Hera (Transgender) (Stufe 9) mail warning

(Both real and drawn references available)

Bi / Switch

Note: Depending on people's preferences, I can switch my pfp between realistic 1, realistic 2 and painted looks, just ask me. Love them both equally~


If you write me asking for a game, do write if you want it now or some time in the future. Discussing it for a bunch of time only to be told "Oh I can't do it now" is a bit like a kick in the balls...

Bimbo Whore Kandy turned me into Fucked Out Hera for a bit (5/5 games)

Missed Gabriela a bit too much. Ended up being a good girl for her for a while (23-10-13 - 20)

Can do both quicker games, focusing on just dirty talk, as well as light or heavier RP, having a particular scenario in mind.
Probably the biggest feature of mine is the flexibility that I have learned through my experiences on other websites and games. I've been a prison bitch, fighting it out in a cage. I've been a noble mistress, gentle yet strict to my servants. Or a lover, spending a night first in a bar, then back home, letting us both fall into mutual bliss. Nor have I ever shyed from sluttier and subbier roles, like being a prize for a winner of a competition, or an experiment to some evil scientist. Whatever the role, I will live into it, and I will find the enjoyment in it - there's a vivid imagination hidden here~
But by default, especially if we're in a quicker, undefined game, I guess I'm dom-leaning girl - I do more often than not enjoy both the moment of control, as well as the knowing that my actions are pleasing not just myself, but another person too.
Most notable kinks (all both give or take): Fight for dominance; show of superiority/other humiliation without making other look as 'worthless/useless'; doggy style/prone bone/mounting/other 'from behind' poses; spanking/pinching/other light, teasing pain; dumping cum; genital worship.
But I have so many other kinks too, that it would take a while to list out and would make people get lost.
Mostly prefer Classic and Hentai, but can do LWR too.

A few RP Ideas if you have none (can be a mix of several, or altered/completely different from suggestions given, or even a different location/scenario altogether - I love improvising):
Modern, fantasy, futuristic - all that and more~
Gym (lewd workout partner, bully fight in lockers, sneak up in showers)
Sauna/Onsen (date night, accidental walk-in)
Superhero play ("Battering Ram"/"Dr. Thick" depending if hero or villain flavor)
Massage Salon (offer for a 'happy ending', gropey masseuse)
Bar (scuffle in the private lounge/alleyway)
University (all sorts of shenanigans in a sorority, catfight in the lecture hall, lewd detention (had situations both where teacher tried seducing her student, as well as tried wrestling her down, having the perfect one to one opportunity)
Dating app/meetup in a love hotel (whether for mutual fun or to outdo the other)
Or maybe I robbed you of all your clothes during your stay in a hotel, slamming the door hard to wake you up in middle of night and make you chase after me naked, reaching a door in the far end of corridor with your bra wedged in half, finding more and more of your clothes trailing towards my bed, where I'm waiting just as ready, jerking my hardon~
Colosseum/arena (breeding fight, fight for freedom, showmatch presenting me as exotic amazon)
Fight in a cave/dungeon, one of us acting like a 'lust demon' type of deal
Summoning a succubus (or rather, a concubus, in this case~)
Bit of a nerd for video games, having played a good ton of them over my life. If you want us to be in specific setting, or to play as two specific characters from given setting, shoot (although at least my character will always be sporting a girlcock).
Note: If necessary/want to, can also sport a tight sweet cherry pussy hidden just under my balls, being full futa - but the default is a traditional M2F lady

Rules to spice up games (tell me in advance which do you want - none will be activated if you don't say anything):
Hypno: 5+ to resist, three turn limit. Skip turn if failed (if told, there's alternative to have it be control instead)
Bondage in Classic: 5+ to resist, three turn limit. Skip turn if failed
Bondage in Hentai: Skip unless you: roll 3+ - unlocks top and bottom actions; roll 5+ - unlocks "Struggle" (middle action) but the rigger is not forced to Break Free if they don't want to release (they will be forced to after enough Struggles); roll 6 - use "Struggle" and "Break Free" is forced then. Each unlock lasts for the whole given bondage sequence, reset once in a new situation. Three turn limit, after which all actions are unlocked (but rolls should continue in case 6 is rolled)
Penetration shock: 'to be redone'
If you have more rules suggestions, feel free to offer.

Gender/appearance wise:
100% into most girls no matter what they have under their clothes
90% into feminine-looking boys, also no matter what's under their clothes
50% into most other boys
10% into muscle hunks (oddly enough, muscle ladies are still a good 90%. My mind is weird at that)
Mood wise:
100% into switches or doms who want to either have fun or fight and can yield if proven weaker (note: if you want a proper Domme v Dom(me) fight, it's recommended to drop yourself to "Switch" - a lot of moves that would make sense to use on other, like most bondage, for example, are not available against Dom opponent)
70% into brats, as long as they don't give up
20% into subs - only if I'm in mood to seek one out usually
1% into people who give up before the game is over or throw it early - only if I'm really in a mood for domineering
0% too for pure, unyielding doms or people that have most kinks as (Give) only
0% equally so if you're full-on receive slut
-100% if you're a boy or translady with Anal (Give) only (As long as there's a hole open to fuck, I'm fine, so cisgirls have it easier with their pussies more available for plunder)

Limits: Chastity (I will play with people already in chastity, setting the kink to Give only, but I will never be caged, nor will I cage others Full limit currently, bit of mood swing); Scat (other watersports is fine if kept tame and not too focused on); Ruined Orgasms (deny or frustrate until you finally make me cum, but don't mess with the orgasm once it's there);
Have a pfp at least too. Bets limited to name changes (temporary) and profile messages at the bottom of it, nothing gameplay altering. I will remove collared/marked statuses after a few days to give a chance to others (not a fan of exclusivity). Note that I don't consider post-game fun as a bet, but a given.

Age: 28
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight: 165lbs (75 kg)
Chest: 40DD
Girlcock: 7"-9" long when flaccid-hard, 5" thick (18-23 and 12 cm respectively - it's quite a heavy, fat slapper no matter its state)

Space for..... Bungirl to run about in, I guess~ Catch me if you ca--- Oh, what's this?~


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