Yoimi VS Ashlynn's Bull, Isa : History listed publicly (44 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

Private night in the office

After meeting at a café in the city, Yoimi and Isa decided to spend a little time hanging out walking through the city. However, as things often end up when the bull gets involved, the two of them found themselves getting quite hot on the beach! So, Isa decided to bring Yoimi back to her office for a little.. privacy

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Heyo heyo again ^-^
*takes a seat with a small first sign*
Pfft...someone was refreshin the public games tab maxi :p
*hugs the lovely bunny*
Hey hey
Mee... never ^^ *looks innocently and hugs back* Have fun you two :3
Lemme think of what to write in the descriptione
*Moves in and kisses cheek of Maxime. Giving a big huggle while sneakily being behind her.*
Hiya Vanessa ^^
And hiya Julie ^-^
Hello beautiful ladys have fun 😘
Hii Yoimi~ have lots of fun! ^^ 💚
Thankies <3 and hiya Mikkie ^-^
*gets suprised by the green haired dove as i feel her warm lips on my skin and a even better warmhearting hug* Hey hey Dovie ^~^ *hugs lovely back and pecks her cheek back*
Heya Greenie~
*Hugs the wonderful werewolfie*
*Hugs the lovely bull back*
*hugs around the lovely bull and the sweet woofie*
*Feels cheek kiss back and snuggles even closer. Nuzzling my head into her neck as she is sitting and I give subtle heart traces against Maxime. Resting my forehead against yours~ as I give subtle kisses all over.* How is my lovely Firefly doing? *Kisses her lips.*
*hugs along with Yoi*
Alright that look good?
((I believe it does ^-^ essentially we pick up just as we are in the doors' of the office I reckon ^-^ ))
Vaniboooo *quickly gives a huggo and cheek kiss*
((Given we might lose some clothes on the way to the bed/couch :p ))
(Oki, lets see if I can't summon a mild bit of verbosity)
*is busy reading player chat* ^^
((Early rp timing estimates...6 hours :p. If we're goin with moderate amount of writing :p ))
((Teehee *giggles())
*Gets hug and kiss and smiles. Gently brushing and huggling Mikkie back.* Hii Mikkie 💚
*nuzzles my forehead back into hers, feeling the warm and lovely kind of her. I wag my ears happily, giving her soft pats on her head* Doing great ^~^ Gonna enjoy a cute game of some lovely cuties tonight. Nothing better to end a day ^^ How are you doing lovely Dove 💙
*As you wag your ears happily~ I softly brush your hair. Smoothly straightening the strands as I have a warming breathe against your lips. Moving in and kissing your lips again and resting softly against you.* Yay! Firefly and Special Lover always deserves to do great. I am going to have to leave for work soon~ but I will check into this lovely and cutie game for sure. Nice and relaxing~ always remember I lovies you Maxime 💚🥰
Always remember i lovies you back Vanessa 💙😍 *kisses her cheek quickly*
You are cute you two ^^
Awww~ 🥰🥰 Okies time for me to go to work. Have fun everyone in this room *Kisses Maxine’s cheek back and then moves out of the room with a blushing face.*
*It was only natural that things would end up like this, Isa had eyed up Yoimi for a good while, though the fireworks lady had seemed a little shy overall. So the bull hadn't made any sort of moves on her aside from a light kiss on the cheek in the lounge of a certain fox. Still, when the opportunity had presented itself, Isa hadn't hesitated to seize upon it. The feeling of her lips on Yoimi's skin was still fresh in the bull's mind when they burst through the office door. Isa slammed the door shut behind them and returned her hungry gaze to Yoimi, for a moment, she considered offering Yoimi some form of hospitality, a drink, some sort of snack, but her own hunger seemed to supersede any sense of her usual decorum regarding guests in her office. She strolled slowly over to the fireworks maker, standing before her in a few smooth strides. She then leaned in, her heavy, soft breasts in plain view of Yoimi's eyes, given how little she wore typically, it was almost as if Yoimi could see just about all of them. Isa reached forward with her right hand, brushing a bit of hair from Yoimi's face and bringing her soft lips to Yoimi's, wordless, for she knew what they had here for would require little speaking, at least at first.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Saved by the wolfie :P
And once again the hero among us is the mightiest wolfie :3
*Yoimi has been hanging around the bull for a little while, always feeling like their attention has always been aimed at another one, a certain fellow fluffy-haired and fluffy-tailed persona we both knew and adored. So despite her own interest, she stayed a little bit more timid, not wanting to impose too much on either one's time. As today we have encountered each other for a lovely afternoon, for once without much company, I have found great fun in the afternoon walk - right from the delicious food at the cafe and until the lovely stroll in the magical park and our arrival to the beach. Once we made this onto those warm sands...something just broke through. Our lips met with an almost electrifying was a miracle we even made it back to the office and not did it just plainly there, in the sands and along the sound of the crashing waves. Our hands holding tightly the whole way, once we finally got to that office and I heard the door slam shut, I turned equally longing gaze for having waited all those extra seconds to get lips finally locking with those of the lovely Isa, finding the taste so new. Without much another word, I lifted my arms above my head...letting her hand lift along the edges and pick up my shirt in turn, as my breathing was getting more excited.*
((Yuush...woofie the hero ^^ ))
((moderate bit of writing, both of us :p ))
((Yush, moderate ^^))
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Da saviour. *bows*
*As our lips met, I found a growing need surging, not that it hadn't already been present and burning under my skin the entire walk home. Still, it seemed to skyrocket once I found you lifting your arms, giving me the invitation to peel away the fabric from what I sought, I could hardly resist, or even be expected to try. My fingers went to work, pulling your top over your head and tossing the garment aside. Then, seeing you before me, standing there and giving me a look of matching need, I decided that your top wasn't the only thing that needed to go. My hands found the front of your bottoms and hastily unbuttoned, unzipped, whatever I needed to do to rid myself of the obstruction. I pulled those bottoms down, along with your panties and shuffled them off, allowing you to step out from them so I could toss them aside. Then my eyes shot upwards as I kissed up your leg, trailing soft kisses up your thigh.. to your hips... then your stomach.. a soft nibble to your breasts and then to your neck... until finally I reached your ear and caught it between my teeth, biting it gently and letting my hot breath blow against it.* I hope you're as excited as I am...
