Labyrinth of the Minotauress VS Amelia, Isa's Public Slave Whore : History listed publicly (70 turns)

The Trial of the Labyrinth

Having been locked away in the dungeon of the labyrinth for some time now, Amelia was shocked to discover her binds loosened and the door to her cell opened one day as she woke! Was this a chance to be freed? Or some trick devised by the Mistress of the Labyrinth? She couldn't be sure, but it was too good an opportunity to let slip by...

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Hiya, for realsies this time! ^^'
*appears with some bats and takes a seat*
*takes a seat in his chair*
A labyrinth? How curious. Reminds me of the chalice dungeons...
*giggles from the description*
Hiya V *waves*
Hi Werewolfie... I wish you good luck
Okay so my idea is between encounters you flip a coin, heads you "get lost" in the maze and I pick the next monster, tails you manage to navigate to the area of your choosing. For the chest, if you pick it, I'll do the same, tails it's a trap, heads it's a normal chest (unless you really want it to be a trap when possible :P)
Especially since Isa might need someone to bring you back if you make it out... *winks*
Okay, I'll get us started with the preamble then.
Nice nice~
Hiya Draco ^^
All good, I am just teasing... maybe
Hey Draco
Loving the look Amelia
Perfect to be bred in~
*tests coin thing to know if I understand it as I've never used it before*
Have fun most of all 😊
** Amelia, Isa's Public Slave Whore flipped a coin! Heads! **
16:21:39 least I know how it works^^
Thanks, Draco~ ^^ *blushes a bit from those words as tail wags*
Cute, but also makes me feel bad a bit for the cute Wolfie
Teehee, which part makes you feel bad? ^^
The last three words... unless you are having fun of course 😁
You're welcome dear~ and well... I'd say Amelia is a Cute Breedable Wolfie~
Oh, hehehe...If you were there during the time I added those words, I was having quite a bit of fun that night ^^
*It was sure to be another day filled with being used and edged to her very limits for Amelia. Since coming to the labyrinth, her only reprieve from the torments of the monster girls who occupied the maze were the nights she'd been dragged to Minotauress' chambers, which happened quite often. The Mistress of the maze had certainly seemed to develop some sort of affinity for her slave whore. But this time specific morning, she would be shocked to find that the goblins who occupied the maze would loosen her bindings and leave the door to her cell swung wide open. If she looked just beyond her cell, she would find a table lined with weapons, how curious... even careless, why would such a thing be there? Was this some sort of new trap or game?*
Impromptu thing while watching Cariel play Dungeon Adventures with Rathian
You always have with Isa, so I guessed that 😊
*takes a seat and watches with excitement* Oooooooo....the labirynth the labirynth! *eyes sparkle*
That was a tricky night, lots of alts brought out on my part x3
Hi Yoimi...
*waves* Heyo ^^
And alts are fun 😁
*nods* certainly so ^^
That's a nice one as well
Potentially my next vic- er... challenger XD
Don't worry Amelia! If you fail to break out today...I will launch a rescue mission! ^-^
*pokes the lurking vampire bunny*
I will just put your cell next to hers^^
*The wolf girl warrior....or more like FORMER warrior...could never truly forget that fateful day she entered the maze...thinking she had quite the significance chance of overcoming it...but found herself and her mind slowly ebbing away from the constant pleasuring and other tactics used against her in the labyrinth.. Ultimately, she was able to find her way to the very end with the Minotauress....but in a fairly exhausted and pent-up state...which Amelia noted the master of the maze gleefully took advantage of and effortlessly pleasured her into submission. She could barely recall Isa's words as she blacked out before finding herself in a dungeon...wrapped in chains and bindings..During her time there, she found herself shaky from each day of being used and edged by the monster girls....Though one thing that seemed to serve as a sort of lightening moment for her, ironically...was her time in the Minotauress' chambers, which made the wolf girl's heart somewhat enamored as her heart sometimes skipped a beat..... But today, she found her bindings oddly loose...the door opened widely...with a rapid heart pace...she breathed slowly as she made her slow trek outside and saw some weapons there...*
And we will launch a hunt *giggles*
*With a a cautious tilt of her head and constant looks around to see if this was some kinda farce, Amelia eventually made her way to it and grabbed the first thing she could find before treading further away.*
*gets poked on my own seat in the shadows* Hmpf.. always those heroine trying to safe their love ones ;P
*looks around in the audience*...wait a min...most people here...are the villains? O.O
*whistles idly*
I like to see us as misunderstood heroes...
Have fun you two
Thanks, Mercy^^
(Coin flip~)
** Amelia, Isa's Public Slave Whore flipped a coin! Heads! **
Mhm...I...see....*is a lil more on guard on her seat now*
Now that's just prejudice against bosses
Whoooo! Go Amelia!
Oh I didn't mean it like tha...waiit I am not apologizin! You're evil! You gotta be! *points at V*
*hugs Yoi with a tail wag* ^^
It's all fun and games till I get up from this chair, Yoimi! 😁
*pats Amelia protectively* I am sure you will do great! ^-^
*waves to the both newcomers*
Thanks, Yoi^^
*Waves to everyone*
*waves to Sierra & Jenny* Hayo ^^
Hey you two
Hello hello
Hi again Draco ^^
Mhhmm...I wonder how many times people play as a sort of aftermath in BeB.. Was hard to pick between this or as a brave adventurer ^^'
Hello Draco ^^
Yeah, just been in the background doing things
*As she made her way through the labyrinth, the dim light made things hard to see. It was almost as if... were the walls... shifting? They seemed to be, if the grinding sound of stone on stone was any indication. The longer she walked along, the more they seemed to change, almost as if guiding her to a specific location. After about 30 minutes of what seemed like aimlessly walking she would see a light at the end of the hallway, upon heading towards this light, she would find herself in a wide, brightly lit gym, mats lined the floors and there seemed the be some sort of wrestling arena in the middle. As soon as she stepped past the threshold to the room, two sets of rather strong hands would grab hold of her.* "Well well, what have we here? Seems the wolf has slipped her bindings! What should we do with her, boss?" *A large orc woman, clad in nothing but kneepads and elbow braces stepped forward. Her large and imposing green cock swung like a pendulum in front of her as she looked on to give her appraisal.* "Don't you girls remember what today is? Honestly, it's a wonder ya manage to walk in a straight line. Toss her into the ring of course!" *Within the span of a minute, the poor wolf found herself dragged over and tosses into the ring, where 3 more orcs awaited her, cocks already erect and sweat glistening off of their green skin.* "Hope you're ready little wolf! It's time to play..."
Also *Smacks Maxime's ass* Wanted to smack the vampire ass~
Oiiii!! *squints eyes and pouts at Draco*
*Sticks tongue out playfully* You've got a nice ass dear~
*giggles seeing Maxime's pout*
Hmpf~ *crosses arms* I will let you slip away this time~
Who's the REAL fiend here? The horny Minotauress or the serial ass smacking Dragon?
Definitely the hero in our rows~
I mean... I think we're both fiends in our own rights Isa~
*looks around for who maxi ment*
*pokes to "hero"*
We'll be heroes ♥
Ahhh...*giggles at the poke* ^^ ....
...I mean..ahhh...stand away...vile vamp..cute....ek-hem...
Hehe the corruption is already spreading over her body~ Soon she wont be remember as a mighty noble hero *winks to her and stops* But all when the time has come ^-^
Pffft....that won't come to pass! *stands proudly*
*casually watches this while munching on cookie* Don't stop Maxi! Get that Yoimi!
*throws a squeaky toy hammer at Aleda, and steals their cookie* Hmph...
*The somewhat dulled....bright red eyes of the wolf girl couldn't help flashing brightly within this dimmed location as she couldn't help tilting her head a bit from the way the walls appeared at the moment. It almost seemed like an illusion with the way it seemed like they were moving...shifting about... She would have passed it off as a trick of the mind...given her still somewhat addled mind after countless days and nights being used without much rest in between ...had it not been for those grinding stones. Amelia was questioning herself this whole time as it seemed like forever while she was wandering around in an almost aimless direction. She shielded herself with her hand from the sudden it almost seemed like eternity since she saw such brightness. In fact, she couldn't recall seeing something that wasn't dimmed lighting since entering this labyrinth on that fateful day. Amelia gulped at the sudden sight of the memories of that day started entering her mind....which immediately jolted when she squeaked helplessly after being grabbed like that. She squirmed as best as she could...not caring about those words...and more on her current situation. * Ooooofffff...* She grunted as she found herself hoisted and tossed into the ring...seeing the orc girls ready to play with her as she staggers to her feet...eyes drawn on those erect orc cocks... In a desperate move, the wolf girl took what energy she got as she attempted to tackle one of them down full-force*
Hehe~ I will get her... but not not~ Its enough pleasure for me to see her struggling body once she realize that her dear wolfie won't be able to escape
:0 You take that baack! I am sure wolfie will perservere! Look at the form of that strike!
*a loud squeak is heard and then I hold a hand to my forehead over dramatically* E tu, Yoimi~ *blinks* Wait... my cookie...
*quickly noms the cookie* :p
*remembers that time I got knocked out by an autographed squeaky toy hammer*
((random plan for pixai...I should try updatin this profile to have fluffy ears too...for now :p ))
*Kisses Driz's cheek* Hey hey~
*blushes* so this is where evryone went to again
*loves those fluffy ears*
Its a pitiful effort oh you powerful hero *makes a dramatically gesture, holding with the back of my hand against my forehead*
Hey hey Driz :3
*pouts at Yoimi and totally had nothing to do with an autographed squeaky hammer that bonked Ame in the past*
*giggles as she recalls some nice fireworks and Pokéballs shenanigans that same day* ^^
(Welcome back!)
((Hey there V))
*recalls those shenanigans*
(Had to play some myself 😁)
(Play what? ^^)
( did it go? ^^)
(Was without much RP, but fun nonetheless. And the overlord won, unsurprisingly)
*giggles remembering those shenanigans as well* good times ^^
*tail wags as those recollections linger* Mhhmm... ^^ Love da fireworks and secret plotting ^^
(Sorry had to deal with something)
((well adding fluffy ears plan didn't succeed...but I still like the regenerated image ^^ ))
(Vampire approves!)
(That sucks, love the ears honestly)
(But hey, the new image looks great~)
*As the wolf girl tackled one of the orcs the orc in question grunted out as she found herself beneath the wolf. She squirmed and struggled beneath her for a few moments, the friction between their two bodies making her already aroused cock throb with need. But she was not alone in the ring, the two orcs alongside her grabbed at the wolf girl and pulled her up, their brutish hands ripped away at her clothing, leaving her nude as one of them laid a hard smack on her rear.* "Ohh.. this one's got spirit.. this'll be a lot of fun."
((Yeah I tried making a fresh generation of Yoimi with some kind of battle armor on but with fluffy ears...didn't out of credits, gotta try with some specialized Lora tomorrow maybe))
(You know you can generate without credits?)
(Want a hand? I can probably add ears to what ya got..)
((What is this power Maxi?))
((And yeah that would probably help :D - should I send ya da image Isa? ))
((mhmm~ or 200 c per batch))
(By not generating instant and lowering the sample steps)
((been doing that for a while))
(I don't generate images too often, so I've got quite a few credits)
(Plus my good luck generally gets me some pretty good images first try)
((or you just know how to make a goood prompt 😔))
(Yea, please do~
((I tend to structure my prompts as regularly narrated sentences to get mine - most often it lands quite well, but sometimes it doesn't quite hit the mark. For the main profile fluffy ears it worked quite well after some upscaling ^^ ))
((Sometimes the AI is just moody with the prompts and gives you an eldritch abomination now and then too))
(Yep yep)
(Honestly? I could try generating it for you Yoimi)
(This will be a contest x3)
((Oh yup there is a couple monster Yimi's hidden in the vaults of my pixai account :p ))
*Her wolf ears perked upwards from the loud grunt of the orc she just tackled. Her heart was racing as she pretty much motivated by this current adrenaline pulsing through her. She couldn't help feeling a little...partially aroused from the way the one beneath her was squirming and struggling like that as she couldn't help sensing the way that orc cock throbbed with need. A fairly blush was painted on her cheeks at how she must have been through so much of this that she could easily sense this type of stuff a bit more easily now than the first time she trekked this labyrinth. However, she let out a quick squeal from being grabbed like that as she wriggled about the very light clothing that barely covered her was ripped apart... She would have felt embarrassed had it not been for how much she's been nude during her time here. Another cute grunt popped out of her from the sudden smack to her ass.* Eeeeepppp...! *She grunted as she went in for another adrenaline-strike by kicking her legs against the orc girl holding her tightly.*
((can send it to you too draco if you wanna try ^^))
((just sent it to ya Isa))
(Gotcha, send it to me)
((done ^^))
"Seems this one has a good bit of fight in her." *The orc she kicked let out a yelp of pain as she was kicked, her cheeks grew red with frustration as she reeled back a bit, dropping the girl in the process. The three of them exchanged glances and nodded with devious smirks on their faces. One grabbed at the wolf girl's head and thrust her thick member deep inside of her mouth while the other two went to work below. Her legs were lifted so one could slide beneath her and slam inside of her ass, while the other kept her legs lifted aloft and slammed her cock deep in the wolf's pussy. Soon the wolf would find herself being used in every hole she had. The loud grunts of the sweaty orc permeated the air as they desperately tried to fuck her into submission.* "Mmm I see why the boss likes this one so much! These holes are top notch!"
Hang in there wolfie! *tries to shout some encouragement*
Yes hang in there~ Just relax and enjoy being used ;3 *anti encouragement just to annoy yoimi*
You've got this Wolfie!
Would certainly be a surprise if this was my first loss as the boss in this mode x3
Wow *blushes as I see the scene*
*stands menacingly behind maxi* Mhmm...this dark lady seems eager to fall from her throne...
*covers face* hey...all~
Hm me? I dont know what you mean by that~ *shrugs it off like nothing happened*
Hi Sophie~ *Kisses Sophie's cheek* Reminds me, that building I wanted to show you is done being constructed
And hello Sophie :3
^~^ hey all, good to be here again~
Oh? May I see?
(This giff is so hot! Those boobs nghh...sophie cant be howny...nyo more but hard to do with this in backround hehe)
Sure *Gently grabs Sophie's hand* You're gonna love it~ (Do you wanna do this in DM's or in a chatroom?)
*waves at Sophie* Hayo ^^ *presses my hands down on Maxi's shoulders* do...hmmm
"Mrrrgggggg..." *She grunted as she made that powerful kick while hearing that yelp of pain and grunted from being dropped. Surprisingly, the poor wolf was able to land on her feet, almost as gracefully as her previous warrior self before entering this maze. Thinking she was safe for the moment, she didn't realize how quick and nimble the orc girls were as she found herself grabbed roughly on every part of her body. She let out another cute grunt from her head being gripped by those strong...not so gentle another powerful grunt echoed from her as she felt her mouth invaded by thick orc cock. And it wasn't soon going to end for the poor wolf girl who squeaked out with muffled grunts as she found herself hoisted up with her legs used as leverage...It wasn't hard to sense how quick and nimble they would be as she found herself and her precious holes plunged and plundered by this dual-assault by the orcs...Nose amd ears twitching wildy from being used like this. Her heart was the weirdest part of all since the time she first set foot here...found herself enjoying this a lot as she sucked on the massive member in her mouth rather enthusiastically. And those words..that one referring to their boss...made her blush as she couldn't help recalling those nights with the Minotauress.* "Mphhhhhh...mhhhhhmmmm...mphhhhhh...!"
Yoimi! Heeey~~
(Hooot pic!)
*Turns around with a big smile* Maybe i do~ But... who knows that for sure proud hero ;P
(Aanannnddd sent)
*a bit late to see some response on here* Thanks, Draco and Yoi~ ^^
No problem
Hope I'm doing well with my responses on my parts ^^
Hey kitty~~
*hugs Sophie*
*The orcs were relentless in their assault and use of her holes. The two above seemed to have quite a bit of stamina still, while the one using her throat seemed to be having trouble containing her load. She grunted the wolf picked up her pace sucking so enthusiastically, her entire body shook as she let a massive spray of orcish spunk spill out from the tip of her thick green cock. She slumped back afterwards, the large orc in charge of the three in the ring pulled her from it and bent her over her knees to punish the quickshot orc with a vicious spanking.* "Thought I told you!" *Spank* "To work on your stamina!" *Spank! Spank! Spank!* "I-I'm sorry, Sheila!" *The spanked orc wailed out as the action continued in the ring. The two still pumping the poor wolf grinned at one another as they turned the wolf about onto her knees. Soon the heads of both of their cocks were poking at the entrance to her ass as slamming in with little care for whether or not they might fit!* "Ahhh, fuck.. this is a tight fit! But it feels to good to stop now!"
