /names scratched out/ (Unintelligible)
- lllusion (the holy creator)
- Archi J (my advisor and writer extraordinaire)
- Chris (lurker)

If you wish to join message me and I will play with you to see if you are Worthy of either role.

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