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I identify as switch but prefer to sub on EF mainly. WAIT! Now before you run off to the next page hear me out.

I am not looking for mind blowing and 300+edging torture sessions. I am also not a desperate simp type sub. I am usually in control in my personal life and am new to enjoying letting go sexually. I enjoy a more(am i using these words right?) gentle dom or fun oriented experience or just an adult woman who enjoys playing games with men sexually. I find indescribable and deep mental satisfaction from letting someone else control how I please myself. That said it does nothing for me if the woman I am with is not enjoying herself.

I find people often expect when they see someone say sub on here that they need some long or complicated session. Im totally down for people who have no dom experience and just wanna tease and hang, super casual. As well as those looking to break someone. I value all time and attention regardless.

As such I favor interactive modes such as interactive, hentai, femdom. I am open to any game mode as long as the interested party understands what role id prefer and is ok with no roleplaying. Sorry ladies but I just cant be creative when horny it takes me out of the mental space to enjoy the moment.

Many of you reading this will be uninterested and move on. I TOTALLY respect that. But if you read this and think, " i enjoy teaseing boys" and dont mind doing that with someone whos not very kinky and wants the focus to be on instructon, stroking, edging, wordplay and other lighter kink elements. Then please hit me up, its very hard to get seen in the sea of men on here. Im just a normal 30 year old guy trying to de stress, have some fun and find some ladies to play with

Either way and with full sincerity, thank you for reading this far, Im not the best at expressing myself I have redone this profile probably 100 times since EF started. Being on this site has slowly helped me to learn to accept myself sexually more. SO thank you.

Likes: edging, feet, instruction, light spanking. chance games, teasing, mutual masturbation sometimes.

Dislikes: too much pain(i think), cum eating, bodily fluids, public

Neutral: bondage(tried a little), denial, humiliation

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