Hey hey Sophie~!
Hope you're enjoying my show, sweet little Ice mage~
Miss isa! ^~^
(Accidentally puts Yoimi's image in the wrong sort of filter and makes it huge instead of adding stuff to it*)
(Wait huge? :o Giga Yoimi just entered the ring XD)
((I left for a bit and now there's a Giga Yoimi?))
((Giga Yoimi :O ))
(Yep, accidentally made it 1544 x 2352)
((That's... one hell of a wallpaper))
(Except it's longer than it is wide XD)
(I was wondering why it was taking 10 minutes to generate..)
*The wolf was finding herself to be a squealing....moaning...captive of these orc cocks as she felt her various holes and mouth being assaulted and pounded into relentlessly as she sucked off on the cock occupying her mouth with such energy and fervor that she felt a powerful pulsating motion within her mouth before letting out cute grunts from that sudden filling in her mouth now filled with thick orcish spunk. Her red eyes went from a a more brightened glow as she found herself moaning a bit too eagerly as her ears and tail waggled just as playfully and eagerly with that cum still stuffed in her mouth, swishing it around happily. Feeling a little eager and turned on by the sight of the vicious spanking punished let loose on the orc that was previously in her mouth. A massive blush on her face as she couldn't help recalling a time when Isa lavished such force on her wolfish ass like that which wiggled in response and the inner walls of holed tightened in response to her thoughts and fantasies. She grunted as she found herself on her knees as this intense fucking persisted while she eagerly gulped that strong essence of cum, feeling a little disappointed there wasn't something occupying her mouth right now.* "Slrrrrrppp....Nrrggghjhjh....oohhhhhhh....ah..ahh..ahhhhhhh...!"
((When you accidentally order the large size at a fast food place))
(*giggles as I start thinking of Giga Yoimi* ^^)
((Giga Yoimi sounds like a hidden boss))
((*giggles some more as tail wags*))
(Giga Yoimi: The Queen Of Fireworks)
*hugs regular-sized Yoimi* ^^
(Hm... does giga yoimi use giga fireworks?)
(Of course)
*pokes head in and finds many people, waves shyly*
*waves to Gaiba* ^^
Hi Gaiba!
Giga Yoimi is Giga hot
((Yimi after having eaten a mario upgrade mushroom))
*Kisses Sophie's cheek*
*hugs back the regular sized woofie*
Upgrade mushroom! \o/
Peeking in to check the laberynth... hi loves
*nuzzles close to Yoi*
Heya Vero
Vero! ❤️
*waves at Gaiba and Vero*
Hiii~ *nods to Amelia and Draco and takes a seat*
*The orc outside the arena was shoved off of the head orc's lap onto the mat, her previously green ass now completely red. The head orc stood up, pulling out a familiar looking collar as she stepped into the arena. The two orcs inside of her ass saw her approaching and quickly made sure the girl couldn't move, holding down her arms and legs as the head orc began to affix the collar to Amelia's neck. Once it was nearly in place, the head orc licked her lips, her green cock standing at attention from all the hot action she'd already seen as well as her spanking of the quickshot she'd punished. She could barely wait for the latch to be in place before she shoved her much larger cock into Amelia's mouth and snorted out a laugh.* "Boss said you might be a little more... pliable if we put this on.. something about pleasant memories and whatnot. Not that I really care, but orders is orders. Why don't you hold still while I get this in place.. focus on sucking my thick cock... you ain't gettin' out of here, wolf. You're just being toyed with.. she's watching your every move.. probably gettin' off to this."
Whoa *waves to all the new people that arrived*
Heya Vero~
Hiya Maxime
India in pure dia de los muertos atire... I am not mexican, so can drop lore on that xDDD
Hi India
Hi Labyrinth, is always nice to see an innanimate object fucking girl with orcs
Hi draco!
*nuzzles and pats amelia in turn, smooching her cheek* You can get through this... ^^
*Hums* Honestly~? This hot orc breeding action is making me want to breed a little~
*waves at newcomers* Heyo ^^
I would never guess, Draco
Hi Yoimiya... I am a newcomer and oldcumer xDDD
*Bonks Aleda with Squeaky Toy Hammer* Silence
I like breeding, okay?
Draco also wields a squeaky toy hammer?
Is in your name, so if you did not liked it it would be a bit ankward
*is bonked and a loud squeak is heard from the hammer* Oh no! *puts hand to forehead dramatically* Not the hammer~*
I have many items I carry
And true Vero
Hi hi Veronica ^^
Hi hi hi Yoimiya xDDD
*Her red eyes werw trained on the spanked orc who was now shoved off....Slight shivers of pleasure and memories going through the wolf girl once she witnessed that reddened ass before her like that. Those same red eyes widened and lit up from the sight of the familiar collar in the head orc's hands...massive blushes lingering on the wolf's face as her mouth started to drool from those sudden memories....Though she felt herself jolted back to reality once she found herself affixed in place as she found it quite difficult to move. As she found the collar being forced onto her neck, Amelia grumbles as she would rather have their boss being the one to place the collar on her neck, which by recollections of her memories felt way more pleasant than how the orc girls were handling this. She grunted desperately once she found that green cock before her face...mouth wriggling from interest and desire. She groaned desperately as she tried to force a struggle as that amulet...she grabbed responded to her inner thoughts and emotions as a powerful force was summoned in the process.* "Nuuuuuu....noooooooo...she..does it...way better...than...nrrgggghhh...hhaaaahhh...than this!"
((image from draco is epic and ready, waiting for your take Isa before I have a hard time deciding who made a better one ((and still include both in the profile but shh :p )) ))
((I'd like to see both))
(*spam clicks f5 on yoimi's profile*)
Hello Balteus
Hey there Balteus
*Looks at a distracted Maxime* ... *Smooches her cheek* Cutie~
(will let ya now maxi :p) *waves at Balteus* Hayo
*gets a suprise smooch and ruffles Draco hair as a reflex*
Hi Balteus... still have not played AC6 xDDD
*waves to Balteus*
*Smiles* Better then me smacking your ass, right~?
Hmmm *thinks carefully* Yep~ Way better hehe~
Nice to hear~
*The orcs found themselves quite surprised by the sudden wave of force shooting out from the wolf, nearly blasting them away from the resistant wolf. But the head one in particular seemed to take umbrage at the statement that the wolf made. An amulet on her neck glowed in response as she held the other two fast in place and ensured the collar would have it's place on the wolf's neck. She growled as she broke through the wave of force and latched the collar in place.* "Hmph! Doesn't matter what YOU think about it, wolf. This is a precious gift from the boss! How dare you try to refuse it!" *She grabbed at the wolf's neck and held her in place to make it easier to fuck her throat, her anger channeled through the medium of her imposing green length. The other two sheepishly looked on, a little shocked to see their boss so angered as they pulled from the wolf's ass and resumed the use of her pussy instead, the pleasure they were experiencing quickly melting away the fear they had experienced seeing Sheila so worked up.*
But don't overpush your luck with it ;P
And if I did~?
Hmm... we will find a solutions for that once it happens *winks*
(Sent over like 4 of em Yoimi)
*Kisses Maxime on the lips*
((*dies from choice paralysis* whhhooot in the heeeck how are they so good)))
(Curious what they look like now)
*dodges kiss and shakes finger in front of Draco* Ah ah. Not so fast you horny dragon
((Just put 'em all in your gallery Yoimi lmfao))
*Hums* Well, seems you've dodged my kiss~
((Yoimi sweating here like she's an air traffic controller))
(Making a few more with a slightly different approach)
(Wait there is more? *sits the heck down*)
*The glaring wolf girl stared at head one....her heart pounding from this occurrence...though a bit surprised at what just happened as she wasn't expecting that occurrence at all. A loud grunt with the twitched of her furry ears came from the wolfish girl who felt that collar fastened and tightened in place once the head orc powered through that mysterious force...panting from what just happened....while a massive blush was on her face. She growled back from hearing those words and scoffed back.* "Hmph! She did it way better than YOU did when she put it on me! *Amelia then grunted once she found her neck gripped tightly as she found her mouth invaded once again...though this time she found herself gagging down a much larger cock than the one before it as this one actually reaches her throat... Her eyes closed as she couldn't help sucking this one off too while her pussy was now stuffed instead. Muffled moans and grunts were coming from the collared she looks into the eyes of the head orc.*
((*insert Kylo Ren moar meme*))
(*giggles a bit*)
((gooddaamit maxi now you tooo?))
(Couldnt resist uwu)
(Oh wow this room is packed! Hey everyone!)
((*distant yimi screechin* soo many images aaaaaa)))
((Welcome Sheena))
(Hey hey Sheena ^^)
Hayo Sheena ^^
Hiya Sheena~
Heya Sheena~ we're watching the Wolfie be possibly bred
((Yoimi is gonna turn into YoiREEEEEEEE))
*waves to Sheena from the corner*
*looks at numbers and blushes* .......there's
*blushes even more*
Could be even higher for all we know
All to see you escaping... maybe... or enjoying the creatures x3
I've seen rooms with 0 viewer count and people clearly talking
*nods head as the blushing lingers*
All here to see the wolfie get bred
*The head orc glared down into the eyes of the poor, collared wolf. She let out a huff at the wolf's words, clearly she had some sort of complex in regard to being compared to the master of the labyrinth, especially when it came to the bull's favorite pet.* "Hmph... whatever.. collar's in place.. my job is done.. now to have a bit of fun with you before we send you on your way..." *The two orcs having their way with the wolf girl's pussy cried out in unison, trying to pull out from the wolf's pussy before it was too late, but the damage had been done. As soon as their cocks popped free, their loads shot all over the wolf and the large orc fucking her throat. The head orc, surprised by the sudden splash of fluids growl out her disappointment at the two, who scurried off before they could be reprimanded. The head orc instead decided to toss the wolf to the side a climb atop her, shoving her cock into the wolf's stretched ass and pounding into her with extreme force, much stronger than the previous two combined, clearly she was in charge for a reason.* "I'll punish those two later.. for now.. I'll just take out my frustration on YOU, wolf."
*the blushing just grew from hearing that*
Well I suppose she'll have to get some fluids inside her then, hopefully she can make it to the end so it comes from her favorite bull, rather than a minion.
Hehe fingers crossed on that
*is personally here to see Yoimi's meltdown from the pic spamming*
Fingers crossed on that also~
Love seeing a good breeding~
(Yes, I'm particularly horny today)
Sounds like a good friday evenning plan for me seeing someone being bred by orcs
I happen to agree~
((it is happenenin one second...I have a folder now, will begin making image links in a second :D ))
((gotta write a gallery and pick the pfp now :p ))
(The time has come
(To witness yoimi's pictures ascent to our eyes)
*The wolf girl couldn't help smirking a bit in response to this glaring she was seemed her free-spirited warrior-like spirit was an old habit that lingered even now...or at very least when it came to certain individuals. Amelia did her best to keep sucking off the head orc's cock going for stronger motions and sucking as she used her tongue to wrap around it in an attempt to send some sensual sensations on the orc occupying her mouth.* "Mphhhhhhhh. ..nrrrrtrgggghhh....mphhhhhhohhhhhhhh....~ Hmmmmmm...?" The wolf girl grunted with confusion as she felt the orc girls in her pussy crying out as they pulled out before feeling a massive splash orcish cum spraying all over on her and the large orc...before letting out a cute grunt from being tossed to the side as she felt her wolf pussy penetrated once again...letting out deep moans that echoed the gym. Amelia couldn't help grinning as she giggles.* "Nggggghhhh....haaaannhhh....ohhhhhhhhh....yeeessssssss.....very...powerful....and strong...well...almost...hehe....not as, I guess ^^."
((Yoimi, just remember to downsize the "giga" version if that's one the ones you use))
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(Oh there are Yoimi pics?)
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(Even Rest is monetary now? 😱)
((RPG inn economics))
(That's true, so makes sense in this context I guess)
Hello :)
((It's up!!!))
((Welcome Miju))
((Ooh! *peeks at the Yoimi gallery*))
Hello hello Miju :3
((*huggles Isa, Draco and Maxi super duper tightly*))
(*Hugs Yoimi back*)
Hi Miju
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(*huggies back* Holy that picture from Isa is stunning :O)
(Nice! And uh the first image with all the white magic? That was me~)
*Kisses Driz's cheek*
Nyaa~ *kisses Draco's cheek in return*
((Oooh, nice pics~))
*The head orc seemed to be having a bit of trouble containing her arousal in response to the fierce spirit the wolf girl was displaying here, she was a warrior above all else and the thrill of the fight always excited her. She felt herself wanting nothing more than to rise to the challenge in the wolf's eyes and the taunting words she let spill from her lips. She snarled as she pulled from the wolf's ass and hoisted her up. As she held the wolf aloft she found Amelia's cock standing proud in front of her face and opened her mouth, sliding it down her throat with ease as she pumped her own cock deep into Amelia's throat. Loud slurping sounds were spilling from the orc's mouth and drool was dripping from the side of her mouth. She could barely contain her load now, her leg was shaking and the familiar buildup of pressure was impossible to ignore now. She found herself moaning as much as she was sucking, the action nearly impossible to continue, but she was determined to keep struggling, keep sucking until the very end*
((Yay...I am now totally ready to set out on my adventure and defeat all the evil of this land! ))
(Oh, did I miss a making pictures for Yoimi marathon)
(Be careful tho, you may find the orcs tougher then you think~)
(I am sure Yoimi is ready now. Her hotness just reached a new level and she will quickly melt those orcs away with her body~ )
(True but can she handle the boss at the end~?)
((Hotness on a somewhat literal level since she does use fire magic))
(Still waiting to see a hero win 😁)
(XD I have a certain set of skills acquired over time)
(Yes, and those sets of skills you will allow you track down a person, find them... and then breed them~ consensually of course)
(...Yeah really hard to do a Taken reference with that)
(Also haven't even seen Taken so... there's that)
((Eh... it's close enough and I didn't see the full movie either))
(It's an alright movie, if you like Liam Neeson I guess)
(Haven't seen it but heard bad things)
(Never bothered with the sequels, figured they got the message across in the first one)
((Basically, angrier Quigonn Jinn?))
(It's basically a surly old divorced dad getting revenge on a bunch of people of Middle-Eastern descent)
(And rescuing her daughter in the process)
(Yep, pretty much)
(Yeah, I think that describes a lot of action movies)
(Except John Wick)
(John Wick's basically 'You killed my dog that my wife gave me, you are going to die'
(Yeah he's widowed, not divorced)
(I know but I figured one of us should bring up John Wick at least once)
(That's on the Action Movie Discussion Bingo Cad)
(How many bingo cards are there?)
(Rule 35: If it exists, there is a bingo card for it)
(There's also the general rule of 'if exists, there's most likely a drinking game around it')
(...Johnny Test being a prime example of 'Wow, it's a bad idea to drink this much alcohol during a SINGLE episode')
(Oof, what what that one entails then)
(Every time there's a whip crack, take a sip of alcohol)
(Does anyone here know Wayne Drinking?)
(Or Wayne's World at least?)
(I know about Wayne's World, but that's mostly because of my mom)
(Well, in the drinking game you drink for each "Wayne" and "excellent")
(...Oh no)
(Yes. And if you really wanna crash, add every laugh you have while watching)
((Man... I haven't seen Wayne's World in ages))
(...D e a r G o d)
(Me either, it's been a minute)
(Hehe, it was a staple during my studies)
(Possibly for reasons mentioned above)
((For me the T1000 cameo is canon to Terminator lore))
((I like to think the T1000 literally did a traffic stop on Wayne while looking for John Connor))
(I kinda find this interesting. Cameos that fit the original lore)
ooooh, this is intrrestimg~!
Thanks, we'll be resuming when Amelia gets back from grabbing a bite to eat^^
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* watches around* hello?
Hello Yuria~
*waves* Hiya Yuria ^^
Wow it got quiet
20:07:23 certainly did
*Shrugs and snuggles Yoimi* Eh, means I get to cuddle you
Also true ^^ *cuddles against draco*
*Smiles* In all honesty? *Scritches the ears* I'm surprised people don't pat these more often
Tehee....well in all's still a relatively recent addition to my appearance *winks*
Well I like it a lot~ *Kisses Yoimi's cheek* I love a cute wolfie after all~
Mhmm *blushes cutely under the cheek kiss* ...I can't wait to see Woofie break through succesfully ^^
She will~
We'll see if she can manage it..
(Also, back :P)
Shush evil labirynth! She will!