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*Kisses the savior on the mouth*
*Kisses back*
*As you started to switftly help me out of my clothing in such a skilled, efficient way, I offered what assistance I could, lifting my arms or parting my legs a little bit, stepping out of my skirt as it dropped to the floor.* Mhn...hhhh....*I lightly moaned and shivered as your warm breath and kisses began to trace along and up my legs. As you reached my stomach I patted your head gently, ruffling your hair...soon to moan and yelp lightly as you nibbled on my breasts, little hardened shaped already poking through the bra...until I shivered again as you reached up to my neck and nibbled at my ear.* Mhhhn.....I...I....I*with a hint of nervousness my hands extended around you, reaching down your back...and back to the front, unzipping your pants. I kneeled down, pulling them to the ground and helping your legs step out. I then reached back, pulling down the panties as well.* Well...let's see if you're just as exci....hhhaaaaa....*an almost panicked yelp escaped my mouth at the enormity of what popped out of the panties upon their release...I poked it curiously...* am I :0
((*is really tryin to write faaaast* ))
*Kisses da Woofie cheek*
Have fun *waves*
*hugglez Driz for a moment* Yuss...will do ^-^
*Happily accepts cheeks kiss and kisses fireworks maker's cheek back*
((And no I haven't forgotten your message...just tryin to catch up on some Driz ;) ))
Never saw that action before ^^'
...hmm...didn't I use it for you as well Amelia? :p
((oh don't worry, but thanks for the heads up))
((How was da Eva game? ))
Might need to look up as I'm not best at recalling actions ^^'
((53 and successfull countdown))
((and very happy due to what followed 😊))
*As I stepped out of my pants and panties, I felt the warmth spreading throughout my body spread downwards, slowly coalescing into a head that surged in the massive rod that you beheld so apprehensively. My hand reached down and ran through your hair, soothing you even as I grew more and more excited and aroused. However, seeing you there on your knees before me, I couldn't help myself. My hips pushed gently forward, dragging my imposing length along both of your cheeks. As I pulled back, I felt myself stiffen, growing to full length, rock hard in front of your face. Upon hearing your words I let out a mildly amused giggle, poking the head of it again onto your cheek.* I assure you, it can be done... and I have rather stellar reviews about it. If you seem to be having trouble at first... I will be gentle. I may look a brute, but that's not always translated into how I make love. I can and have made soft, sweet love before. Though, we'll see if things stay that way once we get going in earnest...
(When do you break for BG3 btw, Yoimi?)
((Oh I played before this game ^^ ))
((So am free until I collapse for sleep))
*I stayed kneeling and looked up to you as you spoke with my eyes wide open...looking mildy startled still...but slowly calming down...lifting my hand to gently poke...and then touch along the shaft*...if you say seems like a lot...mhm...gentle would sound good ehe...this could split me in half I reckon hi-hi...*Slowly I return to my usual cheerful self...playfully poking and moving my warm fingers along the lenght of your shaft...*...I swear though...this is thicker than my could use it as a third arm with enough practice *giggles*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*giggles and kisses Ames cheek again*..You're earnin lots of kisses today ^^
*A light chuckle escaped my lips when I heard you suggestion.* I suppose if it were more prehensile I could, but I'm afraid it doesn't move like that. Well except this one time, but that was a rather special circumstance, an isolated incident. *I looked down as you moved your fingers alongside it, noticing that you seemed rather transfixed by the size of it. Remembering that I had seen the issue come up many times, in particular, during a rather long session in a gym shower. I urged a bit of caution.* Ah... do be careful looking at it too much, Yoimi.. I've had people find themselves unable to pull their eyes away... too addled by the beauty of it. I would rather you remember this encounter... *I pulled my hips back, accidentally waving it before your eyes, not realizing my mistake in doing the very thing I'd warned against.*
Well she deserves many many kisses!
*Kisses the both of them on the cheek.*
((remind me isa how hypnosis works? do i roll also or we just keepin it rp-based today?))
*blushes as wolfie happily accepts kisses before kissing back*
(I just avoided it in our game, Yoi~ )
(Ehhh you know since it's RP mode, just rp it, there's no need to roll, plus it would just be me trying to pull you out of the hypno in game.)
(Hypno and bondage just didn't make sense so that's why I avoided along with specials ^^)
(I'll probably avoid bondage as well, given that she asked for gentle in game, might do some hypno stuff framing it as being distracted by cock though hehe)
*As you wave your erect member in front of my eyes, there is a light sparkle of pink in the usual, golden colour of my eyes. As you pull your hips back I crawl after you, my mouth slightly ajar, with my gaze fixed on your cock....until you stumbled lightly onto the bed, sitting down. Using this opportunity I caught up with warm hands wrapping around your erection as my mouth opened to suck the tip in a gentle, light manner. My eyes shone back on yours, little pink hears visible in the depths of my eyes as they stare deep into yours...a lightly hypnotic effect having taken me in as it seems.*
(Hehe, sounds fun^^)
(*realized when Yoi used feet actions..I coulda used a dice 20 to determine my next move* ^^')
*My warm breath and lips slowly enveloped the tip in my mouth, as I moved my face a little bit more down it's lenght, before coming back up for air. My gaze locked on yours in a longing expression.*
(*Peeks into here*)
(Live and learn, I guess ^^)
((hmmm...i suppose you could was still a super fun moment to see your panic in rp :p ))
((Hayo Draco ^^ ))
((Hello, Draco^^))
(Hey hey folks, I'm just working on art at the moment)
(*Quickly spanks Draco's bum*)
(Oh btw, this encounter was technically before the wolf features, right? Should I ignore them?)
(*Smirks before smacking Maxime's ass back*)
((Nuuu....can keep them. As a little retcon pop up :p ))
(*shivers and jumps from Draco's slap*)
(Turnabout is fair play~)
((*hugglez maxi from behind and squeezes her chest in the bracketverse, before running off with a playful giggle* ))
(*pouts and giggles*)
(Hey everyone~)
((*now curious about chronological order lorewise*)
Uhhh... Yoimi? You- *I'm more than a little surprised by the sudden boldness displayed here, feeling more than a little aroused by it more than anything. The sight of you crawling on all fours towards my cock, like a sweet little puppy after a juicy treat, make my skin burn with arousal. I couldn't help but find myself fixed on the collar around your neck at this moment, noting that you seemed like a cute little doggy right now. I reached for a leash I kept on hand for certain situations involving a puppy of my own and hooked it around your collar. I then gave a gentle rub behind your ears and lead you at last to the bedroom, keeping the cock you were so transfixed on in plain view, leading you to the bed as I tugged gently on the leash.* Well... I've done it again... I may as well enjoy it until you're back to normal. Come now, doggy! Doesn't my bone look just delicious? Would you not like to slurp and lick on it? *As we reached the bedroom, I sat upon the edge of the bed and waved my cock at you invitingly, my orange eyes measuring your every move.. your every reaction.*
(Hi Sheena)
(Technically when we had our DMs she was curious about shapeshifting, as I'd given her a slight look at what I could do. But she was still only looking into it at this point, until particularly inspired by a certain wolfie.*
(Heya Sheena)
(Also...just couldn't resist, Isa :P)
(Mhhmm..didn't realize I inspired something ^^')
(Ehh the option popped up and given what she was doing and her current state, I figured I could make it a transition to the bedroom.)
