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Lesbian Wrestling Ring survey

As the LWR tournament is slowly reaching its climax, its maintainers are curious to hear more about the mode as seen from different perspectives.

A survey will be sent out either after semifinals or finals (depending on timing) to all tournament participants, but we're also interested in other actively playing people, so if you want to answer the survey once it comes out, send a message to Linlin Mira expressing your interest in getting it.

Please only ask to answer the survey if you're playing the mode, thank you.



It's time for the semifinals of LWR Tournament 2024!!! Hope you're happy now, bunch of idiots! Oh wait, Bayley is not a heel anymore, forget what I said...

The next matches will be:

Mika the Kitsune vs Jodie

Tanya vs Destiny

The deadline will be the 18th february

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The Wrestling Ring 2024 Tournament

Hello everyone.

Today, a blog post to announce the details of the upcoming Wrestling Ring Tournament that will take place after the current LWR tournament is over.

All details are in this blog post by Morky.

Blog interview : The LumberChat

Hello everyone.

Today we have an interview of one of The Wrestling Ring's maintainer, Lumbersnack, about the upcoming TWR tournament.

You can read it on our blog here.

TWR 2024 Tournament sign-ups are open!

TWR 2024 Tournament sign-ups are open! Please read the thread carefully before applying here.


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