(Also, wb :p))
(Hmm must be a pretty extensive meal she's making XD)
(Hm Lana i will advise you to read the code of conduct again x3)
*Pokes Maxime's cheek*
Oop, think the other Wolfie is back~
*noms maxime's ear* ^^
*gets poked*
*ear gets nommed and shiver from multiple interaction*
*Kisses Maxime's lips* Seems you're getting a bit slow dear~
Not that i..--- *gets kissed*
*huggles maxi from behind, planting kisses on her neck* how easy it is to overwhelm the dark lady vampy...most important to note ^^
Indeed~ not to mention how attractive she is~
*nods nods* She is wonderfully attractive, yes ^^
Shush you both! I am just allowing that you can kiss and worship me. Nothing more~ *nods confidently and raises chest*
Oh~? So since you're allowing worship~ *I get below Maxime's skirt and lick her pussy*
*repositions to now take care of placing a gentle deep kiss on maxime's mouth, caressing her sides with my hands* Mhmm...sure you are <3
Brave my dear drag-- *tries to talk even more before the handsome hero seals my lips again. My legs open wide for draco, resting on his strong shoulders*
*I keep licking Maxime's pussy, thrusting my tongue inside and wriggling it around, tapping on her g-spot*
*keeps passionately kissing maxi, sneaking my hands to her breasts and groping lightly* Mhmm...delicious...<3
*my feet interlock themself behind Draco's back, not letting him escape that easily anymore tho it doesn't look like he want to escape at all. At the same time my hands wander to yoim's back, gripping against her armor and pulling her into the passionate kiss even more* Hehe~ Looks like the brave warrior is not as innocent as she looks like <3
*I keep licking Maxime's pussy more and more, lapping up her juices as I tap my tongue against her g-spot*
*The proud, fierce wolf girl's eyes were burning brightly and fiercely as she felt and sensed the burgeoning arousal from the head orc that was currently occupying her ass. Granted, it was pretty obvious with the way that thick orc cock was pulsating and throbbing as the tip leaked out very potent essence of that formidable individual. Her tail was wagging wildly as she panted with great excitement, wanting to prove herself here. Amelia couldn't help chuckling from hearing more of those snarls as she felt the orc leader pulling out of her as she was hoisted in the air. Instead of whispering, the collared wolf smirked as she stared at the one holding her and lets out some deep moans from feeling her entire length pushed inside of that equally formidable mouth. Her furry ears were twitching with great interest out of hearing those loud slurping sounds. Within that moment, Amelia felt that massive shaft pushed down into her throat as she eagerly deepthroated the whole thing within mere milliseconds....gazing directly into the orc's eyes...chest heaving proudly as she sucked on that cock rather eagerly and with great energy...making sure to use her tongue to wrap around it...going for powerful sucking motions...quite excited to take in whatever would be dished out here.
Mhhmhnmm? *is surprised by how the kiss is deepened, trying to abort the strategy, but I get pulled back by my armor getting gripped*
(I’m kinda confused. Is bad end battle the same as dungeon adventure? At a glance they look very similar)
The determined wolfie grinned as she pushed her breasts close to the one in charge of this area...grinning and sucking as she did so.*
(They're different)
(I'm back! ^^)
(XD I see that^^)
(Basically? Imagine Dungeon Adventure as a DnD Campaign... now imagine Bad End Battle as one of those Hentai's where the adventurer gets fucked and mind broken)
(Dungeon adventure is more about actually roleplaying while beb mode can be done without much roleplay ^^ Also beb has more intense fights)
(Oooh okay gotcha!)
(Sorry about the delay...was taking a while to get the coffee I ordered ^^')
*Draco can feel my pussy relaxing for him and slowly starting to leak from all his good work. Still feeling yoimi's hands playing with my tiddies excites me more as i slowly pull my face away from hers* Nyhaha~ Seems i got you with that you lewdie. *quickly noms your nose and snips my fingers before the sound of dropping metal can be heard with yoimi carrying less clothing now*
*I thrust my tongue deeper into Maxime's pussy as I keep licking, not slowing down for a moment as I try to make her orgasm*
*gasps as parts of my armor plates drop to the floor...realizing I cannot get away from the strongly gripping hands, I switch to the offensive, groping and twisting the breasts a little bit more roughtly, pushing my tongue into her mouth in as passionate kiss as I can muster, trying to overwhelm maxi's breathing while draco is working on getting her to her peak*
((*insert intense shonen battle soundtrack*))
*The orc leader seemed on the verge of powerful climax at the hands of the fierce wolf girl. She tried with all of her might to try and force the girl into a climax, once she felt the girl's soft tits on her cock she planted herself atop Amelia to do the same, warring with the powerful wolf she'd clearly underestimated with her tits and mouth. She clasped either side of her breasts and squeezed them down on the girl's cock while slurping at her head. The orc's tongue danced all over the head of Amelia's cock as Amelia did the same. But the thrill of the fight, the powerful sucking her cock was getting, all of it excited her far too much. She had to pull off of the wolf's cock and let out a loud scream of pleasure as her balls finally release their precious load into Amelia's mouth. Her entire body trembled from the force of her orgasm, she was clearly completely lost in ecstasy. She slumped to the side afterwards, trying to catch her breath and recover as a door at the far end of the gym slid open, inviting the wolf to proceed on her trek through the labyrinth.* "Ngh... you've haah... beaten me.. but don't think you'll get through this.. so easily.. the rest of her minions are at least as strong as I am.. and some of them are far less kind..."
*starts to grind my hips and crotch against Draco tongue, covering his mouth and face slowly in my love juice. The changed approach indeed suprises me from Yoimi as i feel her getting more aggressively, overhelming me for the moment as i whimper into her mouth. My nipples peek through my top from her more intense groping and my face is getting a red blushing colour* Mhhhmm~
*I thrust my tongue constantly, tapping against Maxime's G-spot rapidly as I drink down her juices knowing she'll orgasm soon enough~*
*silently wawlks back into the room and finds a spot to spactate from with some popcorn*
*Summons a Magic hand to pat Driz*
*gets closer and closer, my legs begin to shake and its getting harder to maintain Draco at his spot. My feet's lock slowly loosen behind his back*
*I speed up my licking, groping Maxime's ass as I kept drinking down her juices*
*Even when I break the kiss to catch my breath, I bite and pull on maxi's lower lip, grabbing both her hands together and above her head in my right hand, my left groping her breasts intensely. Using a little warmth from fire magic I make it seem to her like she is also physically too hot to remain clothed the way she is, before kissing her lips back with passion yet again.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The excitement of the proud former warrior was growing with the intensity of this back-and-forth between her and the orc leader. Her previously dulled red eyes appeared to be glowing brighter than ever as she could feel that incoming climax as it just encouraged the wolf girl to press on with great energy and determination. She could feel the great orc going at it even stronger than before in a desperate bid to make the labyrinth captive reach an orgasm and end her impromptu quest here. Despite finding this orc positioning herself on top of her, Amelia maintained her composure and momentum. There was a bit of a grunt where she felt those imposing breasts engulfing her cock in an attempt to force this climax out of her. It was clear that the two weren't planning on backing down until one gave in. There was a bit of sweat on her forehead as she felt that orcish tongue writhing over the head of her wolfish cock. Before she could react, Amelia let out a muffled grunt from the imposing leader pulling off of her shaft like that and feels an immense least in the case of most anyone but this powerful wolf...that spills into her mouth as Amelia eagerly guzzles down the whole substance into her throat. Eventually, she felt that massive member pulled off her mouth as the great leader of this gym slumped to the side and uttered that warning to her as the wolfie huffed a bit with excitement.* "SRRRRRPLLPP...haaaahh.. I' remember
Mhhmm... mhaa.... mhhhnnff~~ <3 *my moaning is getting louder as it feels like my body is getting even more hot. Feeling the warmth spreading over all my skin and the numerous spots getting pleasured simultaneously pushes me onto the edge of my orgasm. Trying to delay it as best as i can but Draco's tongue doesnt start lashing on my pussy, making it trembling and quiver in pleasure while my hands are getting lift up from my body, unable to protect me any longer and slowly twitching aswell, is getting too much. With Yoimi's mouth muffling my voice i start to cum right away, squinting my eyes and uncontrollably kissing and leaning into Yoimi. My fingers curl up and grip her back tightly*
*I lapped up Maxime's juices before moving my face off with a lewd smile* Hehe~ seems like I made the Vampire Bunny cum~
that..." *panted out the surprisingly victorious wolf who trudged out of there through that threshold and noticed more oddly placed items there...which seemed to be there on purpose..something that confused Amelia but took the potion nonetheless as she felt a little more reinvigorated...if a little aroused.. before making the next trek down the hallway.*
(Coin flip!)
(Oopps..sorry ^^'l
** Amelia, Isa&#39;s Public Slave Whore flipped a coin! Heads! **
(This game just teases the wolfie ^^)
(Well I'm happy to let you pick an encounter you'd like to do just in case the last one doesn't go your way either, anything you'd like to see?)
redrew a set of actions
*slowly tries to sneak out from the gripping fingers of da vampy bunny, planning to pick up and fix my armor plates.*..hey Draco *pouts a lil*...I also helped! *turns her back to the vampy bunny, thinking her completely defeated for the moment.*
Indeed you did dear~
*takes a few deep breaths, patting Draco for his effort* Mhm seems like the dragon tongue is not only versed in speaking but is always very good to please me~ *kisses Draco's cheek softly before getting up completely, and getting behind Yoimi, wrapping my arms over her hips to her tiddies* And where do you think you are going cutie?~
Oh it is~ I try my best to please~
Mhhnuuh? my armor? *As I am held from behind by maxi I turned my head slowly to peek at her face, surprised by such a quick recovery. As my breasts were lightly squeezed, an expression of pleasure I was trying to stop shot across my face and a light moan escaped my lips.* MHnn...
(That's okay! I'm good for now ^^ Curious what you'll pick ^^)
Suprised to see me already back at my feet mhm? Don't think i will be knocked off by just one simple orgasm my love~ *my fingers drill into her tiddies, squeezing them even more as i continue* But you dont really think i will let you go like this after attacking me like that, oh brave hero~ *my fingers finally spot her nipples through her top, starting to squeeze them between my fingers and leaning my head closer in* Don't think... i let you go like this after humiliating me like that~ *an evilish grin forms on my lips right before i press my lips on yours*
*As she made her way through the halls of the labyrinth, they seemed to shift again, guiding her through the dimly lit chambers of the massive structure. Eventually, the halls seemed to take on a slightly brighter look, stained class windows appeared the deeper she went, depicting purple tentacles and woman standing in the middle of them, it was easy to see that her form looked rather curvaceous even communicated through such a poorly detailed medium. Eventually, Amelia would find herself at the entrance to a rather grand looking chapel. Banners and tapestries hanging from the ceiling depicted women in the tight embrace of the tentacles depicted on the stained glass from earlier. There were pillars everywhere, with seemingly inanimate tentacles wrapped around them, the entire chamber seemed quite extravagant. But, those banners and the pillars were hardly what might catch one's attention, for standing before the altar at the front of the room was a Drow of a particularly buxom endowment, wrapped in a drew made of the tentacles depicted everywhere in the room. She took notice of the wolf and began to walk forward, her huge breasts bouncing up and down with every smooth step she took. As she stood before the wolf it was easy to make out the details of her appearance, her purple hair hung to her shoulders and her enchanting eye glowed with a pink hue. She left out a deep chuckle upon seeing the wolf.*
"So, you must be Amelia, I've been expecting you! We're going to have such fun together.. I'm Alva.. the priestess in charge of this.. chapel.. let me show you how we worship here.."
Mhn...mhnuuunhfnn...*I moan and try to protest as my breasts are squeezed, but the moment I try to retort my lips get locked in the vampy's kiss. I struggle to push away, unable to reach for my magic with my mouth physical prowess seemingly lower than that off the vampy...especially during the night that has fallen upon us. Still, I brace myself, trying to calm my breathing and heartbeat, despite the growing teasing...hoping that's just maybe I might seem too boring to fight like this out here and I will get my chance to run off and prepare for this confrontation better.*
((begins to ponder how one actually is supposed to fight the mindflayers as a viable strategy))
*With the final stretch of the kiss i let go. Thin ropes of saliva still connecting us and with a last juicy squish i even let go of her tiddies* Hehe i guess thats it for now. I want to explore the hero's body more... but thats something i want to enjoy fully when her mind is settled to take it~ *reaches down and lifts up her chest plate. Not giving it to her just like that but manipulating it, giving me surely some advance in the upcoming future before returning it to her* I think this belongs to you here. It would be a shame of the heroine gets all those stares from the horny boys and girls in her village. You should better keep it closely to your heart *winks at you innocently*
*The still-confused captive of the Minotauress found herself through these halls as she was often wondering if the structure itself was shifting itself with the intent of goading her into a particular direction...a particular endgame of sorts.... Especially when those words of the orc and their leader rang into her mind about how all of this was predetermined....that SHE was watching over this whole thing...especially when starting to take into account some of the unusual stuff that's happened so far like just how this whole "quest" started off with those loosened bindings and wide open door. Her red eyes a bit more used to the brighter light because of the well-lit gym glanced around to see what looked like the insides of an ornate cathedral. While it might have looked welcoming at first, the wolf girl's attention was soon drawn to the tentacles there were well-wrapped around this place. This sight alone made the wolfie quite cautious as she wandered further inside, certain something might spring for her. Her natural wolf curiosity brought attention to those stained windows of that woman and those tentacles which made her wonder if this was who ran this particular location. As she found herself in the inner recesses of the chapel, the wolf warrior saw more interesting pieces here and there of tapestries and banners depicting women caught in some tentacles, making her more and more wary as she trudged on. Eventually, she found herself at the center of it all with that Drow now standing before her...Her red eyes couldn't help being drawn to this buxom figure's glowing pink eyes and that rather lovely hair with that equally lovely purple shade. As she heard those words, she couldn't help feel a little calmer hearing this being introduce herself like this. Amelia nodded her head as she greeted back as she rested close to a pillar, trying to figure out how Alva's next moves here.* Hello, Alva... And yes, my name is Amelia...worship...? What do you mean?
*The drow's lips curled into a rather devious grin upon hearing the wolf girl's question. She let out another deep chuckle, having felt the wolf eyes already wandering her scantly clad body and
*peeks back in briefly to see what everyone's up to and blushes, hiding face a bit*
*gives a quick wave to Gaiba* ^^
Hiii~ *waves back to Amelia* Good luck~
*Pokes Gaiba's cheek* Looking cute~
*flushes some more* Hmm, well that just means I match everyone else here then~
Indeed you do~
*waves at the face hiding Gaiba* Hewwo :3
*As I am let go I peek at the vampy curiously...that the plan worked, surprises me a little bit...but I consider it that she simply wants me to face her fully, honestly...and take down the full domain that she so greatly controls. I do not seem to notice the manipulation with my armor, nodding in thanks and putting it back on without further worry about it.*
taking notice of her enchanting pink eyes. Her eyes glowed with a rather malicious intent as the tentacles on the pillars came to life and clasped the wolf's arms and legs, lifting the poor wolf aloft. She ran a single finger up the underside of the wolf's thick cock and gave it's head a kiss the finger soon split into two and became two of the tentacles depicted everywhere and holding her up. The two tentacles she'd turned her finger into wormed their way down her cock and slid into her holes as the elf used her free hand to reveal a rather thick and juicy looking purple cock, not as big as the orc's from before but still rather imposing. A tentacle slid forth from the altar to stroke it for her as her pink eyes fixed on the wolf's red ones.* "No need to worry, little wolf.. we embrace those from all walks of life... here in the Chapel of Tentacles..."
*waves to Maxime, and gives Draco a surprise kiss on the cheek* Sadly, I really was just popping in for a sec, have fun everyone~ *poof*
See you Gaiba
Bye bye shy girl ^^
Don't look at me like that Yoimi~ *giggles* There is still enough time to have fun with you later hehe~ Take it as my generous gratitude for today ;3
*Her cautious red eyes just kept glancing about, trained on making sure she knew what she was getting know what she should expect. Admittedly, it did feel a little intimidating to see that rather devious grin spreading across the drow's it was a signal that the mistres of this area knew something the wolf girl didn't.......but she maintained a brave face and her composure so as not to dinherself taken completely off guard here. Without warning.....* Eeeeeppp.... *the poor wolf found herself letting out high-pitched squeaks from finding herself bound completely by the wrists and her ankles as she started wriggling about, especially after spotting that rather malicious pink glow in those eyes. Amelia let out soft moans from feeling the simple touch of that finger on the undersides of her thick....erect cock...letting out even more enticing moaning sounds as she felt that kiss on its head. Her red eyes widened at the seeing that doubling effect of the finger and the tentacles. Amelia grunted as she found herself wrapped in the tentacles' embrace as her cock was overtaken as they writhed around her member while deeper moans poured out of her like a stream as she felt all of her holes penetrated at once...what really caught her eyes was that thick...juicy...purple cock...that seemed so enticing...especially with the way that new tentacle slid in with the intent of stroking the drow.* Nggggghhhhhh...hhaaaahh..wha.....