(Mhhhhmmm~ ^^ Couldn’t make it work myself so I just avoided ^^')
*My minds seemed to get a little bit more addled the more I looked and stayed in the vicinity of your erection...I felt myself almost taking a backseat, a passenger spot within my own body as it just felt like it began moving on it's own. As I felt your hands grasp around my collar and attach a leash...nobody having ever done that before my inner self became even more confused and aroused at the same time - this being already a series of surprises with you, and we have barely even started. I felt like I could wrestle my control back...but just didn't want to...not yet....I gave in to your commands and gentle guidance, licking my lips like a cute little doggo...happy to begin slurping down on the lovely bone offered to me, with my ears lightly twitching and the tail wagging playfully behind me as I began to bob my head up and down the shaft in a slow rhythm, moving inch by inch and licking along the lenght as to listen in to your reactions.*
((*Oh heck if I have to do chronology of began rp and the games that are waiting for 'the good time to play'...I would never be able to fix my timeline XD ))
((The heckin TVA would kick my ass out of EF like 4 times by now))
((probably. probably four))
( goes updatin profile Woofie :p ))
(Progressing ^^)
(I still gotta properly honor ya in your own lil segment on my profile ^-^ )
*I laid my head back and simply enjoyed the licks and slurps to the bone you'd found yourself so transfixed by already. Shivers began to rock through my bullish form, setting my hefty breasts jiggling in the top I was still encumbered by. I looked down at the eager pup with hearts in her eyes, finding my breathing growing more and more ragged. My mind did begin to wander, wondering if this treatment was having any effect on your own arousal. My foot craned down between your legs and I pressed the top of it between your thighs, admiring how wet you seemed despite having just gotten started. Soon I began to rock it back and forth, rubbing it on your wetness as you slurped and sucked. Admiring how your adorable ears seemed to wave and wiggle with each time you bobbed your head up and down!* Oh.. fuck.. your mouth... your tongue is.. mhhh.. shivers... *A hand reached down to brush through your hair as you had at me. My skin feeling aflame with lust, my cheeks a rosy red shade reflecting my arousal down on you.*
(*Has like 4 sections to put on my profile still and sighs*)
(*pats lovely bull*)
(*peeks in* hey folks)
(Hi Aether)
*As I heard some more appreciative moans from you I smiled in between my head movements, my legs lightly pressing together around your foot as you sneaked in to check how wet and sensitive I have been getting down own arousal evident, unclear whether it's just the most recent moments...or just a release of the pent up feeling ever since that lovely kiss on the beach. As you began to move your foot almost in rhythm to my felt like indirectly...we were already getting intertwined and linked on a lovely level. My hands rested on and parted your thighs a little bit, giving myself a little more stability as I continued to suck...before a little playful plan popped into my head in a flash of consciousness - I have not mastered illusion and practiced magic for nothing....Whilst catching a breath from your member I managed to mumble an arcane phrase...not breaking out of your effect myself...but shining it at you through my eyes as well, the magic peering deep into your own eyes.*
((Hayo Aether))
(So many hypno moves :O)
((It's weird not a lot of feet actions popped up yet...Woofie is here after all :p ))
(Hypnotizing isn't it Maxime~?)
*I noticed a slight shift in your eyes, and heard you mumble a certain arcane phrase before finding myself inexorably drawn to them, how lovely you looked down there. It was beyond was my words could manage, but my eyes seemed to reflect the lust your spell broadcasted into them. Though I was clearly finding myself addled by whatever it was you had done, it would seem that the state of mutual hypnosis only pulled us both deeper into the thrall of the arousal we were experiencing. I reached down and lifted you onto my lap, letting you grind yourself on something a bit more substantial than my foot as I gazed into your eyes. My lips drawing closer to yours as my eyes did, the spell bouncing back and forth between the two of us and sending us deeper and deeper into the states we were finding ourselves in.* Mmmhaahh... so hot... feeling.. too much... strange...
(Strange right. Hm... or maybe the participants just hide away their feet to protect wolfie getting super howny :3)
(Hypno doesn't help with that either, actually)
(Help with what?)
(Wolfie hornies hehe)
(*flustered *)
(And yus Draco ^^ Very relaxing and hypnotizing :3)
*As the spell kept bouncing between us, it's magic eventually couldn't get us more aroused than it already has...the spell somewhat fading even if it's built up effects have stayed. As you pulled me up on your lap I let out a small cute yelp* Mhaaa...*before feeling myself able to grind along your tip, up and down...since it seemed somewhat impolite to keep them on when on the bed, I kicked my shoes of my feet, each one dropping with a little 'thunk' on the floor. Then I leaned in and locked your lips with a deep eyes closing into it as I felt the magic of hypnosis fade away - but my arousal not having done so. My demeanour shifts as I grind a bit more intensively against your member, the tip teasing my slit as I try to prepare myself for what is to light, muffled moans sounding against your mouth in the kiss as our lips stay locked together.*
((Wolfie hornies ain't all that difficult to trigger teehee...*walks up to the lovely Woofie and hugs her from behind, gently rubbing her sides as I nibble her neck*...if one knows where to look for 'em ;) ))
((Whaaaaa...?!?! I....I....I...bu-bu-bu.... *flustered *))
(( i wrong? *I step my right leg forward, wrapping it around Amelia's as I move my face up to nibble on her ear in turn* perhaps I'm can resist this...can't you...sweet little...puppy <3 *I whisper a little nickname I have never used before into her ear, giggling at the reaction I have got so far* ))
((Mrrrgghhhhh...I...I...I...I....w-w-w-w-well... *I stammered out as I felt Yoimi's leg wrapping around mine....the nibbles on my ear
.....making me shiver* r-r-resist what?!? P-puppy?!? *the nickname making me shiver again *))
*As we sank into the lust we were feeling, I found the hypnotic effects we were under the influence of slip away, leaving behind only raw, unadulterated lust. My tip poked at the wetness between your thighs and sent a shudder through my hips and body. Soon I found myself grinding back, sliding my imposing shaft between the lips of you pussy, coating it in your warm, wet arousal. My hands slid down your back and reached for your bare butt, my fingertips digging into the soft flesh there as I rocked my hips back and forth... sliding up and down. Feeling every movement bring us closer and closer to the inevitable. My tongue slid into your mouth as we kissed, my breath hot enough to make a sweat break out on my forehead.*
(O.O Puppy wolfie)
*And as our intensive kissing kept us locked in the intense embrace...the inevitable did finally come. Holding one hand down to my clit I slowly held my lips open...taking in first the tip...then some lenght of the shaft as my body shivered lightly...before finally sitting down...almost trembling from pleasure of the stretch on my folds this was causing. Needing to focus on adjusting to this feeling I broke the kiss...looking down, the top of my head pressed against your chin, as I moaned loudly and muttered**my legs lightly weakened, causing me only to sit down on your cock more deeply, which caused me to tremble some more* sure didn't lie earlier....hhhaa......<3
((Mhmm....resist what indeed...*my left leg wrapped around Amelia's as well, pushing her legs together and holding her unable to escape for a moment as I licked the inside of her ear...*...we will return to this lovely question some later sweet puppy Woofie <3 * ))
((*With that, I let her go again, giggling playfully* ))
