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Hello there! Thanks for looking at my profile and already great job for looking further down than just my profile picture (which is sadly not me)

Before you go on though, I would like to take a few sentences to thank the creator of this site and therefore this community. lllusion is doing a really great job creating and maintaining all of this. I cannot imagine how much work all this actually is. So thank you very much!
Please consider supporting him, his work and this site with its community. A small donation on patreon can really help. Thinking of the amount of quality time I spend here, this small donation is the bare minimum I could give. Please also consider it. Please also know, nobody asked me to do this, and that I don´t get any money from the donations. It all goes to lllusion and this beautiful site.

Now to me:

What am I looking for here? It is honestly pretty simple, I am a dom. I love to tease submissives. I love it when you submit your body, your pleasure, yourself to me. When you give up control over yourself and gently hand it over to me, I will be happy. I will tease you, I will humiliate you, I will make you do things to yourself. I will make you edge. You will give me control over your orgasm

Can you handle that? Think about it, be honest to yourself. Not everyone is submissive and that is totally ok. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. If we find find out that we don't match, even already in a session, it is fine. Tell me before you do something you'll regret.

But if you do want to submit to me, I'm sure we can have a lot of fun together!

Although, I have to say: I´m a human being not only a dom. I´m not into very crazy stuff, and of course I respect you as a human being as well. BDSM is fun, as long as it is fun for both (or more wink). In a scene I will always try to keep everything safe, but as always, 4 eyes looking out are better than just 2. So please also never do something you don´t want to in a game with me. You can always tell me. We should discuss the details about that before the session.

But how can you find me?

Well, due to the lack of dominant women here, I usually find you in the matchmaking queue. But if you want to tell me something about yourself, feel free to message me either here or on the Erofights Discord-server. Please understand though, that I might not respond to every message I receive. Also, despite you and me are here on this sex-server, I don´t like too sexual first messages, in your message please don´t call me Miss or Mistress right away. We will get to that in the session, don´t worry ;). However, if your message sparks my interest, I will probably respond and will memorize you for a time I see you wating in the queue.

So, see you soon!

(Also I'm not a native english speaker, so if something I write doesn't make any sense just tell me)

Oh, you´re still reading on??

If you enjoy reading this much, I have a little suggestion for you! You might already know, there exists the erofights-blog with many many great articles on it. It´s all about this great community, some lewd erotica, but also some really helpful guides! This guide of the great Lucifer and his other guides on etiquette in online BDSM-sessions and aftercare helped me a lot to improve my skills. I can highly recommend reading them!

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