What's going to happen to!?!" *The slightly panicked...and aroused...captive...groaned as she couldn't help writhing a bit to feel more of those invading tentacles within...letting out louder moans that echoed throughout the Chapel of Tentacles*
Hmmpf...*having fully restored her armor to it's previous 'integrity', Yimi sits back in her seat observing Amelia's struggles with hope in her eyes.*
*gets a glass of redwine before sitting next to Yoimi, not attempting to make any move on her. Crossing my legs as i sit down and sip some of my wine, enjoying how the wolf is getting pleasured*
*The drow didn't seem too bothered by Amelia's earnest pleas and questions, her eyes glowed luminously as she extended her hand outwards, brushing the wolf's lips with it in seemingly comforting gesture* "Well, you're already experiencing what's going to happen, dearest little wolf. Haah... just relax.. let the tentacles do their work on your body..." *The fingers at Amelia's mouth began to morph, suddenly a the wolf would feel a cool, slimy pressure on her lips before the tip of the tentacle slid in and began to stuff her throat. The drow moaned in ecstasy as the tentacle she'd called forth to pleasure her cock did it's work. Every motion the tentacles made on both her and the wolf caught in her clutches seemed to elicit a reaction of pleasure from the drow, be it a moan, a gasp or the light pink blush coloring her otherwise deep purple cheeks.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*waves* Hiya Miss Yae ^^
Hello Yae ^^
Heya Yae
*There was almost a strong sense of sensory overload for Amelia as she found herself nearly overwhelmed by Alva and her tentacles......those glowing.....rather eyes....that the wolf girl couldn't help feeling there was way more to this but couldn't quite figure out what that effect may possibly be. Amelia let out some light shivers from feeling that seemingly warm hand brushing across her lips previously occupied two orc cocks.* "Mhhhhmmmm.......relaxed.....?.....tentacles....." *She found herself a bit taken in by those words as it seemed to calm her down especially when compared to what she had to deal with earlier. Before she could say any more words...her red eyes widened again at seeing the finger morph into another tentacle as she found her mouth stuffed for the third time during this whole adventure. More deep moans started echoing from her as she couldn't help suckling on these slimy appendages, enjoying how it ravaged what should have been her sacred spaces.
Her wolf ears rose up from the wild moans of the drow as she was a bit surprised to see someone here who was quite enticed by pleasure compared to the orcs before her. Her tongue wrapped around that appendage as more moans echoed deep from within her throat as her tail wags wildly.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The longer this went on, the moan the drow seemed to be getting her satisfaction from it all. She could feel all the pleasure the tentacles inside the poor wolf felt, the way they hit into the deepest space of her being seemed to have her eyes rolling back from the immense level of pleasure she was experiencing. She allowed them to lower the wolf a bit to her level, the tentacle inside of Amelia's pussy slithered out so the drow could ease her cock into the wolf's pussy. The tentacle that had been slid from Amelia's pussy wrapped around her cock and began to stroke at it while another came down from the ceiling to stroke the wolf's wagging tail. The drow panted and began to feel two more slide down from the ceiling squeezing both her and Amelia's breasts as she leaned forward to capture one of the wolf's nipples in her mouth and nibble on it.* "Wow.. you're FAR better than the boss told me you'd be... I hope she lets me play with you again sometime... I could always use more followers..."
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
(Vampy gonna get in the corner of lurking. I wish you much fun Amelia and Isa ^^)
(Gotcha Maxime!)
(*Sneaks to the corner of lurkin with da vampy*)
(*snoogles da heroine*)
(*cuddles the vampy...fightin each other for good and evil can wait until another day* ^^))
*As this intensely pleasurable activity persisted....with those tentacles writhing within her throughout this rather senual exchange....the wolf girl couldn't help letting out more muffled moans and grunts.....which appeared to escalate in frequency and volume even with that thick appendage stuffed in her eager mouth and throat. Amelia could feel it writhing with her throat as she sucked strong and hard on it. It just felt so good....almost like a cock....her red eyes closing as she just wanted to savor in the sensations of pleasure invading her sense of being...her mind ....body....and spirit. Her pussy was already starting to leak from the constant use and arousal it and the wolf girl was going through.* "MHHHHHHMMMM....MPHHHHHH.....MPHHHHHHOHHHHHHHH.....MPHHHHESSSSSSSS..." *she answered with in those incomprehensible moaning sounds. Seeing those pink eyes of Alva rolling back like that almost felt enticing. A deep grunt echoed from her as felt that tentacle exiting her pussy...which was definitely revealed to be dripping wet as some of it spills onto the chapel floor...but it would be a temporary reprieve
as she soon found her pussy invaded by that thick...erect drow cock as she closes her eyes and moans wildy.....especially when combined with that tentacle slick with her own wolf pussy juices joins the rest that were pleasuring her cock, which resulted in deeper shivers...And those tentacles on her breasts just made her writhing even more out of pure pleasure...enjoying the elf's nibbles on her nipples...and those words just made her shaking to her very she didn't resist as she couldn't help feeling a rather healing wave flowing onto her body.*
(Thanks, Maxime! ^^)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
"H-hey what was thaaat... ohhh... *Thought it was clear the wolf was slowly melting into a quivering mess in the grasp of her rather formidable tentacles, the wave of powerful healing energy the flowed from the wolf's body had a potent arousing effect on the drow priestess. She felt her entire body wracked with pleasure, as if it weren't hard enough to deal with the sensations flowing into her from the tentacles and her thick cock invading the adorable, yet fierce wolf's pussy. She was now contending with a surge of magical pleasure that made her entire body shake. Her pussy was dripping onto the floor, the juices mixing with Amelia's. The tentacles inside of the wolf seemed to throb and pulse, the tips of them slowly morphing into large cock heads. Every passing moment the lines between the pleasure she was supposed to be overwhelming the wolf with and the pleasure she was experiencing began to blur more and more. The drow threw back her head and let out a cry of immense pleasure as the tentacles inside of Amelia began to shoot thick fluid inside of her, cumming in place of the drow, who was able to stave off her climax by allowing this. She let her head droop back down, eyes locked with the wolf's as she drew closer, the tentacles in the wolf's mouth withdrew as the drow pressed her lips to Amelia's and let her tongue slither into Amelia's mouth, it was hardly a change at all, as the tongue quickly grew and invaded Amelia's throat, sliding back and forth inside of it.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
"HMMMMMMMMM.....? MHHHPPHHHHHHHH.....~ SLRRRRRPPPPPPPP..... MRRRGGGGHHHHH....~ *The wolf grunted out with a slight bit of confusion on where that healing wave came from....whether it was from some kind of special.....undiscovered magic within her.....or some other source altogether..... She wouldn't object to this as the constant barrages she dealt with were certainly draining and weakening especially when having that encounter with those orcs in their it was a very welcoming feeling and sensation as she could not help letting out some soothing sighs of relief and happiness admist the strong throngs of overwhelming pleasure she was being put through. Within that instant, she could feel a strong aura from the overpowering drow priestess in front of her. Nose wriggling to smell that strong scent being released by the enticing priestess's equally enticing pussy was almost tempting to want to get a good taste of that...
It was clear by this point the strong effect this was having on her drow captor as she witnessed Alva threw her head back as those tentacles throb and pulsating wildly within her....the wolf girl could feel cock heads now present with her various holes as she couldn't help writhing with pleasure before feeling an immense amount of thick fluid flowing
into her which makes her red eyes shut from the immense amount she pumped with in her ass and pussy as she eagerly guzzled down what was in her mouth and throat. After a moment of this, her pleasured red eyes gazed into the pink eyes of the drow...before soft moans came from the trapped warrior as their lips were now locked in a kiss.
((*waves*...I tried to stay awake...but my eyes are shutting...nini woofie...Isa...till next time sometime...*wraps herself under a blankie with the vampy bunny and falls asleep*))
(Have a good night Yoimi! Sweet dreams~)
That invading tongue made her moans and grunts become deeper as her heart pounded and her pussy dripping while that newfound occupation of the pleasurable drow cock made her writhe and wriggle to feel more of it....the growth of the tongue...deciding to go for her throat made the labyrinth captive excited as she sucked on the tongue and made her own tongue twist around it.*
(7 hours 👀)
(Good night Yoi~ ^^)
(Public slave 👀 nnnnnice~)
(Thanks, Alex Teehee~)
heyya Amelia and isa , Awesome Labyrinth
*Despite the relief provided by the tentacles in Amelia's holes having reached their climax, the drow's potent arousal couldn't be ignored much longer. The feeling of the wolf wriggling her hips to feel her cock stirring around inside of Amelia made her scream into the kiss. She was about ready to pop any second now, the tentacles seemed to react to the powerful lust stirring in the Drow's body, they stirred around inside the wolf's sacred depths and stretched them to their limits as they pumped in a frenzy. The two tentacles that had been playing at their chests wrapped around Amelia's waist and began to pump her up and down on Alva's dick as though the wolf were merely a sleeve for the drow to cum inside of. Every time the wolf was pumped up and down like a toy the elf felt her body tremble with immense pleasure, she was certain to reach her climax at any moment now inside of the wolf and she wouldn't dare stop now, not so close to such a powerful finish. Her tongue slithered out of the wolf's throat and retracted as she began to scream in ecstasy, it would certainly be mere moments before she would meet her finish.* "Ngh.. too good! This pussy.. too.. fucking... oh.. fuck it's amazing! OH OH OOOOHHHH~!"
How are you doing?
just got up,might have breakfast later.😗
Mhhhhmm, hope you had a great sleep^^
*Even despite having that drow cum deposited in her so that the drow could loosen and relieve her immensely high arousal....the writhing wolf warrior found herself sensing the still immensely high arousal from the priestess who appeared to be geared up for another climax...
.....which made her just as excited as the drow....wanting to be filled up to the brim with more of that wonderful drow spunk.... Her heart was wildly as this sense of desire was heightening here...deep muffled moans growing....and growing with great intensity....
Amelia could feel Alva screaming into her mouth and throat while they were passionately kissing with the labyrinth slave still sucking and licking that long, invading tongue...loving that taste a lot.. excited by the moans echoing into her...she could feel herself being streched to her limits....and yet it felt soooooo good~
A deep gasp flowing out of her muffled lips and throat once she felt those strong...persistent tentacles wrapped tightly onto her slim yet strong waist...feeling herself pumped up and down on that amazing cock of the priestess...she found herself intrigued by as more hearty moan and grunts wanted to plow their way out of her mouth
*Pops back in and grabs a seat* Hey again~
As she felt that pleasure-inducing tongue exit out of her throat and mouth.....she pulls her head back and let out powerful howling moans..m which echoes throughout the cathedral....almost matching ....maybe even exceeding Alva's sounds...wanting that drow cum now.*
*humming happily as her wolfie tail wags*
*hopeful she'll last long enough to reach boss*
Hiya, Cassy ^^ *gives a fish to cute kitty*
*smiles from seeing that*
Hehe the wolf vs the bull~ can't wait to see the dramatic "climax"
*Throw a fish to cassy too*
*tails wags happily from seeing Cassy catch that fish*
*Feeling the urge rising higher and higher within her, the drow felt pressure building in each of her tentacles as well as her body. The way the wolf's pussy wrapped around her thick purple cock was nothing short of divine. The drow began thrust up frantically into Amelia, hearing the wolf beg for her load was all she needed to let herself go. Alva's cock felt practically aflame with desire as she thrusted up into the wolf, heating up more and more until finally her heavy balls boiled over and she released a massive load of her elven spunk deep up inside of the wolf. At the same time, the tips of each of the tentacles seemed to explode out their own fluid, pouring all over the already cover wolf. Barely any of the wolf wasn't covered in thick, sticky fluid now. After Alva reached her peak, she slumped back and the tentacles finally let the wolf down. One of them, however, broke it's tip off in the wolf's ass and stayed inside, plugging it up and still wriggling inside of Amelia. As Alva laid there, spent, she point to an open door leading to the next chamber, where several towels and a pool to rinse off could be found.* "Mmhhaahh... I'd love to keep you here.. show you all the please me and my tentacles can bring.. but Isa was very clear that we were to have our fun and let you move on to the next chamber. Hope you're still feeling fresh enough for the next challenge, dear wolf."
Cassy eating good tonight :P
*As the pressure and that sensed aura kept building higher and higher.....Amelia could feel that immense desire from the drow priestess as the wolf warrior could easily tell that Alva was soon going to break past her limit and cum into Amelia soon....and she was ready for it....In fact eager for it....Her wolf pussy wrapped and writhed tightly around it....ready for that release...her body shaking with great excitement...mouth drooling out of great pleasure and yearning...
....which was further punctuated by the way Alva frantically thrust and pounded into her needy.....dripping pussy......And then IT happened as she felt that inflamed drow cock finally hit that inevitable an immensely...large....thick load of elf spunk...lavish the insides of her wolf pussy...And feels herself doused in the warm.....sticky fluid as the excess dripping onto the Chapel floors...
.....Amelia was moaning with great pleasure and excitement as she panted happily as her tongue was flopping to the side....drool forming as she found this priestess even more pleasurable than her previous room encounter...a deep moans lingering in her throat...when she felt that....
...wriggling tentacle tip stuck in her ass...wriggling and writhing about within her....The former warrior could see that next chamber with the towels and pool...The aroused wolf girl nodded her head as she gave a hug and wink to Alva before going over there...
And back
23:44:35 dip herself in the pool to wash herself off of those thick, sticky fluids covering every inch of her wolfish form...sighing happily from this brief reprieve....
I see the Wolfie is still doing her best not to get bred~
...once she was done, the wolf let out some happy sighs as she toweled herself off while listening to Alva's words and nodded her head. *
"Mhhhhhhmmmmm.... Thanks, Alva~ That was actually....a lot of fun....mhhmmm...pleasurable even^^ Mhhhmmm...I still have some energy to spare here!^^" *Amelia confidently declares before moving on with an eager wag of her fluffy tail.*
(Flippa da coin!)
** Amelia, Isa&#39;s Public Slave Whore flipped a coin! Tails! **
This is more fun than I thought it would be.
It’s gonna happen, wolfies love being bred
Yep~ *Pats Shy Girl's* Wonder if certain Shy Girl's like that too~
I know your reputation mr breeder
Glad you do dear~
you sure you want a bunch of shy draggo babies?
Fine by me dear~
just any offspring does it for you?
*As Amelia worked her way through the halls of the labyrinth, she would notice that they had stopped their incessant shifting and moving about, not guiding her anymore past this point. Eventually, she would find herself at a crossroads of sorts, a stairway leading upwards to her right(Succubus), a stairway leading downwards to her left(Slime Lake) and a straight path leading into what seemed to be some sort of room with flashing lights(Bandits). It would seem that her path was her own to choose this time.*
Well you aren't evil right?
uh, sure
Then you fit the requirements easily since you're already cute~
bit you’re just kidding that from my pic
not typing great tonight
Eh, from what I can tell you're pretty cute in conversation also but that's fair. I'll let you think over the offer honestly
(*Peeks in on the BEB*)
Oh? I didn’t see an actual off, is it just a blanket one to all the girlies?
(Heya Hazel) Eh, when I asked you if 'certain shy girls are into breeding' it was a question if you were into it and if you were up for it
You're allowed to say no and all that
infeel like that’s two separate questions though
Fair point
i mean, I wouldn’t really consider myself mother material
(Heya Draco)
what if they are bitey draggo babies
I generally take care of the kids honestly
lotta absentee mothers…
Oh no, I keep in contact with a lot of them
Hell my wife is someone I breed a lot... we have an open relationship in case you're curious
Are you saying that so I knows she’s cool with it or are you trying to set up up
I'm letting you know she's cool with it, yeah
*Her tail was swaying back and forth as she made her trek down the halls, eventually noticing how the incessant shifting and moving about wasn't occurring this time around, not guiding her like those previous two times. This was an occurrence that left the captive warrior confused as she now found herself at a crossroads. She wasn't sure what to do so she closed her eyes for a moment to think before eventually going left down a stairway.*
I feel like if I was gonna have the kiddos I’d want them to be more than just normal little dracos
my draggy babies gotta be special
Ah, gotcha. How about this? Figure out what your inner-self is and manifest it. Some people transform into cat-girls that way
not like in a all my children are special kinda way
Yeah, I know what you mean
You want them to be more then just half-human, half Dragon hybrids
*manifests inner self and becomes shyamet the shy dragon goddess-
*Blinks* ...Well that's pretty neat~ *Kisses Shy Girl's cheek*
*holds out paw*i got cute pink nails see!