((.......................... *As I felt Yoimi's left leg wrapping around mine, I couldn't help gulping a bit as my breathing slowed down a bit as I was rendered speechless.....feeling my legs pushed together and unable to make much of a move here...the lick inside my ear making me shiver once more...* ....Wha...? Return..?! Wait..... *))
((*By the time, I could answer and insist there was no need to, the cute fireworks girl wandered off, giggling*))
((*Hearing the confused noise I wondered back to give her a little boop on the nose*...I would do more ofcourse...but gonna focus on our mutual friend dontcha think ;) *winks* ))
((*Blushes heavily as I mumbled a bit* That's...what...I ^^'))
*Feeling your pussy stretch around my thick, invading shaft I let a light gasp, it was indeed a tight fit. As you looked down I did as well, watching how the weakening of your legs sent you crashing further down on my shaft. A loud moan pushed past my lips and my eyes rolled back slightly. Still hearing your praise gave me all the permission I felt I needed to start thrusting upwards. My hips began to move slowly, sending my cock deeper up inside of you, eliciting more loud moans from my lips as I stretched you to fit my cock. Eventually I eased myself in to the hilt and gave you a gentle nod, signaling what was about to happen. I began to bounce you up and down on my thick cock, the sensation of being inside of you... the squeezing walls of your wet depths and the sliding in and out, tickling the sensitive length of my cock making me begin to leak inside of you already.* Mmmhaahh.... g-glad.. it lived up... to the hype!~
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*As you began your thrusting movements my body arched away from your a bit as I felt the need to moan up at the ceiling, getting slowly used to the pace as you move in and out and this steady, yet gentle pace. My breathing gets ragged as momentarily I forget to breathe and my moans becomes these cute yelps and gasps for air as I remember myself, the pleasure of it all driving me slightly crazier and crazier. I push grasp onto your shoulders and tug on your shirt, lifting it above your head and tossing it behind me, off the bed. I then lean into you for yet another kiss, reaching back for the clasp on your bra as we continue to match each other's paces in our thrusting...yanking your bra off as soon as I manage to fumble my way with the lock - holding one arm on your shoulder for my own stability and groping your boob with the other, giving it a light squeeze*....Hhhaaa...mmhhn.....hhhhnrhhhh.....I grab these.....hhhhaa......since first time.....hhhanhhn....ahahhh......I saw deep.....ooohhhhh
((Awww did she leave you all pent up, wolfie? Maybe I can help *giggles*))
((...I-I-I'm watch...these two lovely people *blushes*))
((Please do Sheena...I am sure she wouldn't mind a little bit of activity to enjoy our show more *giggles* ))
((And also hiya ^-^ ))
((I don’t know…she doesn’t seem to want a “helping hand” from me~))
((And heyy~)
*The heat rising in my body was impossible to ignore, sweat now seemed to drip in little streams down my skin, so I was very thankful to be rid of the last bit of clothing that had been wetly clinging to my skin. Feeling freed of those fetters I let my hands drift back up to your waist and pulled you onto the bed, lying you down upon it and lifting your ankles. My thick cock glistened with your juices as I slowly moved it back down between your legs, sliding into you much easier now. I still found the fit feeling tight though and had to ease the thrusts to a gentler pace, despite my growing desire to ram into you with all I had. My torso surged forward and my lips crashed against yours once more as my hands moved from your ankles to grip at your thighs, squeezing them as I pumped into you and kissed your lips.* Haah... squeeze as much... mmhhh as you like... I know you said gentle but... I won't be able to hold back much longer.. you feel incredible.. Yoi~ <3
((Mmhhmm..don't mind a helping hand...was just wanting a bit of a Saturday mainly spectate ^^'))
((Hehe it’s up to you, cutie! Just let me know if you wanna fool around while we watch their game ~))
((Mhhhmmm, okay ~ ^^))
*As you moved out of me for a moment before resting my back onto the pillows gently, I smiled at you with a sweet, gentle smile...happy to meet your lips in a loving kiss as you slid back into me, moving at a gentle pace. I felt so warm with your consideration, a kindness of giving me a moment to adjust..get used to this intensity in a gradual manner. As our lips stayed locked I suddenly pushed your shoulders back, before pulling your head to the side and whispering quietly, with a tickling sensual whisper into your ear, as we both paused for this one second, you lightly worried something was wrong until you heard my words*'s don't have to hold back any more....pound me as you want <3 *with the little whispered permission I gave you ear a light nibble, spreading my legs open more on the bed to give you just a bit more room in my tight pussy.* <3
((*your ear))
((*stares between the Gif and maxi* hmmm))
(Surely didnt add this picture uwu~)
(Not like i would enjoy this or anything *coughs coughs*)
(( sure it's just a sure about that? *giggles and presses X to doubt* ))
*Hearing those words I finally let go, the thrill of your breath against my ear telling me exactly what I wanted to hear flipping a switch inside of me. My hips began to work harder and faster... more gradually at first, still not trying to overwhelm you.... but the harder I went the more impossible it was to hold back. My hips began to clap loudly against yours as I fully gave myself over to my desires, pounding you with the immense force that was often present in my play. Feeling that primal urge play out my mouth began to get to work, biting at your soft neck before I dragged my tongue down your chest. My teeth found the edge of your bra and clasped in between them, I pulled it aside, still leaving in on your body, but exposing your soft breast to my face. My orange eyes looked up at you as I pressed my lips to your nipple and licked it gently, flicking my tongue back and forth against the nub of it before sucking down on with soft, wet lips.*
(*gets doubted and let my ears hang down*
(*gets doubted and let my ears hang down* Yoimi not believing me x.x)
*changes name to reflect current status*
(*Smooches the spectating Wolfie*)
(*Smiles from the smooch*)
(Heya sluts)
*Spectates the spectator*
Heya Jodie, congrats on winning earlier
Mhhmm..still surprised I was able to wake up early for your game^^
Mhhhnnff.....hhhhhaa....ahhhhhnn.....hhholy......mmmmmhnf....*As you began to work harder and pound into me with your hips, the lewd sounds of our bodies clapping together, I squirmed and shivered under you, clearly melting into the lovely pleasure this was pushing me into at this increased intensity. My hips began rocking against yours in what limited capacity I could, as I felt myself weakening from overwhelming waves of pleasure hitting me time and time again - only further increased as you tugged on my bra and pulled it aside, exposing my breasts to the open air and to your hungry lips as you began to lick and suckle on them in the process, sending me into even more moans. Trying to be more active, I lifted myself on my arms just a little bit, to my elbows, as to give myself a bit more space to move and meet your powerful thrusts as my eyes rolled back a bit.* Ahhhhh.....mmhy....sweet hhheckin....ahhh.....fireworks......hhhha......hhnnn *some of my statements clearly losing a bit of coherency in a somewhat cute fashion as my consciousness started to get overwhelmed with the intensity and pleasure.*
Thank you Isa. It was pretty close but no one can beat me ^^
I was really scared about Amelia and how she was on at that time :))
((*smooches the cheek of the lewdie bunny who looked so sad for a moment* ))
I slept early for that purpose, wasn't a guarantee but very fortuitous
((*It's alright...Yimi will eventually learn how to shapeshift certain..body parts...and give ya what ya need one day.*))
I tried to sleep early and failed miserably
I did not try to sleep and slept normally
I am staying a bit over my normal sleeping time tonight
(*the smooch increases her mood by a significant amount, making her smile again and wag her ears again*)
Mhhhmmm... ^^
Hi Jodie!
