Ruck (Niveau 13) mail warning

Have a LOT of time this weekend, message me if you want to play!

Changed jobs - will be on less often and time for games will be tough, at least for a bit. I’m still coming to get you all…

The big stuff

I am a switch who is really into the contest. I love that moment when I win... and sometimes I love losing just as much. Longer thoughts and some specific turn-ons at end of profile.

Put me on my back and tease me about how strong I am while you drain me - I'm putty for you. But you have to beat me first, and believe me, if I can put you on all fours begging for cock, that's how this is going to end.

(Quick turn-offs: I don't like "daddy," and though it probably fits with some other stuff here, I don't like CEI.)

Public games by default but happy to play privately.

Final note: I usually don't play cross-gender characters and really never play trans characters. I bend the CG rule occasionally in group or free-use settings - and anything's free game in tournaments - but if you have a trans/CG character and I'm sort of avoiding the topic, this is why.

Warden of The Compound

Frikka mentioned that some of the Compound inmates were getting a little... rambunctious and could use some discipline. I'm always happy to spank a little submission into brats, so I took a part-time job as warden. I'm sure this'll be no trouble at all...

Redits: 15

Some thoughts on what I find sexy...

I love that moment when I win - she was so confident, and now her body's shaking, screaming into the pillow, humping her toy, and just being the cumslut I always knew she was. Some girls have anger in their eyes when they lose, some humiliation, some worship - but they all break just the same.

I love the feeling of losing just as much: the moment when my body betrays me. I was so sure I'd have her begging to cum, and now I have to watch her eyes dance as she sucks the orgasm right out of me, or smirk as I lose my load in my pants to her light touch, or look up at her laughing while her pretty toes drain me, or struggle and fail to get on top while she grabs the headboard and fucks me silly.

I think confidence is sexy and getting humiliated after being so confident is sexy too. I love when women are dressed up because it makes them look and feel more powerful and that's good no matter who wins. Cumming is that much more embarrassing when you're fucked from behind, your fancy skirt pulled up and your tits hanging out of your dress. And the other way... well, one of my horniest fantasies is a girl in a cute dress and heels who I think I'm going to fuck hard, and somehow I end up naked and cumming under her soft soles.

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