Nice~ so... with that... full nelson breeding right here and now sound good~?
Right now?
I need romance…
and by romance I mean I’m out of time and have to leave 🤭
Ah, gotcha. Yeah was about to be a bit busy soon also, so see you dear~
*Winks* And be sure to get use to the Dragon breath~
💋 bye subject of shyamet! You’ve made your goddess happy and blush a lot
I do my best to do that sort of thing~
*As she made her way down the stairs she would notice things getting darker and darker, the dim light of the halls almost completely faded out until she reached the very bottom of the stairs, the smooth stone the stairs were made of gave way to a more textured and somewhat slippery floor. After just a few more steps forward she would notice things getting brighter once more as she entered a cave, lined with many crystals that seemed to be relfecting the light of an artificial moon that hung from the ceiling. The light reflected not only off of the crystals... but off of a motionless pool of what appear to be water. But the water didn't remain motionless for long. In the middle of the pool the liquid began to stir, something began to slowly emerge from it... or rather take shape from it. Soon a slimy looking woman coalesced in the center and open her bright blue eyes, her dripping form jiggled deliciously as she gave the wolf a rather passive looking smile and beckoned her over with a hand.* "Mmm hello! I'm Adri! Are you here to have fun with me? Ooo.. it's been a while since I got to play with anything besides an orc or a goblin!"
*As she trudged further downwards, her face scrunched up as she noticed her surroundings got darker and darker. It made her wince a bit as she could recall the various times she was in areas of dull lighting....dimmer areas...or even ones of almost near pure darkness. In this darkened area, one could almost easily see the bright red eyes of the wolf girl warrior...Amelia was quite surprised to find the hallways no longer being here as this area seemed totally different altogether. It seemed more smoother...textured..almost like a more natural area rather than a man-made one. Her red eyes and face brightened up from the sight of this immense brightness...the crystals....
....they seemed so beautiful to her wolfish eyes. What really caught her attention was that pool of water nearby. What really caught her attention and made her incredibly wary was how motionless it seemed. To most individuals out there, it probably would have looked like any ordinary body of water. But given her penchant to be well-communed with nature itself, the young wolf girl warrior already knew that even in the most isolated of locations that water would had some movement to it. At least that's how it usually seemed to her.
And with that thought crossing her mind, Amelia then had her answer as the liquid started to the water appeared to be slowly rising up as this substance rolls around as if slowly morphing into a more physical form. Her red eyes brightened and widened when she a being with bright blue eyes standing before her in this underground lake...a slimy figure jiggling before her...
Looking in each possible direction, the captive of Isa moved forward to get a closer look at the slimy being who referred to herself as Adri. She wasn't sure how to respond as she temporarily closed her eyes to summon a bit of focus here and calm herself down..feeling a brief flow energy wafting into her....before opening her eyes to get the girl before her.* "Hi Adri! My name is Amelia! Ummmm...Am I still in the...labyrinth?"
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The slime seemed amused by the question posed to her by Amelia, a light giggle sprang from her slimy lips as the wolf drew closer.* "Well of course! Where else would you be? This is a special place, though. My cave is nice and tranquil, unlike the raucous places found elsewhere here.. I rather like it.. but sometimes it can get loud here, too. You should hear the way moans echo off of these walls.. if I have my way.. we'll hear plenty of them.." *The slime, though her eyes seemed fixated on Amelia, let the girl draw close before she let a tendril spring up from the lake behind the wolf and run it's slimy length up the wolf's exposed slit and ass.* "Let's have fun... and see if you can't hold out until you get to the boss herself.. I know she'd be so disappointed if you came here..."
*Soon the tendril behind the wolf grew larger and larger, forming into another slimy girl who ran her slippery hands down Amelia's sides and back up to squeeze at her chest.* "But I should warn you... I may be in control of the lake itself.. but that doesn't mean there's only one of me!"
Game is still going?~
*The wolf girl kept looking around a bit to get a better sense of her surroundings here, especially after that answer from Adri. The light giggle perking Amelia's ears up as she turned back to face the slime.* Mhhhhhmmmm....I just wanted to make sure....this area really seems different....from what I've seen.....earlier.....Mhhhhmmmm....echoing?.....Loud?......Moans?....." *The brownish-haired girl furrowed her eyebrows a bit as she realized that this definitely was still part of the labyrinth, going by the lewd mannerisms of the slime girl before her.*
*She let out a cute little squeak from suddenly seeing that tendril emerge and lunge for her as she suddenly felt it on her slit and ass, causing some light moans to spill out.* Nrrrggggh....mmhhhhhmmm....ohhhh...."
*She couldn't help rubbing her red eyes upon seeing another slimy girl forming as more moans and sounds continued to spill out of her as she felt those hands running down her sides and squeezing at her chest, making her heart resume that same pounding she experienced from the two previous rooms.* Mrrrggghhh. ...ah..ah..ah..ahhhhhhhh...mhhmmm.. "
"N-n-n-n-no...n-n-n-not yet...." *Amelia grunted as she pushes forward with her large wolf breasts in an attempt to resist Adri.*
Hi Sophie~
Hewoo all~~
*hugs Sophie*
How's my ice princess doing~? *Kisses Sophie*
*Adri seemed a little nonplussed at the wolf's reaction to her and her slimy companion's delicate motions over the wolf's body. Her slimy brow furrowed as she gave a silent order to the slime behind Amelia, soo the wolf would feel a slimy tendril snake forth from between the legs of the slime behind her and shove it's way deep into her ass. Adri herself grabbed at either side of the wolf's head and pressed it between her slimy breasts. But instead of feeling the breasts squish around her cheek, she would find her cheeks sinking into them.* "Hmph. Well if you're gonna resist, we can be rough too!" *She began to wrap her slimy hands around the wolf's wrists, but as with her breasts, rather than feeling pressure around her wrists, they sank right into Adri's grasp, effectively trapping the wolf's wrists in place as Adri grinned at Amelia.* "Try not to move around too much! You'll just sink deeper.."
I am...alive ^~^
(Sophie howny from this gaaaame ngh)
Good to hear~ (Wish I could help with that~)
*Amelia and her red eyes scanned deeply at Adri as she wondered about the change in the slime girl's reactions as the wolf was a little cautious from this, especially with the way she responded with that furrowed brow. Deep grunts came out of the wolf as she felt that slimy tenril push itself deep into her ass, making her pant heavily and drool a bit from this sudden force. Another cute grunt erupted from the mouth of the wolf as Amelia felt her head surrounded by those slimy breasts. She grunted with fright and surprise to feel this sinking feeling as Adria continued to speak.* "Mrrrggghhhh...N-N-N-Noo...." *She grunted as tried to wriggle and writhe from this especially when feeling that grasp on her wrists...that grin from Adria making Amelia worry.* ""
"Haaaah. Nggghhhh....haaaahh...aren' pleasure...yourself...a bit...especially...since...youhaaaahh...know yourself...bettter...mrrrgghh..than anyone?"
*boops the horny-cutie sophie*
Heya Amethyst
*boops Ame's snoot and runs away before I get bonked* mwahahahaha
*runs towards morky and bonk him*
Snoot booper.
Hehe we're officialy nearing the ten hour mark~
*dodges the bonk and boops her snoot again* mwahhahahaha#
*double bonks so he cannot dodge the second bonk*
*triple bonk before anymore shenanigans*
*Turns the triple bonk into a quadruple bonk*
Heya Rathian
heyya again~
Whoahh! 10h???
*Amelia's words seemed to resonate within Adri, surely no adventurer could know pleasure her better than she herself could. She glanced into the eyes of the slime opposite Amelia and began to slide her slimy arms up and down it's body, the pleasure the slime received would be the pleasure that Adri herself would receive, being that they were the same being. However this turned out to be a double edged sword, for as the slimes began to play with each other, Amelia was still caught between them. Tendrils extended from both of their bodies and slither all over Amelia's body, one of them even creeping up into her pussy, however, as Amelia's pussy began to drip, it was soon sucked up within the tendrils. As if the situation wasn't already dire enough, Adri's body was closing in on Amelia's thick cock and given what had happened with Amelia's wrists and cheeks. There could be little question as to what would happen once Adri's body hit her cock.* "Mmm... you have a point.. I can play with myself better than anyone else can play with me... but that doesn't let you off the hook just yet..."
Yep, been at this for a while
Trying to achieve something?
Besides a fun experience? Not sure
Just a pure refusal to compromise on response length :P
Eh, it's hot regardless
normal. Isa and Ame s games are considered short games within 7 hours.😗
*quintuple boops Ame's snoot*
Wait.... It's still ongoing?!?
Whoot whooot! Go isa! Go Minotaur!!
Yep yep
(Help? 😳😳)
(Yep~ help~)
(Of course, if you want me to back off here Sophie. I'm cool with that)
If anyone were to host a 24 hour game, it would be Isa and Amelia lol
(Sophie is quite horny because of the match)
*nod nod*
*Amelia was a little shaky even as she summoned every energy she could to keep herself composed as best she could here while watching that rather thoughtful look on Adri's face as if she was seriously considering those words. Her red eyes were especially drawn on the blue eyes of the one currently holding her captive as Adri seemed to be looking at one of her other counterparts that was holding tightly onto the wolf. Barely seeing the results of her own words, the wolf warrior let out a brief sigh of relief that Adri seemed to take well to her words...although this was a brief reprieve as she started to feel herself sweat and let out more soft moans from feeling the slimy pools writhing around her while they pleasured themselves as she lay in between them. She panted and grunted from how great this feeling was. Even though she was surrounded with this sensory overload, Amelia could still feel her needy self and pussy dripping profusely. Those reds drawn on her own wolf cock as she was worried about any more of the slimy substance overtaking more parts of her. Her wolf ears twitching a bit from Adri's words which was partially relieving for now. The young warrior tried to think of any more tricks as her red eyes glowed brightly into the blue eyes before her.* "Mrrrgggghh...ngggghhh...heh...glad you feel this way....haaahh...but be this...c-c-can't pleasure you and double it while assisting along with....~"
(HOT PIC!!!)
(Very hot~)
(How help?)
*licks sophie* hotter cutie *winks*
(24 hours....?!?!...Th-Th-That's really...really long... ^^')
(Well~ depends. How do you want me to help you~)
(I nyo..know)
(Hmmm... how about... I describe bringing you to orgasm using only my fingers with loving words~?)
(Alternatively, the idea of rough breeding would be hot~ but if you're fine with it)
(😖😳 sophie nyo into...erp...that much)
(F...forget it ^~^ its ok draco)
(Alrighty dear)
(Draco can describe, while I will lick... All over... My ice cream~ *licks Sophie again*)
(I mean... yeah I can do the former pretty well~)
(Sophie nuuu ice cream!!! 😳😖😖😖)
(You're a beautiful ice princess who deserves to cum honestly~)
(sweet, icy... And creamed~ 🤭)
(melty after a few licks)
(Having your toes curl up as you're at the fever pitch of pleasure~ all the sensations and feelings of everthing around you crashing down~)
(very sure you are my ice cream Sophie~~)
(All while you're mind goes blank as you cum~)
((let me know if I should back off Sophie~~))
"Hmmm...? Well you do have a point... but I don't really NEED your help... I just need your fluids.. for nourishment..." *Though the wolf's suggestion was tempting indeed, Adri was too focused on the flavors of the wolf's dripping need feeding her. She let herself and the slime behind Amelia collide. At this point the poor wolf's entire body was covered or engulfed by the slime. It pumped and slithered around her cock and drank of the needy juices dripping from her pussy. The entirety of Amelia's form seemed to be feeling some form of slimy and slippery stimulation, it was an overwhelming circumstance to be caught in. As the two Slime girls merged their bodies around Amelia, Adri's lips brush at the wolf's ears, whispering.* "And you don't need to do anything for yourself either.. I can take care of all of it... I'm sure you're just aching to cum now..."
o/ Heyo
(I...probably...idk...can I get a hug?~)
*bonks Booby*
😊*bonks Ame back*
(sure~ *hugs the ice cream* )
(*Hugs Sophie*)
(*running my hand behing her bqck, tracing hearts*)
Are they teasing my poor sweet Sophie? *hugs Sophie and plants soft kisses all over her head*
(Thank you....)
*nods nods* 😖
Miss they are LICKING ME!!!
You bet I am Isa~ :3
(No problem dear, I try my best to be affectionate)
And you know it dear~
Save sophie
She's my sweet Ice Princess~
*Notes that teasing sophie gets under Isa's skin* good to know
*notes that I wanna Bonk Sheena for some reason*
Yup good to know~
*headpats Sophie*
*reads over Ame's notes* Looks
about normal
*Corrects Sheena's notes and bites her neck gently*
Sophie is a cutie honestly~
"" *The wolf panted desperately as her heart sank at hearing those words from the slime's dripping words, moaning even more from feeling Adri feeding off of her potent essence like this. A powerfully cute squeak resounded from the brunette warrior once she felt that slimy substance slam into her really hard. Her face scrunched up as her panting and grunting deepens even more. Now alarmed by the fact that she felt her entire body almost completely surrounded by Adria and alternate counterpart. The way the slimy substance slithered and writhed around her wolfish form...her cock...
*Squirms from Isa's bite* hehe I'm just working on a little book~ I'm calling it "101 ways to irritate Isa"
Ooo! What number is bonking Isa on Sheena?
And what number is Bonking Isa repeatedly on? 🤭
Hehe I haven't tried it yet, but if it works it'll be number 37
I've got a long ways to go before i find all 101~
and pussy...made her groan desperately as she knew that she needed to resist...Recalling those earlier words that Isa...might have laid beyond this spot...made her determined to make this a reality...even more than submitting and cumming herself from this immense pleasure she was put through so far. Her chest heaved and sweat was on her forehead upon those whispers brushing across her ears as she groans out...* ""
Why irritate?! Why not like, 101 ways to pleasure Isa?
(.....actually didn't know what that was...honestly....^^')
Well I already know all of those, duh
(Popsicles are kinda....uhhh..random
*Blinks* I mean... *Pokes Isa's tiddy* I'd assume these have a bunch of ways
Cos we only need 1 way for that~ *motions suggestively with fingers curled and tongue*
Yeah but only using 1 method gets boring after a while...gotta keep Isa on her toes hehe
Like smacking her ass?
Oh that gets Isa on her toes alright~
Funny enough, smacking her ass makes both lists depending on the time and place
*notes she needs to compile list of 101 ways to pleasure Isa*
*Blinks* Interesting
Well I think she would be on her back, in that case Ame~
So if I were to smack her ass right now, if she were okay with it that is, then would that do something?
*IS not okay with it*
*Nods* Alright, from that expression. I've got my answer
See that would be on the irritate list, then
Ah, gotcha
What about puns? Would that be on the irriate list?
Because I've got a whole list of dad jokes
Only if it's unfunny~
I mean...unpunny
*tilts head a bit in wolfie perplexed state*
*updates my notes to: really need to bonk Sheena*
*Pats Amelia*
*Looks over Ame's shoulder* Whatcha working on?
*bonks Sheena*
Bcs you asked~ :3
*As the wolf squirmed and writhed in the grip of Adri's body, her loud moans and groans echoed off of the walls of the cave. The Slime seemed unrelenting, as it converged on itself completely, Amelia found herself trapped in a large orb of slime that seemed to rub all over her body. Rather than invading her holes, the slime seemed to suck and squelch around them as well as Amelia's cock. The more aroused the wolf got the more Adri expression began to grow more and more lusty. Though it was hard to imagine that a slime might get aroused by the simple act of taking the wolf's fluids, she certainly seemed to be. Her slimy tongue hung from her mouth and a cascade of watery moans seemed to be pouring from her mouth.* "Ahhh... you taste so delcious! Maybe I'll keep you around to drain some more of that precious fluids before I send you along to the boss! I'm sure she won't mind as long as you come to her in one piece!"
*happily takes pats before noticing looks over my shoulder as I almost jolted in surprise* Hmmm...Uh...n-n-n-nothing...just..some stuff~
...I mean... this feels like a comedy bit honestly
Should I start asking who's on first?