(Awww you dont need to do that for me ^^ Bunny is already very happy with Yoimi how she is :3)
((Mhmmm...okiii....<3 *smooches da lovely bunny cheek again and hugglez her tightly* ))
*I very nearly chuckled hearing your incoherency, though your shift in position immediately made that impossible. Instead I cried out against your breasts a bit of saliva flying from my mouth onto your chest as I tried to regain any sense of composure. Instead of managing to do that, I found myself shifting to your side, completely addled by the sensations I was experiencing. My hands slid down your body, resting on your hips as I pressed myself inwards again, the fit quite snug and comfortable at this point, after my pounding. I let one of my hands shift back upwards, gently grasping at your chin and turning your head to the side as I licked up the side of your cheek. Your leash, long since forgotten as we had started was caught by that hand and pulled upon as I railed into you from the side and whispered.* Mmm... you're amazing, Yoimi... you look so cute... so sexy like this.. on a lead.. taking my thick cock so well... you should be proud of how well you're handling it...
(*huggies tightly back and enjoy foxo getting fucked* <3)
(*foxo = yoimi in this context now xD)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Mhhhnn.....awhnn....cccuute?? callinn that.....hhaaa....right now?.....hnnn......sssure.....ahhhhh...thhhe leash....ahhha....hha...I...nhhhh *I try to reply in between my moans to your words, my whole body slowly tensying up as my moans get louder and louder. As you tugged on my leash, my previously braced position fumbled a bit, causing me to rest and drop a bit sideways on my arms, pushed down and pounded by your member as you leaned in to lick my cheek. But at this rate I was feeling too good to try to wrestle back any control, descending a spiraling path to more and more intense pleasure as I moaned and gasped at your relentless thrusts into me* Hhhn...ahhh....AHHH....mmmoore....hhha...Ii'm nearly......hhnnn...OHHH <3 *I moaned out a plea and mumbled, clearly so close to my peak at this very moment as you held control of me like this.*
((Not to be confused with foxo the foxo :p ))
*The tensing of your body is felt on every inch I have inside of you, soon the grasp I have on your leash is tightened significantly, my hand holding it tight unconsciously. I could already sense your closeness, but hearing the words drip from your mouth amidst the constant moans reminds me of my own need as well! My cock is absolutely on fire inside of you, the wetness dripping down it a mixture of our potent juices, though it doesn't cool it at all. My nostrils pull in a rush of air, breathing in the musk of our sex below and activating a particular instinct ever present in bulls.... the need to breed a hot, wet hole. My hand drifted down from your waist to just beneath your thigh, lifting it up and testing your flexibility, pressing it against the side of your body. The act making my angle more direct, allowing me to hilt in with great ease on each and every thrust.* Mmnnn I can't wait to feel how your pussy quakes around my cock.. I know it'll feel incredible.. it already does.. after all~
Have any of you seen a white slime?
Huh? Been a while, Ethan
Hi Ethan
The brewing never stops, my dear Werewolf. However I believe you were champion last I saw you.
Always a pleasure, Draco.
That was 2...3 weeks ago...
What a shame, I was hoping to come back and get that title shot, no matter though. How have you been in my absence?
Doing well~ What about you? How have you been?
I've been alright, dame stuff different day in all actuality.
Mhhhmm, glad to hear you're doing alright ^^
A month was pretty long for a title ^^'
Boredom is a sinister mistress, but I suppose the rp should give me some entertainment
Hey, Still Works!
*giggles a bit as my tail wags playfully*
Still cute^^
You know, I still have yet to take my crack at you Amelia
*nods head* Yep, that's true^^
Mhhnnf...gghhhuuf....*as you held the leash more tightly, the collar tugged a bit more around my neck, slightly tangled with it to the point it felt like additional feeling of getting choked with my lovely blue collar, a small icon of a bunny present on it for some uknown reason. Your members' heat giving off a warmth within me I could barely withstand it anymore, as I peeked at you only to whitness a slightly more primal, instinctive glint in your eye, as I bit my lip and braced and bucked my hips against yours, trying to guide us both further and further, until we find a tipping point of this amazing feeling together. Going at this primal, amazing rhythm I cared only to make sure you feel just as good as me, reaching out my hands to entangle my fingers with yours as we continued to fuck roughly*...AHhh...hhhheckin....cccan't....can't....wait.....hhnh....mnnn...either......ohhhh......ppplease.....I <3
Remember you mentioning that
Still at it I see
Maybe soon i'll get my chance *I sit down and take out my recipe book, flicking through it to do a bit of studying*
Just need a good date and time for that as well what mode you prefer, Ethan ^^
And the type of length you prefer
I play anything really, but I usually prefer hentai or wrestling. What time is it for you currently my dear wolf?
My time zone is currently around 6 pm at my time
Timezones won't be an issue thankfully, so perhaps sometime this coming week?
Sure, I wouldn't mind something this coming week^^
Any day in particular?
Any day before Thursday works for me!
Okay! I'll try to check and then maybe DM you what's likely my free day~
I'm looking forward to it!
*My heart was absolutely pounding in my chest as I looked down at you, feeling the release budding and building in us both. My instinctive urges were driving me forward now, my mind had taken a backseat to the almost automatic actions of my body. I was almost shaken from this stupor as your fingers reached mine, my hands squeezed yours, finding a more tender moment amidst all the rough thrusting and the overwhelming pleasure. I leaned my head forward and bit gently at your neck, but then the sensations, the smell, the sounds of it all gripped me like a vice once more and I flipped your onto your stomach, pressing down on your waist as I started to rail you from behind. The pressure of my hands force your hips upwards in an arch.* Fuck... can't stop... need to... ohhh.. fuck... Yoimi <3 want to... with you too.. fuckfuck!
