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Not sure what to write looking for games any really

Hey there I’m Jet. I’m might seem new but I’ve been here for a while. I’m always up for a good game just send me a message, I also like to make different bets at times.

If I ever tell you to stop in a game it usually means to keep going.


Fighting with Kanna made me remember of how much I love to lose. She teached me with her breasts, milked me until I realized the pleasure of losing.
On our second fight, Kanna gave me what I deserved. The pit full of tentacles, fucking my whole body to show me how slutty I am. I love the feeling of it. Not only losing, but I get what I want and that's it being toy for these lovely tentacles

I challenged Torrie Wilson, thinking my cock would be too much for her to handle, but soon realized that her pussy was too much to handle as she rode my cock and made it cum twice.

I have challenged Honoka to a match and got a bet. If I win I get to use her body for a match and if she wins it was the other way around. I kept my cock save from her mouth and body, but the moment she got free I came hard for her. After the match I got milked and covered with my own cum, but she licked me clean. I cant escape her perfect body and I'm now her pleasure toy

Krysten locked my dick, now I can't use dick actions till I a roll an 8 (5/5 games)

After a Humiliating loss against Phoenix, I now have to cum on certain cum tests Those are a secret though. (5/5 games)

After a robot came after me and fucked me with her own kind, she sealed my magic, now I can't summon anything till I win a few games. (5/5 wins)

After a loss against Evan, I thought my cock would be free, but she just locked it back up now I can't use dick actions till I roll a 6. (4/6 Wins)

I must use any action that involves you fucking or sucking a dildo/strap-on when it is available (5/5 wins)

Phoenix Fucked my ass into submission and now, I can't resist on certain actions (5/5 games)

After another lose, this time against Ellika, she stated that, "How about on every cum test, you need to edge, if you win, you can cum, if you lose, you have to wait 1 hr to cum. Until you get 5 wins." (1/6 wins) she then preceded to tie me like this for a while.

After a loss with Rey, I have to "every time you lose a game all your incomplete rules get added an extra game to them for a max of 10 times added" (0/4 games)
I must strip as fast as possible (0/5 games)

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