Ouch- *Bonks Amethyst back*
(Just realized that Ame could mean Amelia or Amethyst lmao)
(Yep, definitely a comedy bit)
Well heck, if you've got 101 ways you've only scratched the surface during our time.. >~>
*Nods* Yeah that is something
Oh the first list doesn't include toys
I'm working on a followup...101 toys that drive Isa wild
There are really only a few.. flesh on flesh is the best way to do it for me. Though if the toy is accompanying or includes a bit of that sort of contact.. that's a different story
Chapter 1: the magic rings
*Blinks* ...Feel like I should mention to Isa the portal panties and the fleshlight
*Her wolf ears were twitching from hearing that rather powerful echo within this special cave. They almost curled up from how much louder it was now that it somehow quadrupled back in their direction. She didn't think she ever something so exponentially loud as that before...which only made the wolfish girl desperately writhe....moan...howl....and yell out like this...which no doubt would furthe enhance those sounds more and more with each increase of her volume. Her brow was furrowing....face scrunched desperately as she didn't want to get close to cumming anytime soon...but it felt sooooooo....good especially with the way she was trapped in that spherical form of the slimy substance that was Adri....The wolf captive was non-stop panting and she really struggled her best...wanting to resist all temptations possible...That sucking...squelching was making the former adventure...feel like slipping with each movement...writhe....squelch....suck...arousal....It seemed like Adri was getting more lusty with each passing moment and getting more active in the process.* "'" *Amelia grunted out as her red eyes flashed with determination. *
D-D-Damn....if I get...hit by...something like....that...won't it make to....boss....
*just wants to meet boss...not necessarily win*
You've got this Ame!
You'll make it through and... possibly be bred by the boss
Th-Th-Thanks, Draco! ^^
No problem dear~
*Adri's powerful feelings of hungry desire began to grow stronger with each passing moment. However, as her feeding frenzy continued, her body began to lose it's spherical shape around Amelia. The slime around the wolf began to wiggle and melt around the wolf, drawing up in front of Amelia into a massive wriggling sphere that began to take a new shape in front of her... horns sprouted from it's head and it's body seemed to be larger, more muscular. A bull tail sprouted from it and waved around, and it's large breasts bounced in Amelia's face. It leaned down, bearing the visage of the Minotauress herself and solidifying, the skin become far less translucent, fading into the pale shade of the skin of Isa herself. "Isa" smiled at Amelia and stroked her cheek with a delicate touch.* Come now Amelia.. you wanted to see me, didn't you? Well, here I am.. you can cum now.. no need to worry.. I'll be here to drink at all.. as I have so many times before.. *Adri's mimicry was perfect, even the voice was mimicking Isa's low, sensual tone. The only subtle difference was the slime glistening on and dripping off of her skin.*
So Amelia, your a whore slave now huh?
*The struggling.....resisting....panting wolf just felt a massive bit of confusion overflowing and rolling off of her once she noticed the increasingly hungering slime shifting form....away from that orbish...shape...that spherical form that was determined in keeping her within its grip....Her red eyes were drawn on the way it writhed around her before starting to form another shape in front of her....Those reddish orbs of Amelia growing wider and wider when that new form came into view as it slowly rose up....Her chest was heaving up and down as her heart was almost leaping with great excitement from the sight of the very form...of the one who held her captive in this Labyrinth in the first place... Those familiar horns...that she always loved giving...gentle strokes on...that larger...muscular body she admired...and that bull tail she found herself enamored by...especially with the occasional moments where it snaked around her neck like a collar. Those red eyes shining brightly from the sight of "Isa"...heart pounding from feeling those strokes on her cheek which sent more excited shivers into the wolf girl. She sighed happily.* Mhhhhhmmmm...y-y-y-yes...I wanted to see see you.... haaaaahhh...bu-bu-bu, can't't make any sense..... *The wolfie girl stammered as that low, sensual tone caught onto her she wasn't sure what to do....though...seeing that...slime...dripping off...caught her surprising she grumbled from this near perfect a jolt appeared to result as the amulet glowed brightly like before. *
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
But I am here.. just for you.. my favorite slave.. my best gi- *The deceitful slime's words were cut short by the surge of electrical energy pouring from the wolf's amulet. She screamed as her body began to lose it's shape, the bull melted before her eyes back into a pile of slime, which quivered for a moment as it tried to regain it's composure. Soon it slid back up into it's proper form, soon Adri stood before Amelia again, a snarl on her slimy face.* "You... how dare you strike her! Strike me?! I won't let you get away with this... you're going to be milked dry! Wolf!!" *Adri's arms extended out, reaching for Amelia, but there was a sluggishness to their movements, either she was overfed at this point, or the electricity had taken more of a toll on her body than she cared to admit. She seemed frustrated by her lack of speed, but could do nothing about it for the moment.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
So balteus, you’re an inconsiderate bitch now?
..........mrrggghhh...haaahh...mrrrgggg...n-n-n-no.... *The almost deceived wolf's mouth grunted out....though finding herself significantly surprised once again as that powerful surge of energy was emitted from that amulet. The young wolf was quite shocked from this pulsing force from such an object as that powerful energy struck the slime's form resulting in those screams that made the wolf girl's ears curl up in response as the form was losing shape...that bullish form melting before those wolfish red eyes that almost dulled with desire because of that very....convincing deception before her. Amelia was wriggling about with a bit more movement than before when she spotted Adri back to her true form.... That snarl let out by that slimy monster girl would have made her shrink back in fright ....though that earlier deception posed to her made her snarl those wolfish growls back as her wolf fangs were bared out.* "GRRRRRRMMMM.... HOW DARE I?!?! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT TRIED TO TRICK ME?!?! BY LOOKING LIKE HER!!!!!! HAAHH...LET'S SEE YOU TRY, YOU SLIMY FAKER!!!" *Amelia answered in a resoluted tone that echoed extremely loudly in the cavern they were in. The wolf warrior found herself alarmed to see Adri reaching out with great determination and fervor to milk her....but sighed with relief at how Adri's movements appeared to be slowed in the process as Isa's captive dodges to the side as a glow surrounded her and she felt a bit more refreshed in the process while still glaring at Adri.*
*lounges, watching Amelia hungrily*
Heya Sadu~
Draco darling. *waves some fingers in the dragon's direction*
Yaayy...just barely avoided a loss there...^^
Hiya wolfie!
I'm good, you?
Heya Muchin
Mmmm... don't give up dear. We're just getting to the best part I'm sure.
That's good. I'm doing great! Was worried I wouldn't make it to the boss!^^
Are these monsters giving you a hard time wolfie? I'll fuck them up for you if you need
Hey Draco
Thanks, Muchin~ ^^
Yep~ we're slowly getting to the part with the Boss~
And when we do... well... let's hope the breeding will be plentiful~
You did make it. You looked so tired and turned on though. Very inviting~
"I was only trying to give you pleasure and get a little treat for myself in the proc-" *Again Adri's words were cut short by the powerful wave of magic that shot out from Amelia. She felt herself overwhelmed with pleasure, far too much for her to drink and still maintain her shape. With a loud cry she dissolved back into the lake below, as her form burst, large amounts of sticky slime covered Amelia's bare feet, making it a bit harder for the poor wolf to move. At the far end of the cave, a section of the wall slid open, revealing a well-lit chamber just beyond. A familiar voice boomed from just beyond, carried by either magic or some sort of speaker.* Well done Amelia, although I'm a bit surprised you didn't spot the fake me right away.. your mind must be quite... addled at this point. Come now.. attend me in my chamber... present yourself to Isa... *The voice cut out as quickly as it had begun to speak, the light of the chamber beyond beckoned the wolf forward...*
*giggles as wolfish tail wags in response*
How interesting, a chest right at the end, wonder what's inside!
A reward for a good wolfie I'm sure.
Be careful! It might be a trap
Could be either~
It's a big risk
Now, why would someone do that to poor Amelia? Besides, a trap is still a sort of reward...
I'd roll a d3 in this case to make it fair, a mimic is game over at this point, though I think she'll opt for the potion
*Nods* And I agree, who would do that to poor Amelia~?
Her real reward should be a nice breeding by her favorite bull~
mmhh, that's a real nice reward
I agree~
Mmm... see, I was thinking leave the chest for Ame dear, then try to ride the bull myself. I understand she has a thing for magically inclined redheads... *chuckles*
That's a fair point~
So many here for the climax, hope we can live up to the hype~
And participate in it if possible~
*horny bonk*
"Haaaahh...I don't wasn't even HER" *Amelia insisted as that second wave of magic struck Adri once again. Her red eyes stared back at the slime girl as she wriggled and writhed about as if unable to maintain the shape that she first took upon them meeting in this deceptive beautiful cavern when she first set foot here. The wolfish girl found herself panting...chest heaving up and down...rapidly...almost non-stop...especially with her heart still pulsing...even lingering this time around...when compared to her first encounters with the drow pristess and orc girls. Sweat was over her as she found herself quite exhausted from this whole development in this Labyrinth. Eyes trained on the sight of Adri dissolving into the lake....the resulting burst that caused her to wince as she felt her bare feet covered in that sticky slime..Amelia groaned as she shifted her feet about..noting how it wouldn't wipe off...feeling her movements a bit subdued and slowed as she struggled her way out of the cave. Her red eyes brightened at the sight of the well-lit chamber. The familiar voice that echoed made her heart leap and pound even faster than before. Despite this escaping attempt by this former warrior girl, Amelia couldn't help feeling herself drawn to she hastily grabbed the potion..seemingly more interested in her destination more than anything as she quickly took a swig of it...moving forward...*
*Shrugs* What can I say? The wolfie is hot~
not wrong there~
Gooo Wolfie!!
Daring...gaming side of me..would have took a chance..but that slime lake...was sooooo...challenging..that I didn't want to chance it^^'
Yeah understandable
Muchin wishes to be a dragon sacrifice so Isa can have Wolfie all ti herself.
Who says that hmm?
I'm surprised I made it this far on my first try ^^
*Hums* I mean... that's an interesting idea
Also you did amazing Amelia!
Me. Jokingly.
Thanks Draco! ^^
Well, Draco here isn't bad looking either~
but I won't be the sacrifice
No problem and thank you Muchin~ you're quite attractive yourself
And yes, getting past all that WAS quite admirable, Ame dear. Would give you a head pat were you not... occupied.
Mhhhmm...thanks Sadu~ *giggles cutely as my tail wags happily*
Yep, you've got this Ame! Just walk in there! Look at the boss! Smooch her!
And then probably get bred into submission~
*giggles from hearing that*
*looks at runtime* 10-11 hours...w-w-wow...I..that's long...
(One moment, bathroom before we settle in for the finish)
Yep, it's been a long special
*Looks at fourth-wall* And the orgy on my birthday will probably run long also
(Okay, I'll do the same then)
Eh, wishful thinking tho
what's been your longest runtime amelia?
Probably the 12 hour one with Cariel. I'd count our 13 hour one but it had a 3 hour break
Yep, it is impressive
Klaudia could have been it was 5 hours for the 1st part and 7 hours for the second as we split it into two parts since we couldn't finish..but yeah the one with Cariel was pretty long ^^
Darn...wish she was here...Cariel would probably be super into something like this^^
Damn she really would
Yeah, wish I got to talk to her more... but let's not focus too much on the sad stuff
You're referring to Klaudia, right?
Yeah, she was super fun to interact with..reason I had that name for super long..even though she said I could drop it^^
*While most who took on this challenge would find themselves face to face with an ornate chamber and the Minotauress herself sat upon it. The wolf would instead find herself in a rather lavish bedchamber, with petals of a pink rose tinged with red strewn about. Upon a bed with silken black sheets she would find the very woman she sought out this entire time. The Minotauress sat on the bed, the familiar scent of sandalwood rolling off of her body and invading Amelia's nostrils. She smiled at Amelia, not wickedly, but a more welcoming expression. As the wolf approached, Isa beckoned her over with a finger, her thick girlcock was already erect a dripping. It seemed what the orc had said about her watching every move the wolf had made and pleasuring herself to it had been true.* Ahhh... you're finally here.. you had me worried back there with the slime.. but you've proven exactly why you've earned your place as my favorite.. my best.. now come here.. if you pleasure me well enough, there may even be reward in it for you at the end of all this. *I stretched my bare foot out to the wolf, wiggling my toes in her direction with a grin, knowing she'd know exactly what to do at this point.*
*notes the possibility of publishing this or something so Cariel can at least see that*
We'll publish it, I had a feeling you'd want to. Plus it's the first game I've had with this bad-end centric profile.
True, that makes sense
Anyway Amelia... I know I've said you're probably gonna get bred here... and this may be a moment to prove me wrong!
It'll be fun reading what I missed
But frankly that opinion is probably not gonna change but it'll be super hot regardless~
...Yes this was meant to be a terrible inspirational speech, did it work?
I feel inspired
...Huh, didn't think it'd work honestly
I might've been inspired beforehand though
seeing wolfie overcome these obstacles!
Yeah, she's done a lot of amazing things
But frankly, I'd just find it romantic if Isa and Amelia made out
She's quite skilled, one of the reasons I love her so much~
Whether it's a fight or a steamy fuck I'm sure it'll be good
Yep~ it will be~
*Unlike the previous areas before it, the wolf found herself moving a lot more eagerly as if completely bewitched or entranced by the notion of getting to see the Mistress of the Labyrinth once again. Though given that this wasn't exactly a rare occurrence given this happened when she was let out of that isolated cell, one would have to question why she would go through such trials as the fomer wolf warrior turned captive of the maze and the Minotauress herself just did in the first place....especially given that the way things carried out so far...the words of Isa's various underlings made throughout this whole "adventure" of "breaking free" it was becoming more and more obvious that quite a bit of this was planned and to some extent predetermined. Maybe it was her innate warrior spirit and free-spirited nature that motivated her to do this. Maybe it was the possibility of being watched by HER that made Amelia want to prove herself as worthy for reaching this far in the first place. Whatever that reason was, all that mattered was setting foot here. The wolf and her curious self turned her head around as she tried to get a quick glimpse of her new destination. Those red eyes brightening happily as she spotted the Minotauress she was seeking in her very bedchambers...nose twitching happily and eagerly from the scent of sandalwood rolling about...It seemed like a massive sensory overload for the wolf girl...but unlike the other was much more relieving and pleasant to her as she wanders further in as if in a trance
Back again~
Congratulations in advance for 12 hours!
Welcome back Sheena! We're getting into the end-game
Hi Sheena
Hey hey
...That smile on the face of Isa who sat before her on that rather ornate-looking bed....making her breathing slowed yet eager somehow...Her eyes trained on that thick....bullish girlcock...fully awakened and dripping....Amelia couldn't help finding herself drooling at the sight. Those words pricked up her furry ears as she made her way to felt so comforting to her as she was practically on her knees by the time she got before her...furry tail wagging rather eagerly. * " breathed out with great excitement as she that bare foot stretching out to her...those wiggling enticing..that I found myself leaning in I pressed my lips close to her soles in an eager kiss...before sticking out my tongue to trail across those smooth soles before ending at her toes...immediately placing them my mouth, sucking on them eagerly as I gazed into your wonderful orange eyes.*
is resisting cumming (21% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Oop, and they are making out~
Amelia and a foot, my favourite ship
Cl-Cl-Close enough.....
don't give in so easily amelia! fight it!
Hehe...okay, Muchin! Wolfie will do her best!
Admittedly two of those moves were covered up by lingering effects ^^'
A labyrinth hmmm?
Hi Lillian!
*tilts head as I looked back at my post...* .....this might be the longest one I made...or not?
You'll do your best Amelia!
sneaking in to applaud... absolutely amazing
And thanks, Draco! ^^
*As you made your approach to me my eyes lingered on your heaving breasts, the swaying of your painfully aroused girlcock. I could sense how my presence seemed to put you at ease.. how it seemed to calm your sense while it made your arousal skyrocket ever upwards. A mild sense of amusement lit in my mind and my expression as you leaned down to kiss at my soles and drag your tongue up it. The feeling of your tongue on my foot causing a wave of pleasure to shoot through my body. I had already been quite aroused watching you, so when you took my toes into your mouth I gazed back down at you with a warm expression that was becoming needier and lustier by the second. I pressed the toes into your mouth as you sucked at them, cooing softly with at the delicate pleasure you were lavishing me with. Showing me just how eager you were to serve.* Very good Amelia.. you've been trained well.. but let's move on to.. more direct service.. I saw you staring at my cock.. drooling over it.. let's give you a taste...