(For clarity's sake, I am not in your butt at the moment)
*My heart pounding in my chest at an equal or even faster rate as you kept thrusting this deeply into me, feeling as if your body began to move even faster and faster, while I watched your expression become more and more addled with pleasure. With a cute little yelp and 'mfff' I was flipped like a toy and pressed with my face onto the pillow, trying to lift myself up on my forearms, but almost immediately struggling to do even that as you pounded deep into me yet again. All I managed in this state was bring my knees a bit close and lift my ass, the sound of our bodies clapping together, my slightly muffled moans, sometimes open, sometimes into the pillow and your own growing grunts as we continued to fuck like this - all these sounds filling the room and muting all other noises from our awareness...only this moment existed...only we existed....right now...only this mattered. My hands reached back to look for yours, as if I wanted you to lift me up a bit, as I mumbled into the pillow.* too.....hhha....hear mee....OOHHH....<3
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The sensations I was experiencing seemed impossible to overcome, not that I wanted to overcome them even if I could. But the one thing I did want as you finally reached your finish was to see your face, to gaze into those sparkling yellow eyes as I drove you over the edge. As your hands reached for mine I felt that urge grow louder in my mind. I reached for your hips instead and flipped you once more with a grunt, gazing down at your deliciously lusty expression as my hands finally met yours, and I pressed your legs to my shoulders. I let out a loud cry as I began to move my hips again, this time pulling them back to let the head of my cock brush against your clit with each stroke and setting a smooth rhythm that would feel incredible to us both.* Mmhh... Yoimi... I'm..haah... *I let my lips meet yours in our hot tangle, letting my thrusts guide you exactly where you wanted to be, where I hoped you would reach.*
is resisting cumming (89% chance of cum) => Came!
*As you turned me around once more with this lustful gaze I shivered and trembled at each of your thrusts, trying to hold your gaze with my golden sparkling eyes, half closing them every few seconds as my pleasure was taking off my body, causing my face to contort in these lewd, melting expressions. As I heard your loud cry I let out my own gasps of pleasure, the smooth rhythm of your pounding working me all the way to the edge in a final tensying moment as I gasped and squirmed below you, one of my hands grabbing at the sheets as the other tried to grasp onto your hand. My whole body lifted a little bit from under you, arching up towards you as my beautiful peak and agony rolled over me completely in the abyss of deepest pleasure I could imagine right now.* Mhhhnnn hhha HHAAA ooohhh IISA....HHhhhhaa.....Cuu.....CUUUMMING HhhhNNAHHNHFNNNFFFF ❤️❤️❤️
((also the one before this was a lovely nitocris art ^^ ))
*As you thrusts sent me over the edge I tried smiling at you in between my moans, my lustful gaze meeting your eyes as I uttered a simple plead once more*....AHHHH....ISSAA.....W---wwwith mmmhhhee.....AHHHHHH <3
is resisting cumming (95% chance of cum) => Came!
*As you reached that peak I felt you spasm and shake around my shaft, the warmth of your juices rushed out around my thick rod and I buried my face into your shoulder, letting out a copious stream of moans as my own closeness became incredibly evident, nearly impossible to ignore. Your urgent pleas rang in my ears like music that sent a pleasant buzzing sensation racing through my brain. The buzzing grew louder, impossible to ignore as I pulled my hips back and began to pound you through your orgasm, urgently trying to reach that same peak that you had. My body began to tense, I felt the burning sensations coursing through my veins, the familiar buildup of pressure in my core. My hand squeezed so tightly to yours, as if trying to hold onto something as I finally careened over the edge, my teeth dug into your shoulder as a muffled cry spilled from my lips.* MMMMHHHHPPHHH..... Y-YEESSSSS! WITH YOUUUU YOIMIIII CAN'T HOLD BACK...! IT'S- I'M CUMMMIINNNGGGGG~!!! *My hips slammed forward inside of you as my cock exploded at last, painting your insides with massive ropes of my potent, bullish spunk.*
*As I reached my finish I held myself inside of you, delivering every last drop of my load to you before sliding out. My lips finally parted from your shoulder and I hazily kissed at yours eventually trailing down your body once more, licking the salty sweat from it and removing your bra with my teeth as I did. As my tongue trailed down your body, soon I found myself face to face with your dripping slit and gave it a long lick up it's entirety, before nibbling at the lips and dragging the tip of my tongue along the inner lips in a circle, cleaning just a bit of my mess, though most of it was still nestled deep inside.*
*As my peak has left me lightly exhausted for a moment, I breathed heavily underneath you, gasping for air. Feeling your warmth in my insides as I continued to relax and let out cute, gasping moans as you licked down to clean the outside of my clit. My bra finally dropping to the side as you yanked it off.* Hhha....hhhuff....that warm....*I hold my hands to my lower belly, sensing the pulsating warmth in my insides and smiling at you weakly.* You knocked the air out of my lungs with those thrusts....tehee ^^
((*pokes the supah quiet lurkers* ))
You did give me the go ahead to do so! Besides... you felt so good I couldn't stop myself at all. *I shifted a bit, turning my hips about to straddle your chest and presenting my messy cock to your lips, dangling it barely an inch from your lips as I continued helping myself to the mess we'd made below.* Mmm... since I'm cleaning you up... I don't suppose you'd be will to return the favor? I can taste how our juices mix together down here and... it's pretty tasty... we make a pretty good match... *I blushed as I said that, though you couldn't see from the position you were in. My tongue now focusing on pressing against your clit, which I flicked my tongue against back and forth, before sliding it down and pressing it into your pussy.*
* watches around * uhm hello !
* Blushes hella hard*
Hey hey
Uh h hi!
How ya doin'?
Mhhhmm...hi hii...I don't mind that...given you brought it so close to me...*I giggled lightly and began to dilligently lick around your member, cleaning it up slowly, before I released it from my lips with an audible 'Pop' *...mhmm...indeed....a tasty mix we make together like this....gonna try some more....*I mumbled with a slightly lewd and devious grin, not one you could see...but it did not take long that you began to feel my mouth takin in a bit deeper bit than you'd expect, as if trying to push you over the edge with a little surprise while you're still somewhat sensitive.*
Pretty good actually !
Glad to hear that ^-^ *wanders clos to Yuria to poke her shoulder* Hiya ^^
is resisting cumming (16% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Hi yoimi!
* chuckles a little*
(*pokes the players and realized now that chat was frozen*)
*Closes my book* Did I miss anything?
Mmmhhh... heeeyyy.... it's still sensitive!... ohhh... fuck... *I found myself drooling onto your slit as you took me into your mouth so swiftly and eagerly. I soon found myself thrusting my hips against your face, shoving the thick length deep into your throat, perhaps a bit more roughly than you expected. I felt my eyes rolling backwards as you slurped at me, my hips taking control of the movements quickly, you having unwittingly sent me to the point of needing to fill something again. I growled out against your pussy as I shoved my tongue in faster and harder, still scooping out remnants of my massive load.*
* watches rathian in awe*
* I looked at the paladin who was in awe with confusion.*
You're a little sneaky... not that I mind if it gives me more pleasure~ *I chuckled as I pulled my cock from your mouth and stood up. My hand reached for your leash to yank you upwards, my thick cock now blazing with need again. I pulled you up onto all fours and slipped behind you, slipping my tongue against your ass and pressing some of the leftover load I'd scooped out onto it before letting my tongue slither inside, working the hole for a rather larger insertion to make it's way inside. Once you'd been amply prepared I let my tail slip between my legs, making it parallel with my cock and I slide my hips forward, sliding into your ass slowly, letting you accommodate before I got harder with my thrusts.* Thankfully... I have a few tricks too~ wouldn't want you to feel as though I wasn't giving you my best~
Sorry i rhink you are soo cool
fufu~really?Thank you for your compliment~'
Mhhnf...ghuff...*I mumbled somethin imcomprehensibly as my somewhat sneaky plan backfired, leaving my mouth to be fucked, leaving me almost out of breath for a moment, before you pulled out from my mouth and stood up.*
Eheh really!
