Eve (Transgender) (Level 5) mail warning

eheh... im really done for huh

Bi / Switch

Nice to meet you~


please don't ask haha

why don't you introduce yourself?

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Noah's keeps trying to make me submit to her. Mmm she's so mean.

ahhhh a bit about me... i've been told its good to add some stuff here...
i really like gaming, i'd say its kinda an addiction, i luv gacha games like genshin and arknights and rpgs also fps and stuff too but all kinds of games are welcome. Ooooo recently I've been playing a lot of valroant an overwatch. Otherthan that i'd say i enjoy joi's (another game technically) so if anyone thinks they can beat me i'd luv the challenge. that's all i can think of at the moment but i'll add more soon as it comes to mind ^~^

Like watcha see~?

Actually there is a game i want to play with you... mm could be play it?!

Recently Zackary wanted to challenge me to a game. I agreed under the rules that we play an endurance game till one of us came. He chose such a hot video I ended up bursting after a few minutes but he came right after me. We're both gonna try to last longer next time, but I suppose I lost.

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