Zachary Demon Hunting Adventurer (Level 6) mail warning

So many cuties so little time~

Disclaimer:(^^ Hi Zach here if your character is demon related my character will tend to be more negative or teasing towards you don't take it personal as it's just an act however if you wish for me to stop simply say so and I shall)


Zach is a mostly upbeat adventurer who enjoys making friends and testing his strength against other opponents(Switch) he may not be the strongest or smartest but if there's one thing he doesn't lack is determination. Mostly positive though against demons he'll be more rude and less respectful. He may constantly lose but will try his best to achieve victory...however recently something seems different about haircut maybe? Now enjoy some pictures of me and what I'm usually up to "totally" didn't get this idea from a certain someone's profile

Zachray's Harem Point System

Everyday for this month all my cuties will be able to earn points in various ways and by the end of the month the winner will be on my profile as the best cutie until the next competition as well as getting any one wish from their master that their naughty minds desire~

You can earn points by completing the daily tasks I send you, playing matches with me, not cumming for a period of time, following my 4 rules to a tea and many more~

Some Rules To Know

1.We can only play one match a day or at least only the first will count to your points
2. After getting points for playing a match you won't get more until waiting one day and then the next day you can play to get more points~
3.You can only get points from completing your daily tasks once that day but feel free to accept more~
4.The faster you complete your tasks the more points you'll receive and if you fail to do certain tasks you'll lose points instead~
5.For every hour we play in a match I'll add an additional 10 points to you~
6. You can choose to not orgasm for a certain period of time and Ill add points each day you resist if you fail you'll gain 0 points but if you succeed you'll win a lot of points~

Point Earning

Game With Me ~ 20 pts
Completed Task ~ 10 pts
Obeying My Rules ~ 5 pts
Resisting Orgasm Daily ~ 10 pts
Secret Points ~ ???

Point Board For Pets

Zachary’s Best CumDump ~ 50 pts
Zachary’s Reprogrammed Slut ~ 20 pts
Zachary’s Little Pet ~ 30 pts
Zachary’s Multiuse Nympho ~ 20 pts
Zachary’s Personal CockSleeve ~ 20 pts

Zachary’s Harem

Here’s where all my favorite obedient sluts and pets reside~

Zachary’s Best CumDump
Zach’s CumDump

My lovely obedient cutie…not long before Christmas I found her all wrapped up ready to be used so we fucked for hours and hours as I filled and covered her with my cum…but she just kept begging for more so I collared her and now she’s my personal CumDump~

Zachary’s Reprogrammed Slut
Zach’s Slut

This cutie wanted to see if I could tame her ass and collar her and tame I did~ She did need a bit of training and reprogramming but after that she became a sexy obedient slut that pleases me without question…mmm just perfect~

Zachary’s Little Pet
Zach’s Doggy

This was my brattiest pet yet she kept insisting to remove her collar after I beat her…but with each rematch she become more and more submissive until she barked and came for my cock…I think deep down this is what she wanted~

Zachary’s Multiuse Nympho
Zach’s Nympho

This was my toughest cutie to get yet~she seemed very interested in my harem so we made a bet~ If I could convince her she’d be my new pet and convince I did…as we fucked for hours it quickly went from a competition to just pleasurably sex in which she quickly submitted but not before making me cum in many ways with her fat ass..~ tight pussy~ and her soft feet mmmm~ This cutie seems very skilled I can’t wait to play with her more!

Zachary’s Personal CockSleeve
Zach’s Cocksleeve

I was horny one night and ran into another cutie~ We both needed release and needed to sleep soon so we decided on a quickie for some fun…but I enjoyed her so much our quickie became a full fledged steamy session. Our juices went everywhere as I made her cum on my cock and she was filled to the brim with my cum. She wasn’t sure at first about joining but I knew she’d cum around I can’t wait to fill her up again~

"Hey don't mind me just getting some training in!"
Zach Training

"Got into a rough fight...maybe I should upgrade my armor?"
Zach Aftermath

"'re getting really close."
Zach Flustered

"Dumb knights always looking down on me...I'm a fighter too ya know!"
Dumb Knights

"Huh? What do you mean eating before everyone else is impolite?"
Zach Eating

"What do you mean a smaller adventurer like me can't save anyone...hmph! Just sit back and watch I'm stronger than I look."
Zach Dream

Against Demons

If I best you and you are a demon or demon related you'll be added to my "Defeated Demons" section.
Usually that is all that would happen but if you were unfortunate enough to lose to me during my "Devilish Grin" state then you'll also receive a flaming Z symbol somewhere on your body (If you want a specific spot just tell me and I'll put it there otherwise I'll put it somewhere myself)
Flaming Z

Defeated Major Demons

haha! ^^ Finally my first victory against a major demon my name will spread far and wide as the one and only demon Hunter!

Current Gear And Abilities:

After gaining his new found strength Zach had become stronger and gained the ability to wield flame magic to a degree as well as a bit of teleportation magic though the flames aren’t as strong when he isn’t in his devilish grin state.

Armor Pieces
Beaming Red Blade
Ropes,chains and handcuffs (some girl traveller said this would help against female opponents)
Dildo (Don’t even ask)

Super Secret Weakness

I’m into most kinks almost everything but I particularly love
Feet,thighs,breasts, and tender caresses of love while calling me a good boy (>.< makes my knees weak)
If you got to the end congratulations you now have a better chance of beating me...>.> but don't expect me to give up!

thank you for reading my profile!

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shopping_cart Toys: Anal plug, Dildo, Vibrator, Fleshlight, Cockring, Collar, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Shoelace, Ball Crusher, Crop, Paddle, Wax, Full-length mirror


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