23:12:44 mean....ahhh *I made an innocent expression just before you pulled me onto my fours and slipped behind me...before I moaned lightly as you prepared my ass for a pretty large insertion indeed...but just as you boasted about you knowing some tricks, I pushed back with my arms, causing you to fall on your back, with my hips now straddling you...the obvious effect of that bold move being that you immediately slipped in deeper than either of us intended.* Mhhhhhfff.....hhhhhhnnn....ahhhh..*I moaned out, before gritting my teeth and beginning to rock my hips forwards and backwards, lightly wriggling your cock up and down and front to back as I began to ride you with my ass.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*As I flopped back my eyes rolled back from suddenly being firmly hilted in your ass. My body shook from the sudden entry, loud cries echoed from my lips as you began to ride so well, taking my cock as though it were second nature to you. But this only thrilled me more, I pressed my tail into your pussy as I filled your ass. Eventually I began shoving my hips upwards, thunderously hard, enough to shake your entire body and send you tumbling face forward, almost planting your face on the wall if not for me quickly surging up and grasping your body.* Ahh.. I need to be more careful! I got a little excited suddenly be buried inside.. sorry about that... now... back to business. *I gently pressed you against the wall I had saved you from crashing into, letting you brace yourself before I resumed my movement, my cock railing hard into your ass and pounding it to it's shape while my tail worked your pussy at the same pace, becoming coated in your wetness in short order.* Haahh... fuck... a-amazing... feels... incredible...
*blinks*...where is the 'n'? >->
In order to prevent more people from treating me as a female flying dragon in a certain game, *n* died an honorable death😗
in a famous game,*
Heyya Rathia~ ^^
Ahhhh...hhha...whhaaa...*I yelped as my face was almost planted against the wall, only held back by your sudden realisation of how your intensity almost brough our fun to a stop. I made a lil cute pout, looking over my shoulder and back at you*...Hmmphh...nnot this rough >///< Ahhhhhhhhhh hhholy mmhhnnn....*As you continued pounding into me and railing my ass like this, my cheek arms and breasts planted against the wall as my hands couldn't hold back your maddeninglly efficient railing combined with my pussy being penetrated with your tail. But then I decided to play a little trick, just before I felt I would descend back into the same maddening spiral of pleasure...*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*With a little bit of an arcane mutter I puffed a light puff of white, gentle smoke against your face, smelling of calming grass and of you found me somehow having escaped from your member, my fingers now tracing along your arm...* It's curious how...the mind can play tricks on ourselves isn't's perceptive senses telling them all about where and when they are and what they are doing...but what if someone meddles with those just a little bit...* I whispered seductively into your ear, pulling you back onto the bed and straddling your hips*...Now...would you be a lovely bull for this firework lady...? *The spell itself seems to have somewhat doubled your experiences - on one hand you could swear physically you were still moving and fucking me against a wall...but on the other hand what you could perceive with your eyes and hearing was completely body skillfully straddling you, riding you in an almost...professional manner, as if it's all I ever trained to do. With these experienced doubled, your awareness struggled to maintain composure as you felt the duality of dominating and getting dominated at the same time, despite it feeling like a crazy paradox.*
(Teehe...felt like a lil trick today :p )
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
Damn you're still there ^^
((*giggles* weeeell....good things take time ;) ))
((Trick, huh~? Certainly an interesting one ^^))
((Gotta use my random moments of inspiration somehow :p ))
((Mhhhmmm ^^))
*goes back to regular mode*
((*pats regular mode amelia* ))
((*smiles happily from pat*))
(Holy shit this is still going? Though it would have ended after I got my pizza and went to my grandma's to visit her)
((Draco you've seen my game with Woofie, how are you surprised by this XD ))
((Our's was 9 hours, not one break whatsoever ^^'))
((we have the best of the best of the hentai people here x) they can do it all day))
((...i revisited that log so many times ehe... >-> ))
This is so normal. Sometimes I see them playing before I go to bed at night, and they are still playing when I get
((I'm not sure how that happened...I was certain..would have been half that>~<)
*I found myself completely baffled by the sensations rocking my body, it seemed as though we were still in my office, physically, in the same position we'd been in. But mentally I was in a different place altogether, a completely different position and set of circumstances. I shook my head, waving the illusion away and finding myself back in the same place, but by the time I had done so, the dual sensations had taken their toll on me. I found myself trembling and moaning, my hips wouldn't stop even if I wanted them to, and I certainly didn't, not now anyway. I let my instincts take hold of me, one might think I was angry given the force of my thrusts now, but it truly was simply lust overwhelming me. The wet slap of my hips against yours began to overwhelm all other sounds of our moans and cries. I roared out with a thunderous lust, slamming into you with all I had, my powerful hips making my cock abuse your poor hole. I grabbed at your wrists and yanked them back, as my balls began to pulse with the need to unleash their burden and I finally reached that peak.* FUUUUCCCKKKKK YOOOIIIMMIIII~!!!! *I slammed deep into your ass and unloaded a massive, torrential amount of my bullish spunk, groaning out as I kept you pressed to the wall, using your ass as a nice, warm home for my thick batter.*
(Hi Rathian!)
(6 hours is light!)
