Announcing Erofights Classic Tournament 2024!

Started by Charlotte


Good morning/afternoon/evening erofighters! Hope your fans are turned on (pun absolutely intended), because we're proud to announce the 2024 EROFIGHTS CLASSIC TOURNAMENT!!!


– The participants will be chosen by a lottery. Everyone with the right requisites can submit a character and enter the pool. 8 MALE CHARACTERS and 8 FEMALE CHARACTERS will be chosen. Then, we will randomly draw 8 mixed doubles.

– The lottery will be open from 7th june. As soon as we reach 8 male and 8 female characters, we'll keep a window open for more entries.** This will last for 72 HOURS**.

– In order to place your entry, you must post your character in the appropriate (and upcoming) forum thread starting from the 7th june, where the staff will ensure you have all the requisites.

– 1 male and 2 females decided to use their wildcards, so we have 7 spots for male participants and 6 spots for female participants


– If unfortunately you don't get selected in the lottery, you'll become a reserve. Then, we will run another draw to determine the place of each reserve in the queue.

– If you don't get a place at the start of the tournament AND you don't get called as reserve, you'll get a WILDCARD. You can use it in a tournament of your choosing (even for other modes) to skip the lottery and book a place into the roster! It is valid for one time only, and it doesn't stack if you don't get selected in a tournament while already holding one.


– Your account must be at least 3 months old

– You need at least 10 classic games played against other players (no bots)

– You must be willing to play (or team up) with every potential opponent or partner, even the ones you have blocked. If that could be a problem for you, please refrain from joining the tournament

–You may enter a fresh character provided you that you are able to show a character of yours that meets the above requisites


– 8 teams of 2 (1 male, 1 female), randomly chosen.

– Each round, there will be 2 heterosexual games.

– If both players of one team win, they will advance to the next round.

– If a player from each team win, the two winners will have another classic game as tiebreaker.


– As soon as you have a date for your match, announce it on Discord, appropriate forum post or in my DMs.

– Match logs must be turned on.

– All match logs must be posted in the tournament-logs thread here:

– All matches must be played in public.

– RP is mandatory.

– The preference system for actions must be disabled.

Skipping your turn is not allowed, unless is for fixing a bug (in that specific case, both the players must skip their turn to prevent someone to get an unfair advantage). Redrawing your actions is fine.


– You must actually care about the game mode and its related kinks. **PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SIGNING UP **if you're not interested in the game mode. Signup slots are finite and should be given to people who actually enjoy the format.

– It is forbidden to emotionally blackmail your opponents/teammate. Please consider that we're all here to have fun.

– Remember that us tournament staff are here for every problem you can have. Don't be afraid to DM us for doubts and more, we're more than happy to help and find a solution for everything.

– Failure to adhere to all rules will result in instant disqualification and a year's ban from future tournaments, as well as a ban for next year's Classic tournament.


– WINNERS: 200 credits, a free signature move and a special badge each

– RUNNERS-UP: 100 credits

– FOR EACH GAME WON: 30 credits

But wait, there's more!

We have also a special reward for everyone! If you name your team, you will be rewarded with 10 EF coins! Please DM me or Winston with the name before the end of Round 1.



I love the enthusiasm, but just to clarify, the sign ups will open the 7th June. To make things more easier for us, I'll make a dedicated thread where you can post your entry, so hold up your hornyness for a few days yet💜


Clara (Moderator) 🇫🇷🇬🇧

As Charlotte said, signup will be on a different thread and will open on the 7th of June.

No entry will be validated before that and if I see someone posting an entry in this thread, I'll ban them from tournament myself :squint

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