Nevercum (Level 2) mail warning

...I am the best edger in town ;-)

German Submissive

"Nevercum"? - an aim that probably is not realistic, but I love the thought that it would be. Maybe it is...but not without help ;-)

Even if my only appearence here at this site can be at the femdom game (as I am just too submissive)... if you want to try how far you can push a sub...then I might be the right one. While I am a loser (I would love you to call me that) in bed, I am a fully respected person in 'normal' life.

If you pick me can be sure that I am always polite - I will not demand anything and you can be sure that I will not annoy you afterwards - you will only hear from me when you ask me to.

I am into many fetishes (as long as they end in denial), but I have to say that anal play is a turn off for me and I am not really in feminization.

I love to edge, I love to tell embarrassing things in public games (part of SPH and missing stamina), I love the idea of cuckolding, I love humiliation and so many other things.

I have no problem to turn my games to "public" when I know who is my Mistress.

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