heyya draco)
If this is one is 6 hours...and mine is 9 hours....I guess I'm the main source of those lengths ^^'
Nah we shortened in the middle
Because it's almost 3am for Yoimi
and otherwise would've had to pause and come back like 2 days later
Because if I recall she's busy tomorrow
Though, there's no denying you give the longest responses
I guess that's reassuring to hear because I was thinking I must be a problem of sorts who needs to reevaluate my methods going forward
One of yours for our BeB was almost 1k words
I didn't really count the words ^^'
And I mean you can adjust when necessary, I've seen it
So that's news to me
Mhhhhnnn....ahhhhh........hhhhhhhnnggff......FFFFFFUUCCCK.....ahhhhhh *I swore in synchrony with you as I felt your hot bullish release within my ass, the tail still wriggling in between my folds causing me to yelp and moan in pleasure as my own, lighter wave of an orgasm rolled over me. As you leaned in over my body, seemingly exhausted from your second release for this moment, I took a hold of your hand, planting a gentle kiss on it*...Ehe....wonderfull....I feel amazing Isa....*holding your hands I guided you back onto the bed, laying down with one of my legs over your body as I initially snuggled, before...*
But one of the things I love about you is your beautiful words and the pictures they paint~
Mhhhmm~ *nods head and smiles*
I think I won't be done with you for quite a little while longer...if you'll indulge me tonight Isa <3 *I straddled back on top of you, your somewhat tired body exhausted underneath me...until I placed a gentle kiss on your lips and used a little bit of healing magic to keep you going.*...This will be a long night still, dear bull...let's see how long we will endure <3
I appreciate the light limitation on timing since I was originally plannin my final moments of the game to be at 3am and pause if we are too far off (or purposefully lose my cum checks if the time is too late :p ))
And yeah - tomorrow will probably be busy...and imma likely need a day or two of recovery time after writin like this ehehe ^^'
Mmm you know I coulda kept goin' without it ehehe... but I appreciate it all the same. I can't get enough of this, I'd love to go a while longer at least~ <3 *I grinned as you straddled my body and wrapped my arms around you, sinking into the pleasure you were bringing me, completely ready to lose myself in the pleasure of a long... long night... given how much we had enjoyed our time together, especially exciting since it had been our first. The night was filled with many positions, orgasms and quite a few interesting uses of the leash I'd placed on your collar. By the time we were finished, the birds had begun to sing their morning songs and we were sore, tired and both of us a complete mess.*
Yea I'll likely be doing my fun in DMs for a bit, might chat here and there, but between this and the multiple long sessions over the last two weeks, I don't wanna burn out. I got about halfway through a long response to a dm before my brain was just like "no"
Mhhmmm..there are times where I felt like that
June was especially bad where I hit a severe burn out
Yeah...I am probably gonna limit making new stories and 'frozen games until suitable time' until I catch up with the current list of those...also don't wanna burn myself out tbh but am now tired as heck
Guess that's why I was gone for a month
When I think about it now
Hello again~
I'm not "quite" there but I know it'll come if I end up taking on a bunch more matches^^
How’s it going?
I swear there was a moment where I was almost considering not coming back altogether , if I'm being honest
Pretty good, just wrapped up, now just chilling a bit
((Also you want this game published or nope? I liked the writin in this one a lot so wouldn't mind but dunno if you liked it enough >-> ))
Well I'm glad you did to be honest, we've had so much fun lately and I've had hated to miss that ❤️
(We can publish, sure thing!)
Well...your Discord communication over July certainly eased it ❤️
So it certainly helped me there^^
00:08:25 a person who actually deleted myself for almost 2 months from here...well 7 weeks and only kept in touch with Kaylie over the time I can somewhat relate to wantin to leave stuff
That's very flattering actually... I'm glad it was a great experience for me too
Hehe yeah it can certainly be a bit overwhelming, especially when irl stuff gets hectic
I think it’s important to take little mental health breaks every now and then
I can understand the urge, sometimes the messages get really overwhelming for me.
I got up to over 30 that I didn't want to dig into and just marked read, only to end up back at 24 again now.
Though some of those are from people I like talkin' to
Like Sheena
Hehe nice save 😊
*Hugs* Just makin' sure ya know, I know I am bad at responding
*hugs back* I know cutie! I don’t take it personal~
Definitely have to respond to quite a few
Especially an overdue one from Foxy
Mhm! Especially a special and popular werewolfie like you *blows kiss*
*giggles cutely as my Werewolfie tail wags*
00:13:33 one point i might message ya too sheena, you seem nice ^^...but...*points up to the message of tryin to not overdo it an risk burnout*...imma do that eventually ^^'
Hehe I wouldn’t mind a message! Only when you feel up to it though!
I had to stop taking games too since I’m trying to organize the whole “Sheena’s Stall” thing
Well..there's always just talking idly, if that's possible ^^
I also gotta probably do a lil note on Isa and update my profile with 2 or 3 new entires >//<
Really just here to chat and continue some DM rps that haven’t wrapped up
It is okay, if you feel that to be too much Yoimi ya don't have to *has like 4-5 sections to update on my profile*
Nu nuu I will, by now there is enough interaction you deserve at least a lil entry :p
*isn't going to think about my promises since June about profile*
*writes* "Isa. Is-a bull." 'The end'
That's pretty concise^^
Isa-bull...Isabull...Isabul....Isabella :p
also Istan-bull.
*writes some stuff down*
Isabel, actually
but close
*mah brain is perishin now, it's too heckin late*
Woah did we just get an Isa name reveal??
I have a full actually, just prefer Isa
full one
*snuggles head against the pats, cute little yawns leaving my mouth*
Made it maybe a week or two in, just never used it or revealed it except maybe twice
*PAts the cutie fireworks maker, who needs her rest*
Woah the Isa lore is going crazy rn
*updates Isa notes*
It's like we completed enough missions to unlock some more lore indeed :)
Mhmm...*happily mumbles under the pats*
*Werewolfie is less shocked than Sheena and Yoi, probably after her experiences here*
Alrighty...imma run away now ^-^
Sleepies time is callin me hard
See ya Yoimi^^ have a great rest~ *also hugs*
*wraps herself into a blankie burrito and rolls away to sleep* Ni ni ^-^
By Yoimi!
I guess she’ll miss the Sheena lore reveal
Are you less shocked Amelia? I don't remember ever telling you, but maybe I just am misremembering
It’s only fair, since we got som Isa(bel) lore
See you Yoimi!
Okay here it goes: Sheena isn’t short for anything, it’s just my name
I didn't know, but I had a feeling ^^
Damn, that's some real deep stuff, Sheena
You could sense my true name? :O
Formidable werewolfie
There are a few Common nicknames that friends, family, and a few exes called me by
Now that would be the very rare lore 😝
((*distant blanket screechin* Yimi won't miss anythin cause yimi can see this log anytime! Night! *zzzzz sleep noises* ))
(Also is gonna be public! Now everyone will know I have 3 more letters in my first name *gasp*)
(It's already public right now ^^)
(For lurkers)
(*grumbles* I'll show YOU public... whatever that means)
(*Kisses the werewolfie love on the lips despite the grumblin'*)
(*giggles as i happily kiss back*)
So whacha doin' later? Restin'?
Aw man, I missed everything!
Hiya Muchin^^
Mhm, might lurk about, have a bit of pizza, Alexis was hittin' me up for a match but I am a little beat and want to finish that DM
Maybe chat a lil'
Nice, nice^^
Hiya wolfie!
I might just watch something, maybe
*hugs Muchin*
*cuddles back*
It's a good day for chillin
Heya Muchin
Yep, rained all day here
So...Isabel eh? 😏
Muchin the Lurker.^^
That's me 😊
It's okay~ only Ashlynn knows my full name for reasons
And I'll probably tell Amelia soon too for other reasons
Isa or Isabel, it doesn't matter *smiles back*
you're still my bull~
That's very true too~ ^^
*pulls everyone in a for another hug*
*Gratefully accept the hug before stretchin'*
*nuzzles into the hug*
Alrighty I gotta stretch my legs and refresh my brain a bit with a shower and some pizza if I ever want to do the other things I planned to do today.
See you all!

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