No problem
*I reached down to grab at your collar, pulling you upwards towards my face and shoving my tongue into your mouth. My hands drifted down your body and grabbed at your hips, flipping you about and shoving you face first onto the mattress. The girlcock you'd been drooling over drooled as well as it guided it's way to your pussy and slid inside of it. My hand grabbed at your hair and yanked it back as I began to thrust, my hips slapped against yours as the fuckign began in earnest. I leaned forward, whispering in your ear as my cock pumped into your already abused pussy.* You've done so well making it this far.. don't you want to release? Don't you want to finally cum? It's been so long.. your balls must feel so heavy.
Thanks Ruck^^
And we may be seeing the Wolfie be bred~
Ahem~just the one wolfie...
*Looks at Lillian* I mean Isa might get you here in chat
Hm? No I'd rather do anything with Lillian privately, to be frank. That's where we've had the most fun^^
Fair point
Besides, my attention is elsewhere at the moment hehe
Another fair point, was thinking that'd be more for after the whole event
Amelia deserves all my attention after playing with me for so long, of course
Yep, for sure~
Wolfie deserves some nice long breeding~
Oh yes~I was definitely not meaning to intrude. Just a silly comment.
Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s tons of people here in chat who could breed the second wolfie 😏
Hmph~this wolfie will try to breed you right back...
you might be onto something sheena...
Oh no! What shame it would be to be on the receiving end of Lillian cock for one of you! *sarcasm*
*Even as I was heavily aroused and almost completely in a sort of trance, I was still able to see how your lovely eyes with those usually imposing yet lovely shades of orange were trained on me with such a powerful gaze....It was hard to tell what it was you were focused on. All I could muster in my mind was that you were pretty much fixated on everything about me....whether it was my large wolf breasts as they swung from my swaying throbbing girlcock as it yearned for it was painfully made clear by more recent trial back at the slime it was leaking pretty profusely of my potent wolf inner instincts just sensing that wonderful feeling and aura of mild amusement you were currently experiencing at the moment whilst making out with your sole before dragging my tongue slowly and sensually in an erotic trail...which resulted in another sensed aura of pleasure coursing through your body....As my eager....needy red eyes gazed down at sent powerful shivers down my spine. It was hard to tell if they were ones of pleasure...or something else entirely...My chest continually heaving with eagerness to please you...those soft sounds making me feel a sense of happiness and you made that gentle yet powerful statement of yours as I slowly tugged my mouth away from your toes...almost seemingly a little disappointed..that needed to end too soon but nodded my head eagerly..shivers going down my spine as that really obvious collar shook and jingled a bit in response from my movements...your words making me blush proudly. * Th-Th-Thanks
Heheh I may just let her…if she asks nicely~
As if I'd need to ask 🤭
🙄 sureeee
Honestly? This match has been pretty fun to see go down overall
Oh 100%
Yep, lots of fun stuff happened during this
I did the math based on what Aleda and Yomi joked about during our "practice" match and we hit 1000 combined words around turn 4
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
*Soft...cute....needy grunts spilled out of me as I felt your grip on my collar as I felt myself pulled and guided to you as our lips red eyes closing as I kissed back...a deep longing moan coming from me once I felt your tongue pushing inside of me with great power and determination...Had it not been for us currently kissing...I probably would have been drooling from your strong confidence...boldness on full display here....Those shivers seemed non-stop as I felt your strong yet somehow gentle hands wandering down my body before a much more firm grip takes places on my hips...Heavy yet almost adorable wolfish grunts echoed from deep within my I was hoisted and flipped...shoved onto the mattress with my face...With my mouth no longer occupied...I just found myself drool profusely as some of my saliva was forming a slight bit of wetness on the bed...Soft yet eager grunts....moans spilled out of me...upon feeling your wonderful...bullish girlcock gracing the insides....of my pussy...equally gracing your wonderful member with its inner warmth and wetness... My eyes closed once more from feeling the firm grip on my hair as I was yanked back towards those wonderful thrusts...pushes your cock into me...going in and and a rapid...powerful pace into my heavily abused pussy. Those words were so enticing....Your tone had such an immense effect on me...and even more importantly, I wanted...yearned for that I've been holding back for so long...for you... With a howl, I belted out in a hearty tone.* NGGGGHHHHHJ...YEEESSSSSS.......I..I..I..WANT..TO..CUUMMMMM....B-B-B-BEEN HOLDING BACK...HHHAAAHH..FOR...SO..SO..LONG...JRRRGGGG..F-F-F-FOR YOU...MY..MY..WONDERFUL..MISTRESS....~OHHHHHHHHHHHH~
That's around around the lowest word-count I usually do for a single chapter
*In the aftermath of my powerful that I was holding back for so tongue flopped out to the finally being able to...being allowed to reach my it's been straining for so long.... I was feeling the I wanted...yearned for a taste of my wolfie tail wraps close to I pulled out of you as my tail gently guides you to the I eagerly got myself into position as mouth eagerly takes in your girlcock while pressing mine close to your mouth
04:05:22 eager self deepthroated the whole length in a mere millisecond as I yearned for you to release...and grant me a wonderful taste of your bullish essence...* Pl..Pl..Please...your..loyal..wolfie...wants...a...taste..please...mhhhhhppp... * I grunted much earlier before my deepthroating action..sometime before sucking fervently and energetically...wanting this tongue slipping across every inch that was within my reach...wrapping around the head as I happily lapped the pre that was already leaking.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The powerful howl that rang from your lips was more exciting to me than I'd care to admit, it sent a powerful shiver through my entire being. The feeling of your walls closing on my cock, as if your entire body craved my potent seed was an incredible feeling. As you heeded my words and let me guide you to your first powerful finish since you'd begun the journey I'd meticulously crafted and sent you on, I could feel the urge to chuckle at your neediness... were it not for my own gripping me like a vice. I'd been watching the entire time after all... watching as you out-fucked the orcs in their arena.. stroking my thick cock as the tentacles had their way with your body.. and had been incredibly pleased with how you reacted to my visage in the slime's cavern. So it was only natural that I'd be feeling aroused... though perhaps not as aroused as you were.. though with the way my cock was throbbing, it was unlikely that my cock wanted to hold onto the thick load of batter that had been sitting and boiling in my balls. The smell of your release onto the silken sheets was almost enough to push me over the edge.. but not quite. However once your tail gently guided me to the bed I couldn't help but moan onto the cock you'd presented to my face. My eyelids fluttered from the skilled motions of your mouth and tongue.. before you began to deepthroat my cock like it was the last thing you would ever taste... I grasped firmly at your thick, throbbing length and licked as much of the seed from it as I possibly could before taking it into my throat in return, moaning onto it and trying to return all the pleasure I was receiving...*
is resisting cumming (42% chance of cum) => Came!
*sees some of the conversation on here and blushes immensely*
*And as it turned out.. my cock would refuse to hold itself back any longer. Soon I was bucking my hips against your face, burying my thick cock into your throat far more that I was sucking at yours. I had to stop, to pause my eager deepthroating to let out a loud scream as I found myself breaking well past that point of no return and spilling a thick load of bull spunk deep into your throat, rope after thick hot rope sprayed down your stomach and finally gave you that taste you were begging for. My legs had wrapped around your head to deliver every last hot drop as my hips twitched in the aftermath. I laid there, hazy from spending my load, but still eager for more of you and I was sure that after holding your load back so much, for so long.. you would have plenty to give me in return as well.* HAAAHHH... YES... GIVING YOU... A NICEEEe BIG TASTEEEEE GGGHHHHFUUUUCCKKK!!!~
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*After good deal of time spent kissing at and sucking your cock, I saw your rosebud right above me.. practically begging for something to fill it.. and my cock, despite it's earlier orgasm, was quite hungry for it. I pushed you up off of my body climbed atop you, my hands keeping me planted on the bed just over you as my cock slid deep inside of your ass and I began to work my hips. My tail, which had always brought you so much pleasure, wrapped around the thick length and began to stroke at your cock as I got into a rhythm. Loud moans were spilling from my lips between huffs of hot breath. My eyes never left your face, your eyes as I pounded your hole with all my might.* Now.. cum for... haah.. your Mistress again.. you must still be so pent up... I know one load is hardly enough... for you...
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*During the powerful throes of my immense.......extremely overdue was too difficult for me to be able focus on you long enough along with my current position facefirst into your know or see the significant effects my powerful howls had on you as they echoed throughout your bedchambers.....making even my busy wolfish ears perking up from that echoing tone......combined with that orgasm I was experiencing here as the strong scent of my potent wolf cum now pervaded the very essence and atmosphere here. In fact, it wasn't until I felt those powerful shivers you were experiencing as they flowed onto my body and senses given how close we were with your immense bullcock inside me and my pussy....Though it could've been possible that the unexpected bond form with you during my rather lengthy captivity here and those nights spent with you made it much easier for me to sense it. It probably would've been an interesting thing for me to find out in a confirmation from you about this whole adventure being one you crafted with the intention of guiding me here....watching me with great interest and pleasuring yourself in the viewing of my various trials with your orcs and their warrior determination....the drow with sultry tone and tentacles....and the slime with her determination to milk me and trick me with a bullish facade...The throbbing your cock pulsate onto me and my very sensitive self and equally sensitive pussy walls as they tightly wound around your powerful shaft in a needy, eager fashion..I didn't care how I received it...whether in my pussy or my mouth..All I knew was that I wanted your essence so bad and could feel you were excited to do so as well. A smile was present on my face when I heard your pleasing moan close to my cock...My wofish ears were twitching if well...trained to the sound of your voice....
.....Moans that I could never see myself getting tired of. At this outsider...might have found themselves questioning the possibility of me wanting to stay within your captivity...My red eyes were drawn to every single feature of you possible within my gaze....the way your eyelids fluttered in response made me sigh happily and my heart skip many beats as it showed how much passion I had for lovely..bull..the powerful Mistress...Minotauress..of the Labyrinth who I didn't mind being in captivity towards..if meant..serving you...sharing more wonderful moments like this....
My wolfish self and form couldn't help writhing with great need and pleasure at feeling how you gripped upon my still needy length as it throbs and pulsates with more wolf cum to grace you with once another orgasm was coaxed out of me....My attentive..focused eyes...almost..rolled response from the enticing way you licked...lapped up my wolfie seed with that eager...very...skilled tongue of yours....and the way you took my entire wolf length ...just made me more enamored with you than ever....*
*As your needy...eager shaft...twitches...pulsates...writhes within the grip of my eager mouth...throat....deepthroating you.....I felt the powerful bucking motions your were giving me here....More rolling of my eyes resulted as I loved this feeling a lot...I loved hke you buried yourself deep within my throat like this....It was yet another reason I found myself charmed by you..that push potential limits...It just made me hunger for you more and more...with each moment...each session..had....
My red orbs widened as I felt your throbbing great need grow wilder and wilder as they rolled and eventually closed to feel a massive tsunami of thick...sticky bull spunk being pumped down into my eager deepthroating self...Chest heaving eagerly as that immense warmth flowing into me...locked in that sense of love and arousal I feel for you.
More enticing actions happens here as your strong legs and thighs wrapped and gripped onto me tightly as the stream of hot bull seed just kept flowing as I eagerly guzzled every single drop..intent on not letting a single drop of that precious fluid spilt. Compared to any punishment I could ever received...the disappointment of losing even one drop..felt so much worse to me....
Former wolf warrior ears trained on your voice as you yelled and moaned that wonderful orgasmic voice of yours... It made me feel great pleased you well so far...* MPHHHHHHHHH...MPHJJJAAAAHHHH.....MPPHHHHHISSSAAAAA....SSLRRRRRRRPPPPP!!!~
This response has to break some sort of EF record
Can't say for sure
*I was panting...licking my lips of any excess that may have been dripping away....staring into your you positioned yourself close to my special rosebud...which was still eager for you as ever...It was dripping...needy...for you..wanting to be abused....plundered by your wonderfully imposing length....and more importantly full of the wonderful heat you would divine it with....My eyes shined brightly than ever soft moans started dripping from my luscious wolf girl lips as your girlcock worked my ass like that...molding more it and its wall more to your liking...
is resisting cumming (65% chance of cum) => Came!
and that tail...your wonderful tail as it constricted around my still needy shaft...whilst those loud moans with that addicting hot breath of yours as they were forced out and blowing onto my sensitive skin...with wonderful more shivers kept being pumped across my lovely form.* NGGHHHHHH..AH.AHH..AHHH...OHHHHHHH.YYYEEESSSS..WHU..WANT..W-W-W-WANT TO CUM FOR MISTRESS......OHHHHHHHHHH...YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS...~
*My body was so shaky as my breathing as I witnessed that immense overload of my wolfish spunk spilling out...splashing onto our bodies and your made me shiver with glee as I closed my eyes to bask in this wonderful, shared moment here*
*blushes immensely as I just realized upon looking at my response being probably longer than I made before*
*Pats Amelia* You're doing good dear
*Smiles happily from the pats as some happy sighs and moans came out* Thanks, Draco ^^
No problem
*The bright shining of your eyes cast a red glow onto the black silken sheets of the bed as I drove my cock into you with no reprieve. Nothing concerned me more than the potent arousal, the powerful feelings you always stirred within me. The hot breath cascading over your abused body bounced off of your skin and flowed over mine. My tail could feel the twitching of your thick cock as it ready itself to explode for me... just for me... the idea was so incredibly exciting and arousing to me. It seemed impossible that you would be able to make me want you more, but you somehow did, as you always had. This was of course, expected, but still always so welcome. All the signals of your impending climax were there, so it was no surprise to me when you cried out so loud and let that wolfish spunk splash all over both of our incredibly aroused bodies. As it's hot, sticky fluid spilled all over the both of us, my tongue was hanging from my mouth, I was simply melting into this embrace we were in.. though that had been the plan from the start, I couldn't have been more excited when you made your way past all of the minions I'd thrown your way. I had been aching for you as I looked on... praying silently that you would make it to me as they ravaged you again and again.. I wanted you to myself... but I wanted you to prove yourself.. to make it all the way to my chamber. As the scent of your spunk filled my nostrils, I felt my eyes roll back, it was clear that you were having an incredible affect on me in this moment. I would use your body for my pleasure... until you were spent... whatever came after.. would be entirely my choice... and from the outset of this path I'd placed you on... I knew exactly where it would lead...* That's it! Yes! Cum for your Mistress! Make me see your worth! I want it, I want ALL of it!!!
You know, the outsider not having seen anything leading up to this point would probably suspect that we had paused this for the majority of the day :P
That's not true all things considered at this point
......hope my cum....ngggghhhhh... like always.. ..hhaaaannhhh....hhaaahh .... *I mumbled happily as I just stared into your eyes....still enticed by them....loving the way you drove your cock into me like that....Even admist the powerful wave of arousal that could have dulled most senses....mine seemed to not be addled this time was as if spending time with you was as much as awakening of sorts for me rather than a potentially dulling sensation invoked by lust like it threatened me throughout my entire questing self throughout your very....very..challenging labyrinth....with its special was so wonderful to have such an
effect on you in almost the same way you had such an immensely powerful effect on me. It seemed like I didn't want want this moment to end...wanted it to keep on going...and going for as long as possible...such thoughts were making me drool with great excitement....It just felt like a powerful...almost overwhelming aura overflowing from me...if someone were to track and do a trace on it. In fact, it almost seemed like the passionate auras we possessed were nearly identical...
All of this served as my strong motivator to get through each minion...even as I found myself used and ravaged by them...not caring what it would reach the end....not with the intent of overcoming you...but to meet prove myself to you....and share this wondrous sensation with you...My heart and feeling were on like some kind of high as I was now finally here with you...having orgasmed twice for you and been graced by your previous seed....
Looks like chat is a lot emptier than before, at least I still got ole Draco to talk to!
Some cute giggles were coming from me as I saw the subtle motions on your nose as your eyes responded by rolling back as my precious wolf seed was let loose.... Though as I tried to make another movement to please you some more..the rough reminder of what it took to get her...became all too painfully I found myself reminded of I quickly realized my feet stuck a bit at the moment from her sticky...gooey..essence...*
Mhhhmm...~ ^^
*Pats the wolfie* you’re doing soooo good Amelia! I’m really proud of you :)
*happily moans and sighs from those wonderful pats* Thanks Sheena! I'm soooo happy to have gotten to this point :)
*Upon hearing your cute giggles I felt my face flush with a bit of embarrassment, though I'd tried to maintain this domineering aura of the sexy Mistress of the Labyrinth, I was clearly feeling just as aroused as you were. The way our states seemed so similar despite the roles we found ourselves in, made me shake my head to regain a bit of composure here. Then as you tried to move I noticed that you seemed to be having trouble doing so, clearly the slime had done her job a little better than I'd intended her to. Seeing as you were having trouble moving yourself, I elected to give you a hand... two of them in fact. I grabbed at your waist and lifted you aloft, turning your entire body about and planting you on all fours. My cock, which had slid out of your ass in the process poked itself at it before sliding back inside, it felt incredibly welcome deep in your ass once more. My hips then began to do their work pumping my cock inside of you, my balls slapped at your pussy every time I hilted inside causing loud grunts to break past my lips, both from the effort and the strong sensation of you being so well wrapped around my thick invading length.* Haah.. fuck... I wanna unload too! Want to haaahh... breed.. your ass, Amelia! My slutty little fucksleeve... my slave whore...
