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Looking for fun RP games in Classic or Hentai ~

Hétéro / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

About me:

Hey, I'm Caldra

I'm your typical quiet guy, that sits in the back and reads a book while everyone else is talking ~
That's why people usually underestimate me.

I'm often bored and when I'm bored, I am looking for some entertainment.
And the best kind of entertainment is sexual, don't you agree?
You sure do, why else would you be here? ~ Anyway, let me tell you a bit about me ~

I'm a usually a switch, but there are no women here who can make me submit, so I will just fuck you hard and make you into my toy ~
I will pin you down and thrust my hard cock into your slutty pussy, again and again until you surrender your orgasm to me!

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But if you think you are one of these non-existant women who can top me, be aware of my preferences and limits ~

If you are just a plain normal girl, you have to be really affectionate to get to me ~ muscly, big woman or women with overly large tits or butts are a turnoff for me as well.

But if you are some kind of succubus or monster girl, you have way better chances to dominate me ~

Degradation/harsh humiliation and/or insults to achieve dominance won't work on me, I will just get angry, so please refrain from doing so!

Useful information:

- My Kinklist

- I love to roleplay and chat ~ please tell me how you want to play

- My favourite modes are classic and hentai. Not a fan of the interactive and femdom mode, I really have to trust you if you want to play that with me.

- I don't dislike bets ~ so if you have an idea, just ask me :3

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Optional RP Character Story:

I once was a normal human, living in a small town together with various other species, mostly monster girls. We lived a peaceful live until we got attacked by other humans!

I swore revenge and so my ascend began. I sacrificed a part of my humanity to gain power! I can summon and control powerful tentacles to aid me and if I really need to, I can temporarily discard all of my humanity to transform into my true demon form.

I gathered allies and fought hard and in the end, we took down the human kingdom that slaughtered my friends. I became the new demon lord and created a new land for all races!

My own kingdom grew, I worked a lot and got more and more help until had nothing to do anymore myself. My few true friends I met on the way, were busy working far away and I was left just as a symbol, maybe a warning, without further purpose.

I got bored, so I spent a lot of nights with women ~ I was never short on willing females but they were all so bland, so submissive ~ they all offered themselves to me, wooing for my affection. But they could not satisfy me ~ so I decided to explore my kingdom, disguised as a normal human to find the one who can.

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Vous la regardez avec de grands yeux, pendant que vous sucez goulûment sa bite dure, brisant sa résistance ! Fellation avec contact visuel! Vous utilisez un geste subtil pour projeter votre intention sur votre adversaire. Geste subtil Vous utilisez un geste subtil pour projeter votre intention sur votre adversaire. Geste subtil Incapable de supporter plus longtemps votre bouche habile, vous sentez son sperme jaillir dans votre bouche. Vous lâchez sa bite, la regardant fièrement avec votre bouche pleine de son sperme. Jouis dans sa bouche Vous la soulevez et tenez ses jambes au-dessus de sa tête, tout en lui martelant la chatte par le bas! Se faire baiser dur la fait baver et gémir! Baise son plein nelson! Vous les forcez à se mettre à genoux et leur faites sucer votre bite lancinante. Forcez-les à vous plaire Merde ! Vous mettez sa bite sur votre langue, surtout pour vérifier la sensibilité de la pointe. On dirait que c'est comme vous l'aviez imaginé. Lécher le bout de sa bite Tu la retournes et commences à la baiser avec ta langue Baise-la avec ta langue Tu t'assois sur son visage, l'étouffant avec ta chatte, alors que tu commences à lui sucer la bite rapidement ! Suce sa bite en 69

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