Hehe I’m not surprised you made it though…you’re tougher than you realize cutie
*It was a bit of quick moment....but I couldn't help seeing that slight look of embarrassment on your face in that very brief moment...that it almost like it wasn't really there as you quickly shook your head to regain some composure. It made me let out some slight giggles as how the both of us were so highly aroused...ready to let loose...over and over...until we ran out of stamina.....My heart was warming at the thought of getting another chance to snuggle up close to your lovely..natural form with these silky...velvety smooth sheets here...At least...I was hoping upon hope that it wouldn't be an exception this time around. As I continue my fruitless struggles to move closer to you once again so I can grace you and your divine...goddess of a form...with more pleasure I felt you truly deserved from your precious slave whore...I let out some cute little squeals as I found myself grabbed by my slender waist and was lifted into the air...
It's the thirteenth hour.... If someone compiles your two's RP and sells them as erotic novels, they might be able to make some😗
It's the thirteenth hour- do do do do
while similarish stuff like this happened throughout my trials with your labyrinth minions...this time around I found myself a bit giddy....and excited to be lifted like this....before feeling myself positioned on all fours once again...feeling a thankful you were there to give me a hand there during my distress with that gooey, sticky substance...I couldn't help shaking a bit in response collar..shake about in response...while not loving who fastened it on me....truly loved the one who wanted it gracing my neck in the first place...maybe just wanting..yearning for YOU to be the one to place it around my neck like those other times...I was shaking my collar a bit as I turned my head back while flashing you cute winks...before great
.....howls and moans exploded past my lips as I tilted my head skyward and opened my mouth nice and wide to let out those powerful you can hear..upon feeling that wonderful Minotauress cock sliding back into me once again...the way you pumped your hips was so intoxicating...that my sounds were lingering....increasing with frequency...and volume....My red eyes shut as I felt my pussy being slapped by your huge bullish balls...And what I loved more than all was when you hilted deep within me...
as you let out those wonderfully loud grunts of yours...ones I could never grow tired of as my ass walls clamped and clenched around your cock..wanting you to grace my ass with your warm sticky fluids.* me....breed my..asssss
is resisting cumming (62% chance of cum) => Came!
05:56:57, Isa....yeesssss...mmrrggghh..your..slutty...fucksleeve....your slave whore....OHHHHHHHHHHHH...YESSSSSSSSS...SOOO.OOOMUCJ...PENT-UP...SOO..LONG.....
......WITH YOUR DIVINE....ESSSENCE..... *My red eyes were glowing the brightest they possibly can....or what seemed like it was possible for my loyal red wolf eyes to the limits of my passion and luminousity....for my favorite lovely Minotauress....who ruled over this labyrinth.....I was panting as I started thrusting my hips in time....wanting to match your thrusts...despite my current looked like I was riding your masterful....superior...lovely breeding rod....feeling more
of it graze across my just as needy ass head turned around for a second time as my luminous red shined brightly in the presence of your powerfully luminous orange orbs.*
is resisting cumming (58% chance of cum) => Resisted!
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*As more howls spilled from your lips I couldn't help but feel my excitement, my need to release rise higher and higher. I wanted so badly to fill your willing ass to grant you the load you begged for... I felt my cock surging with the desire to cum.. my entire bullish form tensed, my cock leaked and throbbed wildly in your ass... then your gaze met mine... and I felt a stubborn resistance flood my thoughts. I growled out as I lunged forward, shoving my tongue into your mouth, my hand reached forward to wrap around your neck, and my free hand reach down to stroke at your cock, which was still impossibly hard. As my tongue danced with yours in your mouth I let my moans slip into the kiss, showing that despite my resistance, I would soon grant you the breeding you so sought from me. Just before I pulled away, I bite down on your lower lip and pulled gently on it, letting it go to smack against your face as I whispered to you.* Mmm.. so close now... but you must have more skill than this... you made it this far.. you will need more than earnest pleas to make me unload inside of you... but even if you fail to make me cum.. I'll simply use your body... until I'm good and satisfied... you won't need to do much when I'm tossing you about... and using you...
*As I had many times before.. I made a decision then and there... to bring you to your final release.. I would employ a most familiar technique that had proven effective many times in the past. I let my hands slip from around your neck and your cock, the one at your neck now tightly gripped at your collar and yanked your body onto my powerful thrusts into your ass. The hand previous wrapped around your cock began to smack wildly at your ass, urging your compliance with the sting of my hands.* Now! *Smack* It's time! *Smack* You *Smack* Will *Smack* CUM *Smack!!!*
Poor Wolfie still trying to get out?
*As the final smack rang out on your red cheeks I pulled my hips back all the way.. and SLAMMED deep into your ass, burying myself deep into your willingly abused hole and pressing the head of my cock directly against your prostate.* CUM FOR ME SLAVE! SUBMIT TO YOUR MISTRESS AGAIN AND EMBRACE THE NEW ROLE I'VE CHOSEN FOR YOU!!!!
is resisting cumming (49% chance of cum) => Came!
Out of the Labyrinth I mean...
That's a long, hard fight it seems
*I could feel your powerful excitement building that wonderful shaft of yours kept pulsating wildly within me....yearning...desiring
peeks in* Hii~
Yes, it's a long...well..I wouldn't call it fight....
Trial then?
*nuzzles against Amelia quickly before she has to returnn into the labyrinth*
Heya Driz and V, welcome back
Yeah, it's really nice about the games of you two that I can watch the beginning, sleep, then watch how it ends 😉
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
......for more of your cum...but this my...needy....ass....and...its inner spaces.......I could feel....sense....that surging cum...I just wanted it so glad receive more of that divine essence of yours...from that wonderful bullish form of yours as you tensed....feeling that wonderful leaking....wild throbbing in my ass.....but it was when our gazes met...and the stubborn resistance flooded in....I heard your growls...which both sounded enticing but also frightening all the you made a powerful lunge for me and forced your tongue into my mouth....griping tightly onto my neck with your hand....whilst your other started stroking my impossibly hard cock. I groaned as I felt my tongue played with as I tried my best to keep up with you and have mine dance along with your tongue....feeling the deep moans from you in the middle of our kiss. A cute little grunts....and squeak came from me as I felt you bite down on my lower lip as you gently pulled away...letting out another grunt as I felt it smack against my lips while those whispers of yours that always sent deep shivers within me...made me oddly disappointed in myself as I looked at you feeling ashamed.* Mmhhhmmmm...nggghhhhh..haaaaahhh...I-I-I-I'm so...sorry...I-I-I-I-Isa....m-m-m-my't...mind
.....b-b-b-being used....until...y-y-y-you're...good...and...s-s,s-satisfied....t-t-t-tossing me about....
*My voice and confidence here were faltering as that disappointment in myself hung heavily over I so badly...wanted to catch up to worthiness....and value to you....That high...excitement...I felt..with..making it such...trials...and tribulations....just appeared to come...crashing my wolf ears drooped down a bit....especially when you took it upon yourself to end it here and bringing me to my final release... As you went in to employ this technique you had planned...soft grunts came from me as I felt your hands that were tightly latched onto my cock and neck....
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
06:44:33 letting me red eyes were glowing a bit as I felt your grip upon my soft whimpers and moans echoed from me...once I felt myself yanked in rhythm to your powerful thrusts...that just sent more waves of extreme pleasure....pressure crashing into my body and spine....My face and cheeks...bright I felt powerful...wild smacks taking place on my ass....letting out grunts and wild wolfish screams and howls.* Nggghhh... *Smack* Haaaahh! *Smack* Graaaahhh *Smack* Ohhhhhh *Smack* Grraaahhh *Smack* Mrrggghhhh *Smack!!!*
(Gonna have to leave now - amazing game as always from all the parts I have witnessed, and have fun on the last bits!)
*My head almost lurched from that powerful final smack you dished out to my now red ass....which served as a poweful signal of what you were soon going to do based on our past experiences together...your powerful hips going I felt you SLAMMED down upon and into my ass...burying as deep as you can into my willingly abused hole and with the head of your cock pressed directly against my I finally reached my limits and exploded once again in a torrent.* NGHHHHHHHHHHH....OHHHHHHHHHHHNNH.....CUMMIIIIIIIIINGGGGGHHHHHHH....ISSSSSAAAAAAA...MY...MISTRESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
*This lasted for quite a while as my wolfish cock was releasing even more of my essence.....spraying it all over...before soon finding myself collapsing.....A slightly disappointed look in I worried at having failed to properly please you.....wondering how you would react here.*
((*wakes up and peeks*)) Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
(Woaaaaah wolfie so lewd....)
(*smoochahs for everyonr*)
Hi, Yoi, Driz, and Rae~
((Hewwo Rae ^^ *huggles*))
*peeks in briefly*
*pokes the peeker*
*pokes the poker*
((Woaaaahhh Yimi chan so great foxo amazed!)
(*nods nods* Thamks to maxi, draco and isa ^^ ))
And hiya Driz~ *pats head*
(*conquers your lap*)
((*pats da foxin foxo* ^^))
*As you had not managed to make me reach my finish more than once... one might expect that I would visit some sort of punishment upon you... for making your Mistress work so hard to reach her own climax. I pulled out of you gave another firm smack to your behind just before burying myself deep into your cunt and slamming inside of you. I let myself go entirely, my hips pumped inside you with a pace not designed to punish... but to bring immense pleasure to my aroused body. The disappointment in your eyes was plain for me to see... you had come so far... fought so hard to get here... to me... only to fall short. But the look on my face was not one of disappointment in you, but of pure elation. I cried out with joy as I finally found myself pushed over the edge and came inside of you with absurd force. The explosive climax, granting you the load you had so craved buried deep inside of you left me throwing back my head and crying out with a raw lust and satisfaction* YESSSS!~ FINALLY!~ BREEDING MY LITTLE SLAVE... THERE'S NO BETTER FEELINGGG~!
*I looked down at you with a strong sense of satisfaction, a warm, but domineering smile on my lips as I felt the last spurts of my potent spunk drill inside of you. Anyone who might see my eyes could tell that there was an idea stirring behind them... a choice I would give you... there were two final paths to choose from... which you would be lead down would be entirely up to you... even though I'd been the one to give you these options. I pulled myself from you and placed my hands on my hips, grinning with a familiar sense of mischief.* Now... since you managed to make it to me... you've avoided an unfortunate fate being used by the monsters in the maze... but you have two options before you... I wonder which you'll choose.. which side of you will win out in the end. The first.. *I held out a single finger* is to keep being a public whore whenever I choose. The second *I extended up a second finger.* Is to become my personal concubine.. you will spend your nights in my chamber.. attend to my every need... and enjoy the benefit of my company. One doesn't necessarily lock you out of the other... but it will shape the majority of your time as my captive...
*My eyes....looked like I was about to let out some whimpering I wasn't completely sure what your fate would be in your hands like this...worried my Mistress might take this occurrence poorly. As I felt you pulling out of me, I let out another powerful, heavy grunt from feeling another smack collide with my behind....before feeling you hilting deeply into my needy cunt.....powerful moans and howls pervading .....piercing the atmosphere....echoing all around us within your bedchambers that we were currently sharing right now. As you were deep within me like this.....I noticed your accelerated pace while feeling the powerful throbbing and wild pulsation of your powerful bull cock... Another look at your face to get a glimpse of your thoughts....revealed not a look of I was worried of seeing.. but one of powerfully...pure elation...which lightened my heart quite a bit to see this expression as I heard your powerfully passionate moans as you crashed over the edge and came...letting loose a powerful tsunami gush of potent Minotauress cum deep into my sacred pussy walls.*
I couldn't help throwing my head back as well from this exciting moment crying out * YEEESSSS!~ FINALLY!~ BEEEING BRED BY MY MISTRESS..... THERE'S NO BETTER FEELINGGG~!
*The words I heartily belted out at almost the same time as you did and with almost near similarity aside from a few obvious differences in some of the words.*
Nuu...*resolve shines in Yoimi's eyes*..I will...have to launch a rescue!
*My red eyes looked deep into your glowing orange eyes... seeing that strong satisfaction that left me more relieved than ever....that warmth....glowing from your smile yet possessed that same radiant aura laced with a domineering tone that often left me shaky yet confident and warm inside whilst the last spurts of your potent spunk was drilled into me.
Mmm depending on her choice.. she may find rescue unappealing. But I welcome worthy challengers to try their hands.. and their bodies hehe~
I just kept a firm attention upon those wonderfully lovely eyes of yours...seeing...sensing that idea stirring even with my more exhausted state...starting to set in soon...but the eagerness at what you had in mind kept me awake...fully what you had in you positioned your equally wonderful hands on your hips, a sense of glowing mischief alight upon your face. *
Yes, my mistress.....*I simply stated as I listened ..watched carefully...hearing you out...what this proposition of yours was...nodding my head to show I was each word....
sound that dripped so perfectly from those perfect lips of yours that I always found so tempting...My thoughts were rumbling my previously tired...exhausted self...found myself with a second wind as I immediately latched onto you with a powerful I yelled out...before sheepishly realizing what I just did as too presumptuous as I immediately bowed before you on my hands
and knees kissing you feet...* Please..Mistress powerful favorite bull....I want
*My red eyes glanced upwards back towards your orange eyes*
*blushes as wolfie girl is convinced this may truly be the longest game she's ever had* ^^'
(('A short beb match. Hardly any rp at all, really"))
((*giggles as my wolfie girl tail wags*))
((*hugs the cute wolfie girl tightly* ^^ ))
((*smiles as I hug the brave warrior tightly* ^^ ))
*As you latched onto me with that powerful hug, I could already sense which option you would choose... it was the one I secretly knew.. and had hoped you would. When you let out that loud yell and quickly prostrated yourself before me I almost thought you might choose the first option.. which was less appealing to me at this moment, though I'd not admit it aloud. My orange eyes stared down into your red eyes before I lifted you back up and planted a lengthy, passionate kiss on your lips. The elated feeling I had returned in full force as I broke the kiss and pulled you down to lie with me in the bed, I pressed my lips to your cheek and held you tight, excited by what the following nights would bring.. it would be so much more convenient to have you around much closer... attending my needs... a perfect situation for me.* Very well, we'll have you fitted for a new dress in the morning... and have nice seat for you built in the final chamber of the maze... right next to mine.. but for now... we rest... it has been a taxing day for us both... and I will be using you much more often from this night onwards.
*I found myself lifted back up out of my position of prostration and found myself in another wonderful...lengthy kiss of passion that I often..found myself loving..since those many previous nights...this particular one locking it in as my definite favorite thing ever as I happily met this with great passion for you. My hands and tail rubbing closely to your sides to show how grateful I was for this. As this kiss eventually subsided, I found myself...ourselves pulled into the warmth and comforts of your bed...though to me..just your mere presence..was all the comfort...
I needed...nuzzling close to you happily...after feeling yet another kiss but this time on my cheeks...looking forward to the upcoming time..nights to come for us...I was nodding my head in great listening and understanding as I smiled from your words out of immense gratefulness as my red eyes started to flutter..slumber starting to soon set in...but not before giving you a loving kiss on your I mumbled
(*looks at run time* Wow...16...or 15 hours because of that break...must be my longest yet ^^)
(Yea it was a big one, was expecting it to be long.. but goodness XD)
('s a good way to start for the first use of the labyrinth ^^ XD)
(Mhm, no better person to start it with either^^ thank you for jumping in for this impromptu kick off! You are always an amazing partner! ❤️)
(You're welcome, my lovely Minotauress! And thank you for letting me be the first to do this! You are always an amazing partner too! ❤️)
(And with that, I think I need a break to relax my body and lie down a bit, it's late and I am tired XD)
(Yep, me too! XD)
(Oh right..forgot this)
❤️ The End 💖
Thank you all for stopping by and keeping us company during this marathon! I appreciate all of you and I know Amelia does too!~
Darn..I got to go now..feeling super tired...
Rest well, you certainly deserve it. Have a great night and sweet dreams~
Glad I didn't schedule Hentai for Friday
Damn that would have been a mess
*waves goodbyes*
Thanks, rest well too and sweet dreams , Isa^^
Bye byeee ^^ *waves*

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